Mackenzie’s match

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday. Snow on the ground, bright skies, freezing temperatures – life is good.

We didn’t do anything too exciting since I last wrote. The Warden was home with us ALL day yesterday- so we were exhausted. When she goes out somewhere, we just lounge around and sleep. But when she’s home – we must follow her every move. She gets up – we get up. She opens the refrigerator, we must stick our heads in. She goes in the garage – we must follow to be sure the dog food bin is safely secured. She opens the dishwasher door – we must be sure the plates are correctly stacked and we attempt to do the pre-wash. She goes to the bathroom- we must guard the door so no one else goes in. Not that there’s anyone else to go in, but it’s good practice. She goes anywhere near the coat closet – we go crazy assuming it means we are all going out. It’s exhausting when she’s home all day. I hope she runs errands today so we can catch up on our sleep!

OK- we have a very cool good news story to share. It’s about a young woman named Mackenzie. The Warden knows her Mom – and lots of people around here know Mackenzie because she’s a very special young lady…

Mackenzie is in Grade 12 and she has lots of hobbies and interests. One of Mackenzie’s hobbies is photography – she particularly loves taking photos of flowers. Mackenzie has become so good at photography, that people like to buy her photos. She sells cards and calendars with her photos. And here’s the neat thing….. you see, Mackenzie has had some health challenges, and she has spent time at our local Children’s Hospital. So do you know what she has done with the money from the photo sales? She has donated proceeds to the Hospital! She’s been doing it for years and years – and has raised over $20,000. How awesome is that?!

They say that when you do good deeds for others, it will come back to you in unexpected ways. In this case – it is in the form of a black Labrador Retriever….

Several years ago, Mackenzie applied to get a special Service Dog to help with her health challenges and with her independence. It took quite a bit of time – but in December. Mackenzie finally got word that a match had been made.

Makenzie and Ginny have been together since January- and their bond is already super strong. Mackenzie’s mother says this has been a rewarding and incredible experience for Mackenzie and the whole family. More than they ever even imagined.

I hope you are able to open one of these links – one is for Facebook and the other is for Instagram. I don’t need to explain a thing – the video says it all.

I believe you call that a perfect match. We wish Mackenzie and Ginny many, many years of happy adventures. It looks like are off to a really great start!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

Sign up!

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a shivery, sunny Sunday. So we didn’t have much winter, and NOW it has decided to arrive. Friday we had a snowstorm. Schools were closed – and that included dog school. My class was canceled so the Boss and Coyote didn’t get their Friday afternoon respite. I was with them the whole day. They weren’t impressed.

PLUS – before the snow arrived we had a mini tragedy. You know my cowbell that I wear when I run free? I wear it so the Warden can hear where I am in the woods. Well – I lost it. Not just the bell. I lost my whole collar. This happened once before when Keith and Sue were visiting. The Warden knew approximately where I lost it that time – so they set out to search. They were ready to give up when the Warden spotted it. There was rejoicing throughout the land. Unfortunately, this time she had NO idea where I had gone ahead of her on the trail- so it was impossible to find it. If it had been a golf ball, I could have found it. But when the Warden said “where’s your bell and collar” I just looked at her like she wasn’t speaking English. She attempted to search on her own – but no luck. And now that we have a blanket of snow, there’s no point in even looking. She did manage to find another bell – but it’s not as loud. We may have to get a new one. Oh – and one helpful bell tip – don’t buy the ones on a Velcro that you wrap around your collar. Those fall off really easily. In my case – I have a different type bell, so I lose the bell AND the collar. We use those quick clip/release collars in the woods – so I don’t strangle myself on branches. They work well. But when they release, then you don’t have your collar. Or your bell. It’s a dilemma.

The Boss said we need a new ding dong for the ding dong. He thinks he’s funny.

In other news, the Warden has a little project on the go. It all started when she was talking to two friends, Iza (in Poland) and Sara (in the USA) – about social media – and the many Facebook friends they have never met. For example , the Warden hasn’t met Sara in person, yet they are social media buds. The Warden met Iza via social media – and then got to meet her in person with her two PONs – Sherlock and Watson when the Warden visited Poland. It was awesome. The Warden has been lucky to meet a number of PON and Picard people via social media. But there are LOTS more she has never met.

