The match

Hello blog readers. Frodo here on this chilly white Sunday. We had snow the other day, so we have returned to the winter wonderland scenario. Which is fine by me. This is that type of snow that does not form terrible snow balls in parts unmentionable. This is the light, fly-away version – which I prefer.

As luck would have it, the snow ended Friday night, and our reliable plow man – Larry, arrived yesterday morning and freed us from our snowy prison in plenty of time to go to the rally match. In reviewing the match results, it might have been better had Larry left us stranded….

Now you need to understand that this was simply a practice match. No scores. No “qualifying legs.” No “winners.” It was a chance to practice in the very same venue where the REAL trials will be held next weekend. We are so thankful to those who organize these things. It is not an easy task. Like herding cats. Except it’s dogs. And dog people.

The Imp and I will both be competing in Rally obedience. I shall be in Masters level, and the Imp will be in Novice. So we entered the practice trial yesterday as a warm up. I hope this warm up was not an indication of how we will do next weekend.

We began with yours truly. Who happened to be THE first dog to go in the rally ring. And while this was a wonderful opportunity to practice, it was actually more difficult than a real trial. First off, there was no walk through. For those unfamiliar with rally, the humans walk the course without us dogs to familiarize themselves with the route, before we run the course. And although Her Highness had the list of signs for the course, she is very much a “hands on” learner. She NEEDS to walk the course before she does it with me. Add to that, there were no numbers on the signs. So. We were first in. With a human who can lose her way in a parking lot. Need I say more? I did brilliantly, if I do say so myself. But, I was taking directions from a confused director – and we ended up doing a course that didn’t resemble the correct pattern. We zigzagged and skipped signs like we were blindfolded. Suffice to say, had it been a REAL trial, we would have failed. Or should I say, SHE would have failed. I did everything she asked. Honestly, if we get a single leg in Masters, it will be a miracle. I would request a new handler, but I do love her. And she IS trainable. So I’ll persist. Here’s a photo of me taken by a young woman by the name of Taylor Warren. It shows that I can do the job…

Now the Imp is entered next weekend in Novice. As you may recall, he DID get two Novice legs in December- so he needs one more for his title. So did Her Highness enter him in Novice? No. She entered him in Advanced. Just for “fun.” One of the big differences between Novice and Advanced? Advanced is OFF leash. And it includes things like jumps. Well the Imp started off OK, until they came to the first jump. Unfortunately, the jump was set too high from the previous dog and he took one look at it and put on the brakes. This being the dog who ricochets 5 feet in the air off walls. And the dog who jumps over 3 foot logs in the woods. But it was 4 inches higher than he has practiced. So he refused to go over and ducked around it. When the jump was lowered to his height, he easily cleared it, but his “course momentum” had been slowed. So as they approached a corner and a dog outside the ring began to wildly hit his tail on a something, resulting in a bam-bam-bam sound, the Imp froze. All the calling and cajoling in the world could not make him move. Her Highness finally scooched his butt to make him move. He DID do the rest of the course, but he was clearly rattled by the dog tail incident. Time allowed them to repeat the run, and he did much better- but let’s just say he is not quite ready for Advanced. And he obviously needs much more work with distractions.

We both came home and were EXHAUSTED from the adventure. The Coyote was excited to see us, but no doubt was happy to have had the house to himself for a few hours. He had no Imp chewing at his ears. And wonderful treats to enjoy all by himself. He looked well rested when we came back.

So this week will be the training blitz. I don’t need ANY training. It’s Her Highness who needs to be sure what the signs are, and WHERE she is going for Masters. She need not worry about me doing my job. The Imp needs distraction work. I see him going to some stores this week. Which could be interesting….

Wish us luck. LOTS of luck…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another frustrating Friday. Why is it frustrating? Because we have another winter storm in the forecast. This time we will get snow. It seems like almost every Friday we have the threat of a storm – or we actually get a storm. I hope my class isn’t canceled, but then again, I don’t want to drive with the Warden if it’s bad weather . When it’s slippery and snowing, she drives like the Boss when he’s forced to go for a walk on a rainy day. Like a sloth swimming in a pool of molasses. She’s painfully slow. Anyway, we’ll wait to hear from our coach.

