Treat courier

Yesterday I was a treat courier.  And I didn’t even know it.

In the morning, after we had been out and we had our breakfasts, my human was eating hers and reading the morning paper.  The day had started off brilliantly by human standards – no rain and three good poops.  Heaven.  Anyway, as my human was drinking her much needed coffee,  she looked over at Einstein.  Who was acting quite odd. 

We usually have our routine.  After we share licks of her yogurt container, and we we get pieces of her banana (sometimes she thinks we get more of the banana than she does), we let her have her breakfast.  I almost always lie down and start chewing on a bone, Einstein starts licking himself and the FG watches both of us.  But yesterday, Einstein could not settle down.  He was pacing.  And he would lie down and get back up.  And he paced again.  With his nose in the air.  And his pacing was taking place around me. 

My human looked at him and told him to “settle down.”  That worked as well as saying “Be Quiet” when he is having a bark-a-thon.  He just kept his nose in the air and kept walking.  Around me.  Around me again. She finally got up to look around to see what he could be sniffing.  All the time he was still circling me, I was just lying there, watching the two of them. 

She looked on the floor.  Nothing to see.  She looked under a side table.  Nothing to see.   But finally, she discovered what old “Mr Scenting” was smelling.

While she takes the FG out each morning on his walk, to keep Einstein and me occupied (and really, to keep Einstein quiet) she tosses kibble around the floor under the dining room table.  We rush around to scoff it up and things are quiet – until we find all the kibble and then Einstein still starts barking to demand their return.  Well yesterday, as she was tossing kibble like a farmer haphazardly sowing seeds, she threw some and a few pieces landed on my back.  They were quickly camouflaged in my coat- so she didn’t see them when she came back in. 

But Einstein could smell them.  He KNEW there was food in the vicinity – and he was determined to find it. 

My human removed the pieces from my coat and gave one to Einstein and one to yours truly. She was surprised I didn’t shake them off.  Little did she know, I had been SAVING them for later!

Now she’s thinking she REALLY should enroll him in some scent classes.  Here we go again – some NEW training idea.  That lasts all of two weeks. 

Yes – retirement is going to be VERY interesting.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 3


We found some interesting statistics this week about us canines- so I would thought I would share them with you.

Recent estimates suggest that there are over 900 million dogs in the world. That’s more dogs than there are people in Canada – which has a population of 36 million.  Heck it’s even more than the population of the United States – which is around 327 million people!
Interestingly, 75-85% of that 900 million is made up of  “free range” dogs – or dogs that have no comfy sofa to sleep on each night. That’s over 675 million little hobos.  Wow.  Who knew?!  Statistics say that 200 million of that 675 million are strays – dogs that were socialized before becoming free range.  That’s different from the other free range dogs who are feral – and never had human contact.

The following is a ranking that I found in the World Atlas, about the number of dogs by country.  The country with the most dogs is the US – with over 75 million.  Next comes Brazil with about 36 million.   Next is China with over 27 million and Russia with 15 million.  In the fifth spot is Japan with 12 million.

When we look at the population of Mammals on earth – the top 4 spots are filled by Squirrels, Bats, Mice and rats.  They don’t have a number for them – but they know they are the top 4.  Ewwww.   Humans come next with 7.6 billion followed by….are ya ready…cows at 1.5 billion, sheep at 1.1 billion and pigs at 1 billion.  And of course, next we have us canines at 900 million.   We beat out cats at a mere 600 million.   Given all those cows and sheep – we herding breeds will never be out of work.  And given all the vermin in the top 4 spots, there is plenty to keep those terriers busy.

While poking around for these statistics, I found this cool map.  Check it out:

I had to make sure it included PONs and Picards.   Of course, we were there.

Given the HUGE population of us canines,  it’s no wonder we have so much power over you humans.  Admittedly, many dogs do not live the life of those of us in the “canine elite.”  They have to fend for food and find shelter.  I guess the next time I think about running off – I should consider the consequences.  But many of us have it pretty good. I mean think about it…you feed us, groom us (which is the ONE thing I would be happy to do without), you take us to the vet, you pick up our poop.   Seriously – we DO have it pretty good. 

Remind me to be nice to my human today.  Our should I say, my servant…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Did you ever have one of those moments when you say – “WHOA – THAT was close!”   Like when your car slides on ice – and you JUST miss hitting that guardrail.  Or your dog grabs a toy – narrowly missing your finger.  Or you drop your phone – and gingerly turn it over to see that the screen has NOT cracked.  Or a dog suddenly lunges at your dog while on leash – and your dog is JUST out of reach.  Or you open the front door and there is a bunny on the lawn and your dogs are off leash, but the bunny runs away before your dogs see him.  Or you think you are out of dog food – and the store is closed – BUT – there is still another small bag in the cupboard.  (That’s a HUGE “Whoa.”).  Well yesterday my human had one of the BIGGEST “Whoa” moments ever.

