FG adventures

So the FG has been having some interesting adventures at the golf course lately.  Besides watching geese and ducks.  For example, yesterday morning he and my human were walking along one of the paths at around 5:30 AM.  And the golf course has JUST started to put the sprinkler systems on now in the morning.  They shoot out water and spin around.  If you time things right, you can walk along the path without getting wet.  BUT if you are in a hurry, because you need to get home, eat breakfast, feed three STARVING canines ( well, really two starving canines – the picky Picard is inconsistent with his appetite – as opposed to the always famished PONs), shower, dress, take all three dogs out for a second time to pee and go to work – you don’t have time to wait for spinning water sprinklers.  What my human didn’t expect was that as soon as the water came down over their heads, it caused the Wild Child to literally launch himself straight up into the air in an attempt to grab the sudden downpour.  My human has NEVER seen him do that.  And he did it more than once.  We are talking about a canine version of a rocket launcher.  She WISHED she had had her camera.
Meanwhile, during his evening walk, he made friends the other day with Martin, the chef at the golf course.  Martin seems to think the FG is cool. So the other day, he asked my human if the FG could have a treat.  “Sure” she said.  Well, let me tell you, the Picky Picard was NOT picky over barbecued chicken.  Martin made a friend for life.  Now the FG pulls to go and see Martin, and he even waited patiently while Martin went in last night to get him another treat of chicken.  Clearly the FG is more trainable than I thought – he remembers VERY well.
Tomorrow my human has the last day of an important program at work.  She then has a few weeks that will be less busy before her time gets crazy for another 4.5 week program.  We are looking forward to some shorter work days for a few weeks.  Not that it will stop us from getting up at 5 AM.  It’s light out – so who wants to waste a perfectly good day!  Besides, I think Einstein and I need to meet Martin too.  We like chicken. We like anything!!
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 14

Designer duds

So.  My human was reading about this on-line business in the UK that started in February.  And their big thing is selling designer dog clothes.  Coats and jackets,  jumpers (or sweaters for people not in the UK) and hoodies, tops, t-shirts, bandanas and bow ties – you can find it all at their website…

Oh and they sell collars and other stuff too.  At first I thought it was all for little dogs.  But I see they offer things in size extra large.  Ugh.  I hope my human doesn’t get any bright ideas.

But it wasn’t their website that made ME take notice.  It was an article about their company – and a person interviewed for the article who has a dog named Rocky. Rocky looks to be a chihuahua in his photo.  And are you ready for this crazy bit of info… Rocky has more than 1500 outfits.  Yes.  1500!   Oh and by the way, Rocky also has a diamond decorated bed worth more than $2000.  Hello?  How do you spell spoiled?  Or is the word excessive?    Rocky can go for more than three years without wearing the same outfit twice.  Who KNEW one could even FIND 1500 different outfits for dogs.  He must have his own tailor.  Better him than me.  And I thought wearing the dreaded raincoat was bad.   I wonder if Rocky gets to select what he wears.  Like humans, he probably wears only 20 of those outfits and the rest hang in the closet.  I want to see Rocky’s closet. 

Meanwhile, here at the zoo, things continue to improve.  We hope. Cone-head is at least not waking my human in the middle of the night.  And Butt-head is not bothering him.  Well, at least not as much.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it continues….
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days:  14