In other news, according to the crazy calendar, today is something called Quiet Day. A day to lower the noise levels around you to promote a more relaxing, stress-free environment. I’m here to tell you – “quiet” is a foreign word in our household. The poster child for the anti-quiet movement is the Boss. He has a comment about EVERYTHING. It starts the second the Coyote and I are released from our crates each morning. The Boss shouts out a happy “good morning” even though he’s been with us all night and he’s standing right next to us. After that, we ALL join in on the morning greetings as we get ready to go out for our morning constitutionals. We’ve never recorded the sound level, but it’s no doubt in the dangerous level for hearing. The Warden should be wearing ear protection.

After walks – it’s time to shout out breakfast instructions. The Boss and I do a duet on this one. The Warden has tried everything to get us to stop. Sometimes she just leans her head on the wall with her back to us. And she waits for us to stop. The wait time fluctuates. Sometimes she actually shouts “enough/QUIET!” Which gets us to stop for 3 seconds. Another strategy is to slam our metal food dishes together, which is kind of like her being the cymbal player for the choir. The loud noise also gives us pause, but not for long.

After breakfast, while the Warden is attempting to eat her meal, the Coyote and I begin wrestling. That has its own set of squeaks, growls , barks and the sounds of body slamming. As well as the Boss who sometimes acts as the fun police as she shouts out his directions to stop.

We generally are quiet when the Warden goes to get washed up and dressed, however, yours truly now has a pretty consistent solo song as soon as I hear that shower door close. Gotta make it sound like someone is invading our territory. All in good fun.

Besides meal times, the Boss shouts when he is bored. For no reason. Also, if he thinks it’s time to go to bed, he lets the Warden know.

Another great time to make noise is when the vacuum cleaner is running. It’s kind of like we want to see if we can be louder. All of us at once. Great fun.

But THE absolute BEST time to be unquiet is when the Warden gets on the phone. Classic.

So I’m not even going to PRETEND that we will celebrate Quiet day. If we did, the Warden would be calling the vet because it would signal that something is wrong. Very wrong. Sure – we know that quiet helps with things like blood pressure and heart health. But don’t they have pills for that?

On a much more somber final note – while we strive to provide some comic relief in your day, we cannot pretend that all is right with the world right now. It seemed that people were finally beginning to see some relief from the Great Pause – and it looked as if life was about to return to a new normal – and bam – humans forget what the word “peace” means. Actually, they don’t FORGET – they choose to ignore it. Kind of like the Coyote when he refuses to come when called. He KNOWS what it means, and he KNOWS there will be a reward if he comes, yet he chooses to ignore it. Bad move. All around.

We send our thoughts and prayers to those in peril during this difficult time. We only have one world folks – and we need to respect everyone on it. We don’t have to love everyone – but we need to respect them. And with that respect comes peace…

Have a good one. PEACE and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on another wonderful Wednesday. I say wonderful, although it isn’t weather-wonderful. We are supposed to have rain most of the day. And warm temperatures. It’s always a good news-bad news situation. Because we’ve had some nice warm days – what do you think that means? Besides mud. Ticks! Yup. The Warden saw someone post on Wastebook that their dog already had a tick! Gotta bring out the plastic wrap dog suits soon…

The other good thing is that now because most of the snow has melted in the backyard, we can now see all of our toys again! We’re still missing one Kong though. The Warden was hoping that once the snow was gone we could find it – but no luck yet.

The other hidden surprise that has reappeared is poop. The Warden is pretty obsessive about picking up, but let’s face it – when the snow is deep, poop sinks. All to reappear now. Great fun.

As for the mud – I already had my first pre-Spring half-bath the other day. The Warden had taken me up to the golf course to burn off some steam. And I was sure burning. Through the woods, in the mud, through the puddles, rolling in spotty patches of snow…I was a mess when I got home. It was right into the grooming torture palace for me. But the Warden was feeling kinda lazy so I got the #2 on the grooming menu. The #2 entails legs, butt and underbelly. A #1 is the full bath. A #3 is a butt bath when one has cling-ons. A #4 is just feet. So it wasn’t TOO bad.

Hey – according to the crazy calendar- today is…..get ready….International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!!! Really!!! I celebrate and appreciate biscuits EVERY day, but if giving biscuits a special day means extra treats, I’m all in. To mark this auspicious occasion, we found 25 biscuit recipes made with 5 ingredients or less. How easy peasy is that?