As you know, my human is back to work this week.  She very much enjoys her work – but she knows – as do we, that it is time to retire.  And she has this sneaking feeling that I keep telling her that.  Notice that every time she goes back to work, I have a seizure?  Or so it feels like it…

Anyway, we got up at 4:30 yesterday and went for our walks as usual. The typical routine.   We had breakfast.  She had breakfast.  She had her shower.  And as she was getting ready to leave, she handed me one of the pill pockets containing 3 of my 4 pills.  And who knows why, but I missed taking it from her hand and it dropped to the floor.  Einstein was standing next to me.  And being the ever-ready vacuum that he is, Einstein picked it up…. In all my life, I have never, ever, EVER seen my human react so quickly. She grabbed his mouth, tilted his head down, shouted “DROP IT” – and ploop – out dropped the pill pocket.  I honestly don’t think Einstein even knew what happened or had a chance to even TASTE the pill pocket. My human scooped it up and gave it to me.  All of this happened in probably 2.3 seconds.  “WHOA!” she said as she let out a huge breath.  THAT could have been disastrous.

Typically, my human is not that quick in the morning.  But THAT got her blood running. Talk about luck.  I suggested she get a lottery ticket.

It’s hump day!!!!  Let’s hope for limited “Whoa” moments all around today!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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May 28. And on this day in 1937, the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen was founded. 

We have a VW – and his name is Ludwig.  He is a Golf.  And everyone said he would be too small to hold all of us.  Well – everyone was wrong.  We can put a crate to hold the FG in the back, and then we PONs can easily fit behind the crate.  IF we choose to stay there.  I would MUCH prefer to be in the passenger seat and I DO try desperately to worm my way to the front – resulting in barricades created by my human.  You would be surprised how I am able to make my way through even the smallest gap.  If we are not going for a really long drive, she will, on occasion leave the crate at home – and just let us all stay loose in the back.  She actually did that on Sunday.  It was raining and we were all bored.  She needed to meet someone for a drug deal – and decided to take us with her.  OK.  Lower your eyebrows.  The drug deal was kind of sad.

A friend had her lovely female Doberman go to the Rainbow Bridge rather suddenly a few weeks ago.  Her dog had been taking some medication like I take  – and she kindly offered it to my human.  So we went to meet in a parking lot to pick it up.  It was very much appreciated…

We have PLENTY of room in Ludwig.  It is a bit of a gong show though.  I am always looking at a way to get in the front seat, Einstein is snorting and making olfactory art on the window which is only open 2 inches, and the FG squeaks, and occasionally screams to be let out.  Good times.  By the time we were headed home, we had all settled down.  And then didn’t want to get out.

So now for some fun.  Who KNEW that Volkswagen liked dogs?  Well – at least they have dogs in many commercials.  They know what sells.

Here are a few fun examples that I found:

The first two are for Star Wars fans:

Then we have this crazy dog – advertising parts:

This crazy dog wants to BE a VW:

These guys prefer to ride rather than run:

And here we have my favorite – a breed for every make of VW:

Now.  They need to make one featuring PONs and Picards.  Maybe they could use Ludwig.  But first they would have to clean the olfactory art off the windows….

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 0 My human went back to work yesterday…..

One more bark

My human and Einstein have this ongoing battle. I call it the bark off.  He barks at her. And she barks at him.  Well – her “barking” consists of “Enough.  Frodo STOP.  Frodo QUIET.  ENOUGH.”  He looks right at her and barks right back.  

But lest you think he doesn’t understand her, she tried a couple of little experiments this week.
While she goes into the garage to get our food, Einstein stands at the closed door, urging her to “Hurry up.”  If she throws open the door, he stops.  So this week while he was shouting out orders- instead of saying any of the things listed above, she said in a calm voice (from inside the garage) “Ok Frodo.  ONE more bark and I am NOT coming out.  You know there is a door in here.  I will either leave or stay in here the rest of the day.”  Like she REALLY would. Anyway, dead silence.  He just stood and stared at the closed door.  HE UNDERSTOOD her.  And he wasn’t taking any chances.  Now as soon as she opened the door, he told her “hurry up,”. But while she was getting our bowls prepared, it was silence. For several minutes.
The next day, after she emerged with our bowls, she took them to the counter to put in one of my medications.  He started up his loud instructions.  She said “One more bark.  Just ONE more.  And no breakfast for you. I MEAN it.”   Dead silence.  DEAD silence.  You really have no idea how remarkable that is. 
He CLEARLY understands the concept of “one more bark.”  He also knows the line “I’m getting the gun.”  Now before anyone reports her to the police or animal control, it’s a SQUIRT gun. Just lifting it up stops any barking.  You know Einstein and me when it comes to water.
He’s a pretty smart guy.  He CLEARLY understands what she is saying – I’m not sure why she was surprised with the results of these experiments.  When it comes to food, we PONs listen.  We dogs listen to EVERYTHING you say and ask.  But how we choose to respond – well that’s another story.  
I should also note that we understand and employ the method of intermittent reinforcement.  We do something, and you humans THINK you have trained us.  You THINK that by talking to us, we will behave a certain way.  And sure- we do it for a bit- just to reinforce you.  But trust me – we ARE in control.  We are in TOTAL control.  Don’t ever forget that….I can’t WAIT to see what we train her to do next!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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Flying high