PONdini strikes

Did you know that on this day in 1937, the car manufacturer, Volkswagen was founded?   We like our VW Golf, Ludwig.  He’ll be 2 years old this fall and he is still like new.  Although Einstein tried to destroy him the other day…
The rule in Ludwig is “No dogs in the front seat.” When we are traveling, we are put in a crate.  And if all three of us are going somewhere, the FG is in a crate that is positioned across the vehicle (with the rear seats folded down, of course),and Einstein and I ride behind the crate, in an area that is still plenty big enough for the two of us.  Well the other day when my human took Cone-head back to the vet, she didn’t want to put him in the crate with his head gear on.  So she put him in the area behind the crate.  And he rode to the vet just fine.  And he stayed in the back, as we always do.
After Cone-head did his drama performance in the back room at the vet, my human put him in the vehicle while she waited for the bill to be tallied, and to get his new medication.  She chatted with one of the staff people for a bit and then went to the car.  And as she approached the vehicle, she could not see Cone-head through the back window.  Now I should have mentioned that when the crate is positioned across the vehicle, there is very little room between the crate and the back side doors. When one opens the back side door, one can open the crate door, but there is not much room.   So it is very difficult to go from the rear of the vehicle to the front seat.   VERY difficult.  Especially if one is wearing a cone.  But remember, we are talking about Cone-head aka Einstein aka PONdini.  And just like the great magician who could escape chains and handcuffs, a cone in a VW was no match for PONdini.  He SOMEHOW managed to wedge himself between the crate and the back side door and was able to rid himself of the cone.  He then wedged his way into the front seat.  Like Gumby.  Where he MUST have proceeded to lick himself like crazy, because the seat was all wet.  No – not the passenger seat.  The driver’s s seat.
When my human opened her door, he leaped into the passenger seat.  And just stared at her.  He was mighty annoyed that he had his private parts again examined and shaved. He was suffering from PTPE – post traumatic private exam – and he felt it was all my human’s fault.  The wet seats covered with hair were a bit of payback. 
My human actually let him ride in the passenger seat on the way home.  She didn’t have the energy to put him in the back. So I believe if one was keeping score, this would be PON-1, human -0. 
The good news is, that Cone-head IS seeming better.  He’s not 100% – although he has not lost his appetite or his energy.  And despite  the fact that he KNOWS what the cone is for, he willingly puts it on every time.  I’m not sure I would be so accommodating….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 12

The sun

May 27. It’s  Sunscreen Protection Day.  And did you know that just like humans, we dogs can get sunburned?  AND too much sun can lead to skin cancer?! It’s reportedly most dangerous for white, short haired breeds like Dalmatians and Bull Terriers.  I see that some sites claim that we coated dogs like PONs and Picards are at less risk for sunburn, but certainly areas like noses and ear tips could be susceptible to sunburn if we are outdoors all day.  With dogs with fair colored noses, who are light in color with a short coat,  the sun CAN definitely be dangerous, so those dogs, who are outdoors between 10-4, should probably have sunscreen applied. Sunscreen should be applied on ears and noses, around the lips and on the belly and groin area. 

There are sunscreens specially formulated for dogs.  Dogs should NOT use human sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or  para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA).  These ingredients are TOXIC to dogs if we lick the stuff.  So do NOT use sunscreens with these in gredients.  At all.  I have NOT used this product, but apparently it is good for dogs…


Alternatively, if your canine kid is going to be outdoors for a long time, a body suit could be used.  Oh joy. Oh happiness.  Wouldn’t we just LOVE that? Humans need to be aware though, that we dogs can get heatstroke if outdoors for too long in the heat.  And that’s really no joking matter.  And I hate to burst the bubble for those folks who think that shaving their double coated dogs in the summer will keep them cooler.  On the contrary – it can expose them more to the sun. To avoid this problem, if you must shave your dog, keep at least one inch of coat to protect your dog from the sun’s rays. I know that many PON owners DO shave their dogs to cut down on grooming and for dogs who love to swim ( which is neither PON in THIS household ) a shorter coat has less drying time, and there is less likelihood of getting a hot spot.  But try to keep that one inch of coat. 

Things are SLOWLY returning to “normal” here at the zoo.  Although at 3AM on Saturday morning, Cone-head was feeling uncomfortable.  So he started squeaking.  My human took ALL of us out ( one at a time) and we each got a treat.  Thanks to Cone-head for his dramatic performance.  In addition, my human is now able to allow Cone-head and Butt-head to be in the same room for a longer period of time without chaos erupting.  By Saturday afternoon, Cone-head was not squeaking, and Butt-head was not lunging.  Things are looking up.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure- free days: 11

Is her luck changing?

My human came home from work last night and decided that her luck is changing….