Well, time to get my raincoat out. I hope your hump day is fantastic- and you whip up some yummy biscuits for your canine kids. Or just go buy some. Like the Warden.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here today for your reading pleasure.

Today in the United States, people are celebrating something called Presidents Day. It is a day to celebrate the birthday of the first President, George Washington, as well as a day to celebrate Abraham Lincoln. Do do so, people go around and chop down cherry trees and they avoid theaters. I jest. That is my idea of humor.

Basically, people are supposed to think of the two notable men as they take a day off work. As I understand it, government offices are closed, banks are closed, schools are closed, mail is not delivered, but most retail businesses, restaurants and entertainment businesses like movie theaters are open as usual. One would THINK theaters would be closed. But they didn’t ask my opinion.

We have talked about Presidential pets in the past, so I won’t dwell on the details. But I will provide you with some resources should you be home today and you are finished scrolling through social media. Here is an article with plenty of information about the presidents including interesting photos. My apologies for the ads.

Should you be feeling lazy and not want to read, here is a video – albeit a bit dated. It is from last year, so the Biden’s late dog Champ is referenced. Still, the other facts are interesting and the commentary a bit amusing in places:

Today, here in Nova Scotia, we are celebrating a holiday called Heritage Day. It is day to recognize the “people, places and events that have contributed to our unique heritage.” Each year, a particular person, place, culture or locale is honored for its historical significance. Examples have included the Mi’kmaq peoples, the African Nova Scotian community, a famous folk artist-Maud Lewis, and a historical site which commemorates the Acadian people- the Grand Pre World Heritage site.

To celebrate our past – most things are CLOSED today. Most businesses (with the exception of pharmacies) will not be open. A quiet day to reflect and relax. Tell that to the Imp.

Speaking of the whirlwind, Her Highness attempted to train him with the “easy” button again. This time he clearly understood the concept, but as he himself noted previously, he finds the task silly. He became so annoyed with the concept, he began pummeling the device with both paws. The lesson was fairly quickly aborted, as he would likely have broken it. I believe he smiled when she picked it up.

We have a rally practice match coming up this weekend – and both the Imp and I are entered. This is in preparation for a real trial coming up in March. I will again make an attempt at the Masters level, and the Imp will be entered in Novice. The youngster has potential, but then he has a perfect model to follow. If I don’t mind patting myself on the back. He’s not quite at my level yet, but then I DO have a few years on him. I’m quite seasoned.

Well, almost time to take the cyclone on his walk. Imagine him as a Presidential pet. No doubt he would provide excellent grounds for impeachment.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

On the button

Happy Saturday blogaroos! Squirmy here today after a WILD, windy and rainy Friday. It was CRAY-ZEEEE windy. I think I saw Toto fly by. But we were lucky – our power never went out AND by the time I was going to class, the rain had stopped. THEN the temperature dropped down last night, so we could have a skating rink in the yard this morning. Could be short walks. Again.

Today I have a funny video to share with you that Sue sent to the Warden. This dog has a device that I would LOVE to have. Sue thinks I would become a roly poly if I had it. Check it out:

If for some reason you can’t see the video, but you are a Facebook user – you can find the video here. The Warden is not exactly a techno wizard, so hopefully you can see it.

Anyway, the Warden thought this device would be cool – but I could only have it at mealtime. Otherwise, I WOULD be a roly poly. But she said that before she would get me one, I would first need to learn to hit a button – like the “Easy” button. Here’s a dog using the easy button:

I know lots of dogs can do this – and some dogs even learn to push buttons to “talk.” The Warden doesn’t want to start that because she figures I will start arguing about things I don’t want to do. So we’ll just try the “Easy” button. There are a couple of ways to train button pushing. Here’s one…and I feel kinda sorry for the dog at certain points because the lady is so busy telling viewers what to do, she’s missing his good behavior. I would just start biting.

Here’s a slightly different method…

It looks like there’s no one way to train a button push. Do what works for you and your dog – as long as you have fun and give LOTS of rewards.

I started trying this the other night, and the Boss needed to be sequestered in the other room because he wanted to try too. But after working with me, the Warden was exhausted, so he didn’t try. By the end of my first session, I was occasionally hitting the button. With no consistency at all.