So today is the birthday of Igor Sikorsky.  You know Igor.  He’s the guy who built the world’s first mass-produced helicopter. He reportedly pioneered the rotor mechanism used by most helicopters today.  So the name Sikorsky is pretty much synonymous with helicopters.

So how can I connect dogs and helicopters? Well. I found this story about a quirky bulldog named Bentley.  When I started watching this video, I was VERY sad for Bentley.  You’ll see what I mean – he has major “issues.”   I started wondering why he does what he does, and wondered if maybe it was a visual problem.  He behaves very oddly.  But then as the video goes on, you see that despite his “quirks”- he is leading a pretty awesome life.  Check him out:
Then we have those canines who ride in helicopters for work purposes.  The first is a Search and Rescue video and the second is a Police Department video: 
Personally, I’m quite happy to keep all 4 paws on the ground. 
Have a happy Saturday!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 11

Bits and pieces

So today we have some bits and pieces…

First off, if you happen to be in our neck of the woods and you think you are smelling an Italian restaurant in the air- it’s really us.  We have started eating our garlic tablets again- so we smell like a Caesar salad or a plate of aglio olio pasta, and our tick spray makes us smell a bit like a shot of Limoncello.  Yup.  We smell yummy. Let’s hope none of the ticks are Italian…  
Next, we had a visitor the night before last. A visitor who knocked over our garbage can, our green bin AND the can with all the dog poop bags. I’m thinking it was not a rabbit. What a disappointment for him when he opened that dog poop can. I think he pulled out some of the bags just to show his displeasure.  We never heard a thing…
And lastly, remember my human’s good friend Joanie?  The one who has gone with ALL THREE OF US to the baseball field.  The one who had a bloody nose from the FG.  The one who is an EXTREMELY good and patient friend.  Well Joanie has a dog named Jaxon.  He is a rescue – and he bears a striking resemblance to a PON. 

Well.  Guess who Jaxon met the other night?  Spike.  Yup.  Jaxon had a run in with a porcupine.  Of course it happened on a weekend. At bedtime.   But luckily, Jaxon has a good vet who agreed to meet them at the vet clinic.  Poor Jaxon had over 80 quills removed.  He had to be knocked out to have it done – some were imbedded pretty badly- I won’t get into the graphic description.   Suffice to say, he was feeling pretty poorly the next day, but was fine the day after that.  Been there – so I feel his pain.  It’s obviously “that time of the year” for wildlife.  Bunnies…porcupines…bears….ticks…black flies… makes a guy want to stay indoors. Suuuure it does…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 10

Good luck

According to the crazy calendar, today is something called Lucky Penny Day.  Except in Canada.  Because we no longer HAVE pennies.  And do you know WHY we no longer have pennies?  Because Canada was SO concerned about us canines – and the fact that IF we eat pennies it can result in something called coin toxicity – that they stopped making pennies.  OK.  That’s not entirely true.  Yes – eating pennies CAN be dangerous to dogs.  But Canada didn’t really stop minting them for that reason.  They just got tired of counting small digits. And they decided to “round things up.”  Or down.  And Canadians got tired of carrying around the extra weight in pockets and purses.   It had nothing to do with dogs.  But we COULD start an urban legend…

But back to pennies, and coins in general.  Because many coins are made of zinc, swallowing them can result in toxicity.  Here is a great website that talks all about coins and what happens when they are swallowed:

When writing this blog, I found this story about a terrier who ate 111 pennies.  Yes -111.

It’s an old story and I don’t know if any dog since then has been foolish enough to eat more.  It is NOT a record I advocate that ANYONE attempt to break.

We had a lucky day yesterday.  Kind of.   Well – we THOUGHT we were lucky.  But my human kind of tricked us.

She got up early (well, WE got her up early at 5AM) and we had our walks and breakfast.  We noticed that SHE wasn’t preparing HER breakfast, so we knew something was up.  Turns out she was meeting an old friend for breakfast.  That’s where we dogs differ from you humans.  You can totally enjoy sharing a meal with a friend and catching up on news. A meal can last for HOURS.  If we dogs were to get together with our friends for a meal, the encounter would be over in 45.8 seconds.  At least if it was two PONs getting together.  Two Picards?   That could last longer.  While they look at one another and decide if they WANT to eat.