Anyway, the Warden, Iza and Sara had this idea about bringing people together through social media. They came up with a plan and here it is:

So. If you own a PON, have owned a PON or just want to meet some crazy PON people to find out more about PONs – sign up! It’s free. It will be fun and casual – and I may even make a cameo appearance. The Boss says HE will be there. But I may be banned. We’ll see. The cool thing about technology like ZOOM, is that it almost feels like you’re in the same room. So you CAN meet your social media buds around the world! Please think about joining us! Oh and if you’re wondering about the time – it will be 6PM in Poland and Central Europe, 5 PM in the UK, 2 PM for us here in Atlantic Canada, and 1 PM in the Eastern US. There was a bit of a challenge with the times, because there is usually 5 hours difference between us and Poland. BUT the clocks will soon be changing – and we change before Poland so for this meeting, there’s just 4 hours difference. The whole time thing is crazy. But I DO look forward to longer days soon! It will be awesome to get up in daylight at 6AM. More hours to carpe diem!

Lastly – did you hear the puppy story from Ontario, Canada? An Old English Sheepdog had a litter of 17 – yes -17 puppies. Check it out:

It’s always nice to see a healthy litter of puppies. SO sweet and tiny. But the Warden says she wants the news to go back and visit there 6 weeks from now. Can. You. Imagine. Mealtime will be crazy. Not to mention the fact that they’ll be doing poop pick up full time. I think most breeders are sad/happy to see puppies when they go to new homes. With this shaggy crowd, I’m betting it will be more happiness than sadness.

Well it’s almost time to get the troops moving.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Borzoi babes

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here to report on my latest infractions here at the penitentiary and also when I was out on parole in the community. But the first one wasn’t my fault….well – not totally.

So the other morning the Warden announced that she and I were going to do a workout at our favorite training center. I always know I’m going training when she puts my barrette in. She figures I see better – so I have no excuse for doing what she shows me. I on the other paw, can make up plenty of other excuses.

When she was getting ready to load me into Ludwig, I got all excited and started preforming my Schutzhund routine. Leaping and biting. Great fun in my mind. She was so busy trying to deflect my attack mode that when she let me and the Boss out the front door to pee, she forgot something. She forgot to close the hallway door. For people who follow this blog – you probably know where this is going….

The Boss and I ran out to pee and she went in the garage to get some treats for the Boss and the Coyote- since they were staying home. She came out of the garage expecting to see me and the Boss waiting there. Well the Boss was the there- and I actually ran in the door for a moment – but then took off in hot pursuit. Guess what I was chasing? The Coyote. Who was already out of sight. And THAT is why we call him a flight risk…

The Warden shouted for me – but I felt it was my duty to be sure nothing happened to the Coyote- so I kept going. The Warden threw on her coat and grabbed a leash and stepped out the door. Where she discovered that the thin coating of mist on the driveway had turned to black ice. Completely. And somehow she had to get up the driveway to go after us renegades. She treaded slowly up the hill- calling my name repeatedly and saying something like “if I fall and break a hip – you’ll be sorry!” Not exactly in those words – but along that line. She didn’t call the Coyote. She knows that’s pointless.

She cut through one neighbor’s yard as she suspected she knew where we were headed. To the home of the neighbors who have two cats. It was our mission to visit. Sure enough – as she crept into their backyard, Mike (the neighbor) shouted out the back door that we had been on the deck – but had headed around to the front of the house. He had also messaged the Warden too – but she hadn’t seen it yet. She shouted her apologies and headed around the house. She called my name and I came running – but then headed back to the Coyote who was circling their vehicles in the driveway. The Coyote bounded up to her with tail wagging as if to say “hey – what are YOU doing here? Don’t they have a great yard?!” She lassoed him and proceeded to head back home. I followed along behind. When Mike shouted out the window that he was glad we had safely been captured, yours truly didn’t know where the voice of God was coming from – so I raced at the house barking. The Warden shouted “LEAVE IT” so I figured I had better head home, and stopped attacking Mike and Pam’s house.

So that was BEFORE I got to training….

Now for the most part, training went well. Our friend Norma was there with her Borzoi, Chloe – who I know from class. And we worked well in different parts of the room, not paying attention to one another. In fact, I think we were both rather brilliant. But THEN – the humans decided we should pratice our “stays”. And this is where my good behavior took a u-turn. Norma thought her other Borzoi, Chievie, could practice with us. Well. Holy Babushka. Once I caught sight of that new-to-me Russian babe- I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The Warden warned me to “leave it,” but I misinterpreted the “it”. So I left my spot as soon as she started to walk away for the stay exercise. I walked right past Chloe – whose eyes bugged out of her head and sauntered over to this new Kremlin cutie to introduce myself – with my butt wagging at 1000km/minute.

