According to the crazy calendar, today is Heimlich Maneuver Day.  In 1974, Dr. Henry Heimlich came up with this procedure-which is also known as abdominal thrusts- to help individuals who are choking.  By properly performing this procedure you can save someone’s life – including your own.

Although the important procedure was designed for humans, it can also be performed on us canines – in the event that we swallow something “the wrong way.”  Here are two sites outlining the procedure in detail:
The likelihood of choking while eating goes down IF we eat slowly.  Tell that to a PON.  We are like little vacuum cleaners when it comes to mealtime.
There ARE ways to slow us down – like these fancy bowls seen on Amazon:
This article also describes other ways to slow us down:
We have never tried one of these bowls. My human has this suspicion that we PONs would figure out how to dump the bowl to get the food more quickly.  Kind of like that story about Einstein and the treat ball dispenser.  He figured out that if he picked it up and rolled it on the raised bed, the kibble would still come out, and he didn’t need to go chasing the ball all over the house. 
We still do enjoy our Bob-a-lot – and if it’s a rainy evening. It’s a good way to entertain us (one at a time) for at least a few minutes. And nobody chokes.
Well. Today my human is officially retired.  She very much enjoyed the past few weeks- working with some inspiring, motivated individuals. She was grateful for that time.
And now it’s time for new adventures.  And I fear she has a few planned for us. Although, I also know she’ll be just happy to hang out with us at home. And trust me-we’ll be equally happy!!!!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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