She got home and was supposed to meet the neighbors at the golf course for a meal.  It was a long week (although it really was a short week- but multiple vet trips made it seem long. That and being up repeatedly throughout the nights).  So she welcomed the invite to join folks for a bite.
When she got home, Cone-head was relieved of his lampshade while we went out, and for some odd reason, my human decided NOT to let me run free.  Must have been that weird human intuition.  Cone-head and I went out before Butt-head.  We ran around to the back of the house, with me on leash, did our thing and raced back to the front door.  But we heard something. A LOUD rustling in the foliage along the front of the house. My human thought it must be a bird.  Cone-head heard it and had to go in the bushes to see what it was.  In the meantime, my human and I were standing at the opposite end of the house.  Cone-head went in and suddenly, a rabbit burst out of the bushes and literally raced within 3 feet of me and my human.  I was so shocked I didn’t realize what was coming, but my brain registered pretty quickly that Mr Bunny should be chased.  Cone-head was two steps ahead of me until I reached the end of the leash. Cone-head would have taken off, but my human shouted “no.”  It works for Cone-head.  It would NOT have worked for me.  Not a chance.  I would have been GONE.  My human stared at the heavens and said “thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”  
Cone-head continues to moan  and groan about his “condition “ and Butt-head continues his role as nurse. Which continues to result in annoying barking and lunging.  But it DID seem to be a bit better yesterday.  All that praying to St. Roch has paid off. ( He’s the patron saint of dogs). I think we should be praying to Saint Jude – the patron Saint of desperate cases. 
It’s Saturday- time for some extra long walks.  I wish all of you a cone-free day.
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 10

Cone-head. Part 2.

And so the drama continues…

When my human went to work yesterday, we  three amigos were all separated.  Cone-head was in the front hall, Butt-head was in the run in the garage, and yours truly had free reign in the house.  I won the coin toss. When my human got home from work, Cone-head was happily waiting in the hall, and he seemed fine. For about 5 minutes.  And then the squeaking began – and it was clear he was in discomfort.  Again.  My human tried to get a look at the area, but he wouldn’t let her- he kept squirming.   She knew that our vet would be closing in less than an hour, but she called and pleaded.  The woman who answered the phone said they were fully booked, but a tech could look at Cone-head.  My human said she would be there in 12 :minutes- it was better than going to the Emergency again.
My human left Cone-head in the car and went in.  The waiting room was packed.  I mean PACKED.  But, I think because my human has frequent flier miles there, the tech was called and she immediately came out.  My human had to return to get Cone-head from the car.  And he was whisked in past the waiting crowds, wearing the infamous cone.  Like some kind of celebrity.  A celebrity wearing a lampshade. 
My human didn’t go in the back with him- as she usually does, because she KNEW they were lucky to be seen at all.  She could hear Come-head’s dramatic cries from the waiting area.  Now before you start saying “awwwwwwwww….poor Frodo,” remember this dog screams when you brush his paws.  Really.   Anyway, when the tech emerged with Cone-head who was CLEARLY ready to go home, she explained that they shaved more hair in his nether regions and low and behold, his scraped jewel had a bit of an infection.  Yowza.  No wonder he was uncomfortable.  My human figures he was crying either from the infection or the fact that he didn’t want to be shaved to have his private parts revealed for all the world to see.  Good thing he isn’t entered in any dog shows any time soon.  
Cone-head came home and had new medication to take.  My human kept Butt-head in the hallway for some of the time – so that Cone-head would settle down.  
So we’ll see how this new medication works.  One thing I know for sure, when Cone-head is squeaking and he looks particularly miserable, if my human says “would you like a treat?” the moaning immediately stops. I mean totally.  I realize Cone-head IS sore – but he is going to milk this as MUCH as he can.  Good one, Cone-head.  Go for it.  He’s getting LOTS of treats.  And of course, we are sharing in his misery….
TGIF!!!! Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 9

Cone-head and butt-head

So cone-head and butt-head are still at it.  Those are the new names for Einstein and the FG. It is UNBELIEVABLE that I am the good dog in this household. 

Butt-head continues to go after cone-head.  Cone-head in turn, is so annoyed, he actually grabbed a bunch of hair on butt-head’s face, and tore it off.  But not to worry – butt-head obviously was not hurt because he went right back to try again. My human immediately stepped in to end that round.
The really bad part yesterday was the fact that my human discovered that cone-head had a bunch of his hair stuck to the sore spot.  IMAGINE trying to fix THAT dilemma.  Honestly, if this was a reality show, everyone would think it was fake.  
 The squeaking by both cone-head AND butt-head sounds like living in an aviary.  Last night, my human even gave cone-head a few drops of my CBD oil to  settle him down.  She seriously considered chugging the whole bottle herself. 
Oh yes – and on top of our insanity, my human is battling ants.  It’s that time of year when the pesky insects make their way through cracks in the most crazy places and they are driving my human nuts.  I think it’s a good thing – it takes her mind off the battle of cone-head and butt-head.  Sure it does.  She has been placing ant traps in inaccessible places.  Inaccessible to us dogs.  Not the ants.  In fact, she found ants crawling all over one.  So either it is working great – or she needs some new ammunition.  
Someone suggested my human needs a vacation.  She actually has planned a few days away in August – only to find that our most recent dog sitter – who stayed with us in November, is no longer sitting.  My human thinks we made her retire.  And another potential sitter is getting married.  Really – I think the marriage excuse is a bit much.  OK.  She is getting married like three days before my human plans to be away.  Does she REALLY need a honeymoon?  The newlyweds could stay here!  On a lake.  In the “woods.”  Near a golf course.  Three pleasant dogs.  What more could newlyweds want?  
Keep those fingers crossed that the sore on cone-head continues to heal.  If he continues to complain today, he may end up at our vet’s tonight.  Just for a check up.  Not to stay.  
And if anyone knows a good dog sitter in our area, please contact my human.  She actually pays danger pay.  Just kidding.  Actually – no, I’m not….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 8