Anyway, when she got home, we were raring to go.  So she took us out for pees and then, much to our surprise, loaded us into Ludwig.  SCORE!  Road trip.  But she totally fooled us.  To “entertain us” she just drove us down the road to the MAILBOX. Seriously.  BIG deal.  When she saw the disappointment on our faces, she drove us to the gas station to get gas.  Whoopee. Mind you, we were so excited for the drive, it DID tire us out.  A BIT.  Our lives could definitely be made into a sitcom.  Picture the three of us going MAD as we get into the vehicle.  And my human threatening me within and inch of my life if I ATTEMPT to get into the passenger seat.  When we go on these short excursions, we are all loose in the back. For any REAL drive, the FG is in a crate, and we ride behind the crate.  Not that I still don’t try to collapse my body like a mouse to fit myself around the crate and into the passenger seat.  I’m a front seat driver.  Or I try to be – but she won’t let me.  So I was relegated to the back with the riffraff yesterday.  Good times.

Anyway – don’t eat any pennies today – but I do hope you have a lucky day.  And may your drives go further than the gas station….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 9

Fetch it.

So my human is curious.  Are all PONs good retrievers?   I LOVE retrieving SO much that my human loses count as to how many times she has thrown the fetch toy.   She looked to see if there is some kind of record for the number of retrieves performed by a dog.  But she couldn’t find one.  Maybe I could win it!   Mind you, to win, any dog would have to keep going until he or she is exhausted. Einstein plays along for around 20 throws and then he carries the toy to the front door. He is letting her know he has had enough.

Obviously, all the retriever breeds are great at it – hence the name.  And there are other breeds known for fetching including Springer Spaniels, Miniature Schnauzers, Standard Poodles, and the all-around working, fetching, thinking machines – the Border Collies. 
And speaking of those guys, my human saw this video recently, and was just fascinated by it.  These puppies are just 4 weeks old.  You may have seen it – but even if you have, it’s worth another look…
Isn’t that amazing?  My best talent at 4 weeks of age was eating.  It’s still my best skill.
We had rain on and off yesterday.  So team fetching was out.  It is when my human throws a fetch toy for me and as I run to get it, she throws a second toy for Einstein.  It’s perpetual team fetching.  What a great way to tire us out. And my human basically stands in one place. Pretty easy for her.
And then we have the dog who THINKS he would like to fetch – and he DOES bring it back.  If he’s on a leash.  But his enthusiasm drops after about the 4th try.  Which makes me wonder if any Picards, in general, LOVE to fetch?  I think they would much rather watch the game.  Very intently.
No major rain in the forecast for today.  THANK goodness.  We are getting tired of being soggy dogs.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 8

More tick stuff

A lazy, rainy day yesterday.   Some of you may have seen my photo on Facebook.  It was not funny.


The good news- no new tick discoveries.  Could be due to the fact that my human started spraying that Atlantik stuff on our collars and on our harnesses.  One of the main ingredients is lemongrass.  So now we all smell like walking citronella candles.   My human has this idea….we should wear coats made of a lightweight fabric.   Maybe even something like that microfiber stuff.  Then, she can spray the coats.   The stuff is not toxic for pets, but she still would rather that we not be licking ourselves after we have been sprayed.  So putting it on our coats would be fine.  She just needs to make the coats.   This is where anyone who knows my human’s seamstress skills starts laughing loudly and hysterically.  More than likely she will find someone who can make them for her.  That would save much crying and moaning in our house.

Thanks for the suggestions that we got about what some of you are using against the dreaded insect demons.  I liked the suggestion about using garlic.  Our friend in France, Dominique explained that they crush a few cloves of garlic, dilute with water and spray.  Which reminded my human about these specially formulated garlic tablets for dogs that we used to get years ago.  She dug them out of the cupboard – and we have plenty.  All of which have a Best By date of November 2017. So much for that idea.  But we could make the spray….

Turns out we can’t get Wondercide shipped to Canada.  Something about regulations around labeling.    So that option is out.  So we’ll stick to our Atlantik.  Besides – we like to support local!

Seriously- do ticks have any redeeming qualities?  I’m mean they are not helpful like bees who pollinate plants.  Or Ladybugs who feed on harmful insects. Or earthworms who help to aerate soil.   Nope. Ticks are just plain evil predators.  Who I would be happy to see on the extinct list. But it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.  One friend told my human how she put one in boiling water.  Twice.  And it still lived.  My human knows of one that was sealed in a jar without food or moisture or ANYTHING – and it lived for MONTHS.  Ewwwwww.

Well, time to get my human moving and make the most of this week.  Hopefully the rain will let up today.  Maybe.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 7