I don’t remember much after the Warden tackled me.

So those were my infractions- all before 11:00 AM. I think it’s a new record.

The Warden had a nap when we got home. She needed it. No stamina I tell ya. But I’m working very hard to train her. It’s such a challenge some days…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

A puppy!!!

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here – with a perfect example of what’s called click bait- posting a sensational headline or photo to encourage readers to click onto a site. Did it work? I mean WHO can resist a cute puppy photo? And from what I hear, he’s as cute in person as he looks. Not that WE canines got to meet him…

Friends of the Warden got that sweet golden fluff, whose name is Timo, a few weeks ago. And of course the Warden HAD to go over with a pocketful of treats to say hello. She says she loves puppies because they are so fun to train. Well – at least some are- like Timo. Apparently Timo doesn’t exhibit Baby Shark behavior. He lives up to the lovable characteristics of his breed. He was bouncy and busy, but gentle taking treats – AND he even has an “off” button – where he relaxes. I was the antithesis of a Golden puppy. Crazy, frenzied, shark-like with no “off” button. Hey – I’m kinda still like that!

Timo even gets along with his “brothers” – another lovable Golden named Kirby, and a bright, brilliant Cairn named Robbie. Kirby would like you to pet him until your hands go numb, and Robbie tries to find a way to get into your back pocket (with the treats) by cleverly sneaking behind you on the sofa. Even though he’s not supposed to be ON the sofa. Sounds like my kind of super sneak.

Here are a few shots she caught of the boys:

We wish Timo a lifetime of good treats – and fun!

When the Warden came home after her visit, we tried to inhale her. Literally. In fact, yours truly got SO excited about how she smelled that I almost started practicing a Schutzhund routine on her- leaping at and pulling her clothing. I went crazy. Completely crazy.

What else is new….oh I went to another practice obedience match. And I was again above mediocre. The Warden said she is starting to think we may go in a real trial someday. But no immediate plans. I’m still too much of a wildcard – but I’m getting there.

Today is Paczki Day. That’s Punshkee day if you don’t speak Polish. Paczki are donuts. Really good donuts. Today is also called Pancake Day. Or Shrove Tuesday. So it’s a day to load up on donuts and pancakes before Lent begins tomorrow. Humans “give up” stuff for Lent – kind of a second stab at New Years Resolutions. The Boss says he’s giving up grooming. The Coyote is giving up responding to his name. And I’m giving up….lettuce. The Warden said she’s giving up wine. Except after dog class. Or after an obedience match. Or any time we practice. Which is pretty much daily. She said it’s her reward for making it through a session with me – and she’s not ready to totally withdraw the reinforcements. Plus Sundays are a free day too. So she can have wine on Sundays too. I think she’s making up her own Lenten rules.

That’s it from here. We’ll close with a photo of the Warden giving a talk to Kirby, Robbie and Timo about the fact that ANY dog can be like Lassie – if they work hard. “Channel your inner Lassie,” she said. And I would add: Especially if there are treats….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Turn the other cheek

Good morning blog aficionados. Frodo here today for your reading pleasure.

Let me begin be bemoaning the fact that we have experienced a wide variety of weather lately – most of which has involved some form of precipitation – from rain to freezing rain to snow. While yours truly does not generally mind snow, I do not particularly appreciate the type that lends itself to snowballs which form on one’s paws or “sensitive” areas. I also do not appreciate slush. And in the past few days, we experienced all of the above. Is it any wonder I was reluctant to go walking to the lake in such moist conditions?! But alas, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I trudged along, attempting to look happy. PLEASE – is it too much to ask for dry, frozen ground?!

Yesterday, after a night of freezing rain, followed by snow, I supervised Her Highness as she shoveled most of the driveway. There was not enough snow for the plow gentleman to come – although I do believe 4 inches of a white blanket SHOULD be enough to warrant a plow. I guess he prefers to sleep in instead. So Her Highness moaned and groaned and pushed the white stuff around, while I watched. I am the designated supervisor- because if forced to remain inside during the proceedings, I would incessantly shout out instructions. Instead, I watch and repeatedly stand in the way of her shovel when I get bored.