The cone of shame.

You know the old saying, it’s all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone….

So you may recall the torn nail the other day.  The one belonging to Einstein.  The one that my human bandaged.  The one that appeared fine.  And it IS.  But the problem after the unfortunate injury did not have to do with Einstien so much as it had to do with me and the FG.  We were nurses in another life.  And we wanted to FIX that nail.  By licking it.  My human had to constantly keep telling us to stop showering Einstein with “affection.”

But then the next day, something ELSE happened.  The FG, who was already obsessed with Einstien’s nail, now became OBSESSED with…well…Einstein’s nether areas.  I mean CRAZY obsessed.  BEYOND his noraml crazy.  My human has not had male and female dogs together, but she guesses the behavior was QUITE like having an intact (or non-neutered) male with an intact (non-spayed) female.  My human has HEARD the stories of males going OUT of their minds while a female comes into season.     Well that was like the FG and Einstein.  The FG would NOT let Einstein alone.  He would poke him with his nose and Einstein would swing round and bark at him.  The FG would come back again.  Einstein would bark again.  Einstien would chase him.  The FG would come back again.  My human would use the squirt gun.  The FG would come back again.  The FG would attempt to even mount Einstein.  IMAGINE how well THAT went over.  My human would have to put him in his crate – it got so out of hand.

It would stop for periods of time, but at 2:30 AM on Sunday morning, my human had had enough, when it started again.  She got up and put the FG in his crate and it was at that point that she realized that Einstein was clearly in discomfort.   She examined his rear end for mats.  Nope.  But he was panting and seemed in distress.  She called the emergency hospital and asked if is could be an anal gland problem.  Not that he has ever had one, but it seemed like a possible reason.  They said to take him out for a walk and then apply a warm compress to his butt.  So here she was, walking the road at 3AM and she then applied the compress.  He seemed better after that and went to sleep, so she figured if it was an anal gland problem (with no visible signs of an abcess) he would be OK until at least the next morning.

 Monday morning,  Einstein appeared fine.  He pooped and peed and ran around and ate his breakfast like normal.  We even went for a nice long walk with our buddy, Pig Pen.  The FG went for a good walk, but still when he came back, at every chance, he would go after Einstein.  My human had a funeral to attend, so she left the FG in his crate.  She examined Einstein, and although he did attempt to lick his nether regions a few times, he seemed OK.  After the funeral, my human had a few errands so she got home mid-afternoon.  She let the FG out of his crate and he immediately went to sniff Einstein.  Who by this point was starting to bite the FG on his face.  Clearly not hard enough, because although he would squeak, he would go back after Einstein again.  My human figured something was really wrong.  She called another 24 hour clinic – because remember – this was a holiday and our regular vet was still not open.   They suggested she take another good look – it could definitely be an anal gland problem.  Back they went on the grooming table.  My human searched his rear end (the stuff that dog people are used to doing), and noticed nothing.  And then, she touched his privates.  Ooooo-eeee.  She found the problem.  She couldn’t get a great look – but it appeared that one of the family jewels was quite red.  Problem solved.  Sort of.  Now what to do.  Go to emergency, of course. 

I should have prefaced this whole story by reminding you that Einstein IS a COMPLETE drama king.  I mean you brush him and you would think he was being tortured.  So IMAGINE a scrape in the nether nether areas…

The vet examined him (with lots of assistance and much moaning and groaning – by Einstein – not the vet) and said that the jewels were safe, but he did have an abrasion.  My human figured that it probably happened while racing over a log or through branches out beyond the trail.  The vet gave her some cream to put on the spot (good luck with that) and some medication for pain.  She said it would relax him.  My human asked the vet if she could take some herself.  The vet did not laugh.

