Treat courier

Yesterday I was a treat courier.  And I didn’t even know it.

In the morning, after we had been out and we had our breakfasts, my human was eating hers and reading the morning paper.  The day had started off brilliantly by human standards – no rain and three good poops.  Heaven.  Anyway, as my human was drinking her much needed coffee,  she looked over at Einstein.  Who was acting quite odd. 

We usually have our routine.  After we share licks of her yogurt container, and we we get pieces of her banana (sometimes she thinks we get more of the banana than she does), we let her have her breakfast.  I almost always lie down and start chewing on a bone, Einstein starts licking himself and the FG watches both of us.  But yesterday, Einstein could not settle down.  He was pacing.  And he would lie down and get back up.  And he paced again.  With his nose in the air.  And his pacing was taking place around me. 

My human looked at him and told him to “settle down.”  That worked as well as saying “Be Quiet” when he is having a bark-a-thon.  He just kept his nose in the air and kept walking.  Around me.  Around me again. She finally got up to look around to see what he could be sniffing.  All the time he was still circling me, I was just lying there, watching the two of them. 

She looked on the floor.  Nothing to see.  She looked under a side table.  Nothing to see.   But finally, she discovered what old “Mr Scenting” was smelling.

While she takes the FG out each morning on his walk, to keep Einstein and me occupied (and really, to keep Einstein quiet) she tosses kibble around the floor under the dining room table.  We rush around to scoff it up and things are quiet – until we find all the kibble and then Einstein still starts barking to demand their return.  Well yesterday, as she was tossing kibble like a farmer haphazardly sowing seeds, she threw some and a few pieces landed on my back.  They were quickly camouflaged in my coat- so she didn’t see them when she came back in. 

But Einstein could smell them.  He KNEW there was food in the vicinity – and he was determined to find it. 

My human removed the pieces from my coat and gave one to Einstein and one to yours truly. She was surprised I didn’t shake them off.  Little did she know, I had been SAVING them for later!

Now she’s thinking she REALLY should enroll him in some scent classes.  Here we go again – some NEW training idea.  That lasts all of two weeks. 

Yes – retirement is going to be VERY interesting.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 3

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