Once back inside, we were FINALLY fed breakfast, blueberries, frozen stuffed apples and crusts of bread. Which is our morning routine. But the Imp was still rather wild, so Her Highness brought out her “secret weapon” to keep us content while she had her breakfast. The weapon – those beef cheek rolls. I believe we have mentioned them before. They have become the ultimate chewing object for the Imp. While we all still do enjoy Bully sticks, the Imp can literally devour the “Giant” 12 inch bully stick variety in less than 30 minutes. While the FG and I are still chewing away, the mini power chewer is done. As a result, Her Highness has turned to the cheek rolls – which provide significantly longer chewing time. We still have the three we received at Christmas time and only about 1/4 is gone from each one. Admittedly, they are not left out for free-for-all chew fests, but even so – after 30 solid minutes of chewing , very little is gone. Even the FG enjoys them. I also think they are palatable, but truth be known, sometimes when the younger boys are given the cheek rolls, yours truly receives a Bully stick. Which is less work for a senior dog. Still – I do enjoy both.

Although Her Highness had read about the benefits of cheek rolls over offensive rawhide, she did do more research on the two – as they LOOK remarkably similar. The following is an excellent podcast on the subject – should you be considering beef cheeks for your canine companion. It’s time well spent on the subject – and it helps you to select THE best cheeks for your dog.

I pity the store where Her Highness buys cheek rolls in the future. I hope they can answer the barrage of questions she will now have about their “cheek source”.

In other news, yours truly has been battling on ongoing ear issue for several weeks now. It does not help that the Imp INSISTS on licking the affected ear. Her Highness cleans my ear and puts in medicated drops, but the Imp is like a magnet to my ear. When Her Highness goes out, she must separate us – for my own protection and comfort. I warn the Imp to cease his licking behavior, but he continues to tbe point that I give up. The lad is persistent and exhausting. Her Highness considered putting a cone on HIM to stop the behavior. Yesterday Her Highness was home most of the day, so she was able to moderate his behavior. As a result, my ear showed significant improvement. Paws crossed that we continue to progress in that direction.

Today the Imp has some kind of obedience practice. That spells respite for me and the FG. Of course we DO love the Imp, but when he goes to a class or practice match, we experience a period of complete peace. We enjoy seeing the busy boy when he returns – but our mini “vacation” is always appreciated.

That is all the less-than-exciting news from our happy abode. I wish you well, and non- goopy ears.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Our morning

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here – two days post Valentines Day. The flowers never arrived for the Warden. I think I forgot to hit “order”. I’ll be more careful for Easter….

It’s going to be warmish today- like 12 Celsius or 53 Fahrenheit for our American buddies. But yesterday was still around freezing – so the snow was still with us. It was the kind of snow that was snowball-forming, sticky stuff, that can make it kind of hard to move around. I didn’t really care too much – although I kept stopping to bite the balls off between my pads. At first, the Boss didn’t want to go on our morning walk- he knew what would happen – but he begrudgingly agreed – and trotted along. The Coyote started off great and then he gets this weird look and starts walking like his legs are frozen. But the next minute he’s fine.

Ever wonder what our morning walk looks like? Well there won’t be any Academy Award for cinematography- but this short clip gives you an idea. Complete with cold feet.

We all survived – and our feet had a quick rinse in the dog tub with warm water to remove the offending balls when we got home.

You’ll note my bell in the movie. That’s before it got clogged with snow. The Warden doesn’t like when that happens- because she doesn’t know where I am. I cover three times the area as everyone else. I’m a ramblin’ guy. And no – none of us went walking on the lake this year. It hadn’t been frozen long – and trust me – I’m not taking ANY chances that I could get wet. I’m following the lead of my older brother when it comes to puddles and water in general.

That’s it from Snow World. Tomorrow we could be having freezing rain or plain old rain. So we’ll be reporting in a day or two from Mud World. Now THAT would be a fun video!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Valentines Day

Howdy blogaroos! Happy Valentines Day! How did the day come so quickly? Wasn’t it New Years last week?

The Warden was going to attempt a cute Valentine photo with us- but it was chaos. Complete chaos. Of course she left it until yesterday. She had no great props (thank goodness) except a backdrop with hearts. She attempted to drape it over the railing on the deck. BUT – it was snowing. And windy. First the Coyote tried to pee on it. Then it blew off and I grabbed a corner and ripped it. That plan was canceled. So she took us in the yard. Remember- it’s snowing. And frankly, she had crappy treats. She also had one measly garland with hearts which was used in previous Valentine photo shoots. She didn’t think we’d remember- but we did. It also wasn’t long enough to drape over all three of us- and I decided I should just attempt to pull on it.