Along with the cream and the pills, they came home with the cone of shame.  The vet didn’t want Einstein licking at the sore area.  My human should have really got cones for all three of us.  Big mistake on her part.  Actually, when Einstein growls at me – should I attempt it, I DO back off.  But Mr. Stubborn?  Not so much.  Hopefully the sore will heal quickly because right now, my human can’t leave the two of them together.  It is total chaos.  TOTAL chaos. Barking, lunging, poking, snapping, squeaking – it’s crazier than a session of Congress.

At the end of the day, one REALLY can’t be mad at the FG.  It was his persistance that alerted my human to the problem.  Sort of.  I think she should give the guy credit for trying to help out.

Please say a prayer that this heals quickly.  Or my human will be locking HERSELF in the crate.  And taking a few of those pills….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 7

Losing it

It’s official.  My human is losing it.  Literally and figuratively.

It all started on Wednesday, when she realized I was down to the last drops in my bottle of CBD oil.  I have continued to take CBD oil – a different version than I originally started with.  It’s a long, complicated story, and I won’t get into the chemical make up of this stuff.  What I can tell you is that it is full spectrum CBD, but it does not contain THC – the part of the cannabis plant that makes humans high.  This stuff comes from Colorado and apparently is USDA inspected.  The challenge with this stuff is finding a product that contains what it says on the bottle.  IF it even says anything on the bottle.  Anyway, for now we are sticking with this stuff – and although as we all know I still do have seizures, they do not last as long.  So my human doesn’t want to change anything for now.
Back to the story.  The product we get is distributed in Canada by a company here in Nova Scotia.  It’s a little over an hour from our house.  In the Valley area of the province – which is our agricultural area for those who have never been here.  Lots of apples are grown there and in recent years, grapes.  Which means lots of new wineries springing up all the time.  
So on Wednesday night my human placed an order on line for my stuff.  The company, Dogs of Pride is always SUPER prompt in filling orders.  They also carry several brands of REALLY good dog grooming products.  But that’s another story.  My human knew they would ship the stuff on Thursday and sure enough, there was notice in our mailbox on Friday that the package was at the post outlet at a local pharmacy. We had JUST enough to squeeze out my dose for Friday night – so my human went on Saturday morning to pick up the stuff.  Which comes in a box that measures 6”x4”x4”.  Keep that in mind.
On Saturday night, my human went to open the box.  She had been shopping and she had things in a few bags.  So she looked for the box.  Not in bag #1.  Not in bag #2.  Nor in #3.  She went back to look in the car to see if the box had fallen out.  It’s small.  But not THAT small.  She looked on the floor.  She looked in the back seat.  No box.  She looked around the house.  Had she put it somewhere and not remembered?  Nope.  So now she starts thinking back.  She picked up the box in the postal outlet and then went to an ATM machine in the back of the store.  Then she purchased something at the counter at the front of the store.  But her heart sunk.  She couldn’t remember carrying the box out of the store.  So she MUST have left it by the ATM machine.  By now, of course, the store was closed.  She was in a panic.  Would I have a seizure?!  She had some of the original stuff I had been taking before – so gave me that, praying I would not have a seizure.  And I thankfully didn’t.
The next morning, she was waiting as the store opened.  She rushed to the ATM machine expecting to see the box on a nearby counter.  No box.  I should note, this little box of stuff costs over $175.  She looked behind the ATM.  No box.  So she went to the front of the store.  “Did anyone hand in a box?”  Nope.  Could it be back in the postal outlet?  The young clerk explained that the postal outlet was closed on Sunday, and they didn’t have a key to get in the back.  My human explained that the package contained medication for her dog.  Another clerk offered to call the postal clerk who had workrd the day before, to see if anything had been turned in.  She couldn’t reach her – but another clerk kindly offered to come in and take a look.  My human was SO grateful.  When the girl emerged empty handed, my human’s heart sank.  The girl said it was possible it was put somewhere, but she couldn’t find it – and we would have to wait to hear from the original clerk.  My human thanked them for their effort as she did one more scan of the small store.
She went back to the car.  Now what?  With the holiday yesterday, she knew the earliest she would receive a shipment would be Wednesday. She just didn’t want to take a chance that I would seizure.  So she called the store in the Valley.  They were not open – but the owner answered her cell phone.  My human explained the dilemma and the owner kindly agreed to meet my human at the store.  Problem solved.  Now she just needed to drive a little over an hour to get the stuff.  In what was at times, torrential rain.  But not to worry – she made it and had a wonderful visit with the owner of the store who thankfully understands crazy dog owners.  While there, my human figured she might as well buy some grooming supplies too – might as well make this trip doubly worth it.  She parted after what was probably an hour, thanked the woman profusely, and headed home.  But not before she stopped to take some photos of her adventure….