The next session, I would touch the button with my nose, but rarely got it to talk. Still, the Warden was rewarding my efforts. The more I did it, the more treats came my way. And IF I got the voice- JACKPOT! By the end of session two I was better – but, truthfully, not lovin’ this whole thing. I like heeling and running. I like ACTION stuff. Pushing buttons is boring. At least that’s my excuse.

While I was doing session two, the Boss was watching through the French door. He was in the hallway with the Coyote who thought the whole exercise was silly. When I was done with my lukewarm performance, The Boss and I traded places and he was introduced to the button. First time. Never played with it before. At least not that the Warden can remember. This is him after less than 10 minutes. I’m not joking.

The dude is a genius. I said less than 10 minutes- but honestly, it was probably 5. She showed it to him, waited for him to hit it. Gave him a treat – and voila – a few minutes later he’s running over to the thing and hitting it on his own. Show off. (Oh The Warden said to excuse his messy coat – remember, we DID have a rainy day).

Anyway, I’ll keep working on my button pushing. The Coyote rolls his eyes and says it’s too much work. He’d rather watch birds out the window. I’m thinking I may join him.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

The magic move

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on what is supposed to be a rainy Thursday. We just got used to the snow again and foosh- here comes the rain again. Yucko.

Today I’m here to tell you about how I have been trying to trick the Warden lately. But so far, she’s on to me.

I call my little trick “the magic move.” It all has to do with blueberry distribution order.

You see, every day, after we finish breakfast, we line up for frozen blueberries. The Warden removes the cobalt orbs from the freezer, rinses them off, and proceeds to dole them out. And we line up with The Boss on the left, the Coyote (if he is in a blueberry mood) in the middle, and yours truly on the right. The Warden has a blueberry or two in her left hand – which go to the Boss, and blueberries in her right hand which first go to the Coyote and then to me. So the order of distribution is 1, 2 and 3- with me always being 3. The 1, 2, 3 distribution continues until we have each had around 16 blueberries, give or take a few. If the Coyote isn’t in a blueberry mood, I move up to the number 2 spot.

Well in the past week or two, after always being the last guy, I decided to try and trick the Warden. After getting a couple of blueberries, I decided to try and change my location. See my diagram for my first move.

I thought she wouldn’t notice, and I would get my blueberries before the Coyote. Well- it didn’t work. Clearly the Coyote and I look different- so he still got his before me.

The next day, after I got a few berries, I tried another move – which if you refer back to my diagram it is called the second move. I jammed myself between the Boss and the cupboard, thinking that maybe the Warden wouldn’t notice. I mean we ARE both PONs. She noticed.

The Warden kind of giggled when I made my moves. I don’t see what was amusing – clearly it took some calculating on my part. I should also add that I watch the Coyote when he takes his blueberry on the off chance that he’ll spit it out. Sometimes he starts out in a blueberry mood, and then after a couple he says “nah.” It doesn’t happen often – but it did once or twice – so I’ll never forget.

So that’s my latest magic move. I know it’s not successful but I think it shows just how tricky and clever I can be. Next trick – opening the freezer door myself to get the blueberries. Now THAT would be cool. Pun intended.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

In the news

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here on a terrific Tuesday!

Well it was a snowy Valentines Day here yesterday. It snowed all day long. We told the Warden that’s why the flowers we sent her didn’t get through. The delivery truck couldn’t get down the snowy roads. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

The snow looked all fresh and clean and crisp – until the three of us boys went on our walk to the lake. We made sure that the pure, blank canvas was quickly marked with our yellow signatures. We just want to be sure that any visitors are warned beforehand that dogs live in our household.

So what’s new here? Oh! I went to an obedience practice thing on Sunday. It was a practice in regular obedience- not rally. I’ve never done an entire run through in Novice Obedience before so this was my official first simulated experience. All in all, I didn’t do too badly, except for the “stand for examination” exercise. In this exercise, your human tells you to stand and stay, she moves in front of you, and the judge comes over and pets you. And you’re not supposed to move. Can anyone guess why this is hard for me? Me? Not move? Hello, I have to sniff the judge – especially when she walks away. Zippo. Automatic fail. So obviously, I need more work on that exercise. A LOT more work. But for my very first try, I didn’t do too badly!

So what’s new in the news? Well first off we have fashion…

I seriously hope the Warden doesn’t pull out the coat and boots for us guys. We don’t live in the city – so thankfully not much salt or chemicals for us to walk in. It’s a good thing. Just putting a collar and leash on me is challenge enough each morning. Boots would be the ultimate gong show. The warden DID mention some suits when mud season arrives. We’ll order a film crew to take footage of her trying to put that on me….