Then the Boss got annoyed and started shouting;

The photo at the top was the best we could do – and she added the hearts afterwards because even if she had hearts to hang around our necks, we would have pulled them off. It was snowing!

We used her credit card to order some Valentine flowers on-line and some dog treats too. Might as well treat ourselves too, since we had the card.

Not much else is new. I went to two practice matches on the weekend- and I was above mediocre. That’s my goal. The Warden was pleasantly surprised. I told her not to get too crazy excited – don’t sign up for any real trials just yet. I’m still a wildcard.

We’re feeling kinda lazy – so we’ll resurrect Viktor’s Valentine poem. It’s worth repeating….

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You take us on walks,

You pick up our poo.

We steal your mittens, 

We jump on your bed,

We bark incessantly

While waiting to be fed.

You brush us and groom us 

While we squeak and complain, 

You have great patience 

While we drive you insane. 

We make you laugh

We make you cry

You teach us about manners

And SOMETIMES we try.

We snuggle and cuddle

And love belly rubs from you,

We give you big licks 

And giant wags too.

We’re happy you picked us

And we’ll protect you till the end

We love you – our human –

From you very best friend.

Sending licks and love to the Warden – and to each and every one of you!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Yo. Blog people. Elroy here. The mops are in the other room barking at each other for no reason, so I walked out to escape the PONdemonium. The Imp is continually attempting to lick Einstein’s face and ears so I must hear Her Highness saying “Wojtek leave him” at LEAST 50 times each day. At LEAST 50 times.

Now it’s not that I don’t bark at all. I bark not just to hear myself talk – but to warn about important things. Like a falling leaf. Or wind.

While the Imp likes to run like around through the woods like a maniac chasing nothing, I prefer to silently commune with nature. I would probably do well living off in some remote Tibetan monastery- listening to nature. Instead I’m trapped in an asylum were the other residents don’t have the foggiest clue what the word “quiet” means. Sometimes I believe we live in parallel universes. And theirs is much more noisy than mine.

The ruckus is particularly obnoxious at mealtime – when a sound level meter would likely explode. A rock concert holds no competition in sound level compared to the two mops

I’m quiet at mealtime because I believe the whole eating thing is overrated. Some meals I eat. Other times I just say “meh.” Meanwhile two drooling banshees are staring at me through the French door – leaving beautiful olfactory art on the glass. I am served my meal first and while I sometimes actually DO choose to eat immediately , other times I prefer rituals. Her Highness looked up mealtime rituals and found the following article:

Interesting – and some of you may identify with some of these behaviors exhibited by your canine companion. But none actually describe what I do. My ritual includes standing over my bowl and staring at my food. Then I will bounce my head around the edges of the bowl. The Imp thought I was saying grace and then blessing my food. I suppose it could appear that way. I just like to see if I can count the kibbles in my bowl, before I begin eating them. I also like to closely examine the bowl to see if there are any additives, like cheese, or some pieces of bread. Her Highness likes to occasionally put extra things in my bowl so I like to fully identify them before I dig in.

I will go through streaks with eating. Some days I completely refuse one meal entirely. Her Highness must quickly pick up my bowl before opening the door to the hallway befote the food clearing crew runs in.

I must confess, I HAVE acquired a taste for frozen blueberries like the mops lately. We have them each day. But keep in mind, I may decide today that I dislike them again. My tastes change.

I do enjoy eating snow – despite Her Highness’s requests not to continually gobble it on a walk. She warned me that snow containing bits of pine needles would NOT be good and I must confess – she was correct. I later vomited them. Next time I’ll stick with pure snow without the sprinkles.

Someone once described me as “ quirky.” Yup. That’s me. Quirky and smirky. I just watch the frantic mops and roll my eyes. They need to commune more.

Well it’s almost time for the morning circus. Geez I wish Her Highness would let me run free. But she fears I would take off. Can you blame me – I’m trying to escape the mops! But before you start thinking I don’t like them, I suppose I should explain that I actually do. Where else can you get this kind of entertainment- and where else are you loved just for being different?! Her Highness hugs me and thanks me for being so quiet. I’m her sanity support dog. She no longer stresses about my weird eating rituals or refusal to eat. She gets me. Now if I would just come when called. But I’m usually too busy communing with something. Yo – I think she just called me. This time I’ll think I’ll respond. Or wait – what’s that fluff on the floor….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Bobi, Boji and Ghost

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here today for your reading pleasure.