When she got home, we were all excited to see her.  In addition to the grooming supplies she also got some yummy treats.  All was right with the world.  Medication ready to go.  However, my human STILL kept thinking about the original box.  She was so disappointed that someone had probably noticed it – and had taken it.  That was the only explanation.  The person wouldn’t even know what was it the box.  Mind you, there ARE people like that in the world.  It continued to bother my human.  She looked again around the house.  No box.  She looked around the garage.  No box.  She looked again in the car.  No box.  She opened the passenger door.  No box.  And then, she reached UNDER the passenger seat…
Never a dull moment I tell ya.  Never ever.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 6

An experiment

My human would like to try an experiment.  She would like to get a warren of rabbits.  That’s one word for a group of rabbits. Other words to describe them include a colony, a nest, a down or a husk.  Who knew you call a group of rabbits a husk?!  The other option for domestic rabbits is a herd.  Somehow the vision of a herd of rabbits sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Anyway, I digress.

So the experiment involves a colony of rabbits.  The experimenter would place them on the front lawn. Of our house.  Somehow.  And then the experimenter would open the front  door to our home.  With two PONs at the front door.  Seems like there would be a pretty simple hypothesis about what would happen.  But wait.  I forgot to add one important element to the experiment.   Rain.  It would be pouring rain.  And it would be windy too.  Now, what’s the hypothesis?  I would say that one PON might venture out to chase a rabbit or two.  But would quickly come back.  That would be me.  I am not a huge fan of rain.  Especially if I was forced to wear a raincoat.  Einstein?  I predict, with 99.9% accuracy that he would NOT go out that door.  Nope.  Not even a husk of rabbits could make him go out.  A husk of rabbits waving dog treats.  Nope.  He wouldn’t go.
And so was the scene yesterday morning at 5:30AM.  I still got up at our regular time even though it was the weekend, but there was no anxious spinning and barking to go out the door.  None.  I did approach the door – when my leash was put on, but Einstein retreated to a spot under the dining room table.  He had NO intention of going out.  He heard the rain.  The FG just watched the proceedings. 
I got to go first.  And let’s face it – who can poop while wearing a raincoat?  True – the coat doesn’t obstruct anything – but it just doesn’t feel right to poop in a coat.  So we walked.  And walked.  And WALKED.  Trudged is more like it. When my human had no luck on the road or around our house, she put me the the vehicle, drove me down the road to the trail (which was her last resort)and took me out there.   And I finally went.  Then it was Einstein’s turn.  First she had to catch him.  He circled under the dining room table.  Then he squirmed as she put on the ill-fitting plaid raincoat.  I got to wear the flashy blue one, but it was already too wet to wear.  Instead of dragging him up to the road, once she managed to get him out the door, she took him into the backyard.  I had warned him as they went out that my human was NOT giving up.  She was already soaked, so she was determined to get results.  For a change, he complied rather quickly.  And then it was the FG’s turn. 
 First off, there is no coaxing with him.  Rain, snow, hail – he doesn’t care.  Mind you, by the time it was his turn, my human didn’t even feel like putting on another raincoat, so he went out naked. No worries with him really – he’s wash and wear anyway.  AND , thankfully for my human, he is a power pooper.  You tell him, and he goes.  They were back in the house in no time.
The rest of the morning we lounged around as we didn’t want to go anywhere.  Bonus for my human who took advantage of our low energy, and went back to bed for about an hour.  
Today is a holiday – Victoria Day – a day to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday.  Wonder what she would have thought about the wedding the other day? I thought the bride looked lovely.  The FG thought that dress would have been perfect to rub his face in.  My human watched the entire proceedings.  Kind of like watching a live fairytale.  Good luck to the couple.  May the fairytale continue, even when you have to pick up your partner’s stinky socks from a heap on the bathroom floor.  Wait.  They have servants for that, don’t they?  Anyway, we do wish them well.  Even though our invitation never arrived in time….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 5