Here’s a story about a study going on to better understand how to make us dogs live longer.

Anybody who is owned by a dog knows that no matter how long we live, it’s never long enough. I’m planning to be around for a LONG time. Somebody has to keep the Warden moving. She’d be a sloth without me – especially during the winter.

This bit of news has to do with sports. Its about a dog who paraglides. Really.

I’m not so sure I would want to do that. Not that I’ll ever have to worry about it. Ever. The Warden paragliding? Remember my earlier sloth comment….

Lastly a story about THE best place for a human to work:

No wonder the Warden supports that business so much….

That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Time to get out in that crisp powder and practice leaving my signature.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

You can teach an old dog…

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here today for your reading pleasure.

Today I must tell you my story which some might title “you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.” I would add – “because the old dog sees the POINT in doing the trick”.

As many of you know, our daily paper is delivered into a box at the end of our rather long driveway. And each day, upon returning from our morning constitutional along the road, someone is “invited” to carry the paper home from the box. Someone is usually the FG. He is the most likely to carry it. For at least a few feet before he drops it and stares at it like a scientist examining a specimen under a microscope. Should Her Highness attempt to pick it up, he grabs it, walks a few more feet and promptly drops it again. In this household the rule is two strikes and you’re out – we don’t follow baseball rules. After two drops, Her Highness then grabs the paper as he attempts to grab it back. She wins. Always. And she carries the paper home.

The Imp, on the other hand is happy to pick the paper up. He then tosses it, pounces on it and immediately attempts to shred it. He is no longer invited to carry it – after several confetti headlines.

And finally there is yours truly. I have absolutely no inclination to even pick up that plastic covered bundle. Her Highness pleads. I simply ignore her. What is the point in carrying it? She has two hands. Do I look like a paper carrier? I think not. I MAY have done it in my younger days, but I’m a senior with privilege- which includes the right of paper carrying refusal.

However….yesterday Her Highness took me to retrieve the paper and we had a…. revelation.

Yesterday, we had all done a jog to the lake and back, so we had short constitutionals on our own property. So that meant no one walked on the road, and passed the paper on the return. When that occurs, I am the one, the only one who goes to get the paper. Because I can go off leash. Her Highness walks me half way up the driveway, she tells me to wait, she retrieves the paper and she returns to me. Where I get a treat simply by playing the role of a statue. An easy gig.

But back to yesterday. When Her Highness returned to me she attempted to hand me the paper. Ugh. I snubbed the idea of carrying it. But then she asked me to sit in heel position. A spot I know and love because I long ago learned that the heel position ultimately results in treats. I stared at her waiting to see her next move. She told me to wait, and she rather awkwardly threw the plastic paper bundle. She immediately instructed me to “take it,” which is a command I know well from obedience training. Of course I raced out, grabbed the paper and quickly returned with it, with my brain focusing on the treat I was sure would await me. And voilà. Paper delivered, and treat delivered.

Her Highness proceeded to keep throwing the paper down the driveway, and yours truly happily obliged in bringing it to her. THIS was a paper job I could enjoy. Simply carrying it to take it home, was boring. BUT- to retrieve it repeatedly for treats was an entirely different task. Why? Simple math. More treats. You pick it up and carry home and get one measly treat. You repeatedly retrieve it and numerous treats are dispensed. THIS is my kind of game.

What else is thoroughly exciting in our little corner of the world? Ah yes- today is February 13 and it is apparently also known as Palentine’s Day – the day before Valentines Day. It is supposedly the day in which platonic friends and soul mates are celebrated. Possibly another way for florists and Hallmark to cash in on and extend the Valentines Day holiday. Which reminds me, I must find Her Highness’s credit card to order her some flowers from us boys.

Well, the Imp is off to some obedience practice thing today – which is an excellent holiday for me and the FG. To have him gone for a few hours is heaven. Not that we don’t love him (he said with rolling eyes) but when he is gone for just a bit, we both sleep well,

I bid you all a pleasant Sunday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe


Howdy blogaroos! On a fantastic Friday! No major storms in the forecast today – so I’ll get to go to class!! Hurray!

So I hear the Olympics are going on right now. Personally, I’m not all that interested. No sports with dogs. So what’s the point? I see that Viktor talked about this very thing 4 years ago- so I’m going to cheat today and give you a rerun of what he said – with some edits by me.

I decided to see if dogs have EVER been a part of the Olympic Games in the past, and found that some interesting facts. In 1932, dog sledding was a demonstration sport in Lake Placid, New York. But that’s as far as it went. It never became an official sport. In 1928, skijoring, appeared as a demonstration sport as well. Skijoring is a sport in which humans are on skis and are pulled by a dog – or in the case of the Games in 1928, by a horse. It also never became official. Lots of people do it with their dogs today. For the Warden, it would spell certain death. Just walking us on icy sidewalks is adventurous enough.

In 2016, Rio hosted the summer Olympic Games, and they hosted a Dog Olympic Games. Events included things like agility, hurdles, racing and dock diving. Those kind of sports for dogs make logical sense. But I think there are PLENTY of other sports in which we dogs could compete. Here are a few:

  • Treat jar races. Dogs are required to stay in different locations in a house, and when they hear the treat jar open, must race to it. The first dog there wins.
  • Tug of war. Can be performed with two dogs (matched for weight) or a dog and human. To keep it fair, given that lots of dogs are outweighed by humans, the humans should be wearing roller skates.
  • Treat catching. Could be done from longer and longer distances. Nobody in this house could compete in this one. We try – and I’m closest- but let’s just say most treats end up being snarfed from the floor.
  • Food dish bowl hockey. Pushing an empty metal bowl across a kitchen floor and into a laundry hamper and being sure to make as much noise as possible. The Boss could do this. The event would be timed. And it should take place while a human is on the phone.
  • Treat hunt.. Treats are hidden around a house. Dogs are timed in their ability to find all the treats. Gold medal for me – for sure! This would go along with Snuffle mat clearing. First dog to clear the mat wins.
  • Dog kiss marathon. See which dog can give the most dog kisses. Event is obviously timed. But one may want to check what the dog was licking BEFORE the event takes place. Fair warning.
  • Digging. A timed event to see who can dig the deepest hole in the ground or in a pile of snow. The Coyote and I would be excellent competitors in this.
  • Ricocheting. Prizes for the highest and the most ricochets in a minute. I’m feeling golden for this one.
  • Dog bed dragging. The objective is to see how fast and far you can drag your dog bed before a human catches you. My photo above is me after a successful run.

I did a little searching and found some videos of dogs performing sports that should be in the Olympics.

I liked all of them – but let’s just say my new “want” is a trampoline. I not only want one – I NEED one. Think how much energy I could burn!!!

Well, time to get the Friday party started. And to look on Amazon for a trampoline…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here on another wonderful Wednesday. Today HAS to be a better day than yesterday. It POURED RAIN ALL DAY. We’re talking it was SO windy and wet, none of us wanted to go out. Even the Coyote. You know it’s bad out when we actually settle down and lounge around like sloths who ate a big turkey dinner. I guess that’s a weird image – but you get the idea.

When we lounge, we all have our own “style” of napping. The Coyote heads for the raised dog bed, which is where you can find him 90% of the time. Lately you MIGHT find the Boss on it, but he is usually jammed in some contorted space under furniture. He’s a dog who doesn’t like crates IF the door is closed. BUT, he will go in on his own and he kind of smushes himself up against the back of it. I have no idea how the guy can be comfortable. He’s a real contortionist. He’s a chiropractor’s dream.

I have a new thing with lounging. I like to go UNDER the dining room carpet. I flip back the corner and kinda wedge my head under it. Same thing with the new dog bed that was in my crate. Note I said WAS. The Warden kept finding me under it in the morning. Or it was all balled up on one side of the crate and I had myself smushed on the other side. So it’s now in the dining room. I don’t know why she was surprised- even when I was little, I thought it was more fun sleeping UNDER my bed.

Now if you think we are strange in our napping positions, I found 50 pictures that will make us look pretty boring. Check them out:

Surely somebody in that group must be named Gumby. I don’t know what a Gumby is, but the Warden said to put that in.

That’s all the exciting news from our house. Now that the luge run is finally clear after all that rain, paws crossed we’ll be able to go for a good walk today! Through the slushy snow. After all my lounging yesterday – I can’t WAIT! My over over-charged battery is raring to GO!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.