Thanks again to all who sent greetings for my celebration of becoming a teenager. I enjoyed the kind well wishes, and I read every single one. After I ate my birthday treats.

We have all recovered from the deep freeze although I must confess, I don’t enjoy the slushy mess that the warmer temperatures bring. Thankfully, despite my increasing years, I remain an excellent puddle jumper.

I understand that the furnace repair man will be making yet another visit today. Something about the annual furnace cleaning. No doubt we will be sequestered during his work- although I fully intend to tell him just how I would like the work done. I’ll be sure to yell out my instructions loudly and clearly.

Otherwise, things are rather quiet these days. Therefore, I searched the news for more exciting stories than our currently boring lives. For example, who wants to hear our story of the FG being “stuck” outside – because the sliding deck door was only open a foot, and he couldn’t figure out how to push his way in. He pitifully stood squeaking on the deck, until the Imp went out and demonstrated for him the way to get in. After several moments he took the daring plunge- and pushed the door open. There was rejoicing in the land.

I told you things were boring here – so onto stories about Boji, Bobi and Ghost. And no – I did not select the stories based oh the dogs’ names.

Let’s begin with Bobi – a dog who has now been proclaimed the oldest living dog. Ever.

Here is a short video about him as well – so you can see how the senior gets around;

It’s rather remarkable how well he is doing. Her Highness watched the video and felt this compulsive urge to brush him. I think that perhaps his clean but scruffy appearance and lack of brushing may be a secret to his longevity. I suggested she instantly stop brushing me – heaven knows the torture takes years off of both of our lives. I also suggested that she share more of her meals with us. Clearly it’s been beneficial to Bobi. It’s rather amazing to consider that I am not yet even half his age! Stop the brushing and allow me to put on a few pounds – and I’ll attempt to break his record.

Next we have the story of Ghost – a dog who found himself living with coyotes. And I am referring to real coyotes- not the Picard variety.

It appears Ghost survived for quite a long time with the wild coyotes, but I doubt it will take him long to adapt to the creature comforts that most of us canines enjoy. He looks to be a very sweet fellow.

And finally, we have the story of Boji – a dog in Instanbul. This story was recently shared with us by a loyal reader – David – and we thank him for that. Read about Boji’s adventures:–LgKoWOLTi1LJAlhIgSVFYZqYpVv7AxhFChLAJuD2pjtE

I find Boji’s wanderlust quite fascinating. He knows exactly where he wants to go – and how to get there. It’s quite amazing. I’m not sure any of us would be so adventurous. The Imp and I don’t wish to wander far – for fear of missing a meal. And given that the FG cannot find his way through a partially open door – I doubt he would be getting on and off buses and trains. Independently.

Well I must prepare and warm up my vocal cords for the arrival of the repair man.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Cold enough for ya?

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a chilly Sunday. Now today is supposed to be warmer then yesterday- and boy we hope it is! We are talking paw chilling cold yesterday. None of us loved it – especially the Coyote who wanted to go out every half hour and as soon as he got out, and he started doing the cold paw dance, he wanted to come back in. The Warden was ready to strangle him.

I think she was extra stressed because our furnace wasn’t working right with the deep freeze. So the furnace repair guy had to come TWICE! The first time he came- we were all sequestered in the bedroom behind a gate doing our best Cujo impersonation. He didn’t seem to care – and came right over with his hand extended. The Warden quickly said he better not try to pet me – as he might be missing some fingers – and she needed the furnace fixed. He just laughed, but backed away. Good move.

The second time he had to come back, he didn’t call ahead. Precipitating an unexpected doorbell ring followed by what sounded like a pack of rabid wolves. Oooo-eee the Warden had a tough time rounding us up to go back in the bedroom. He didn’t bother extending his hand this time.

And if it wasn’t bad enough that the furnace went on the fritz- the propane fireplace- which provides extra heat – also stopped working. Two calls to propane people (after an hour on hold) – and the diagnosis was a frozen doomaflicky on the tank outside. The suggested solution involved a hair dryer and several extension cords. The Warden said that fix can wait until the weather warms up.

Because we had to wait for the furnace guy on Friday, I missed my class. Then – a practice match had to be canceled yesterday because the facility couldn’t stay warm enough- and the pipes were freezing.

And ALL of this drama is one guy’s fault. Sam. The weather prognosticating groundhog. He predicted 6 more weeks of winter – and our balmy weather instantly hit the deep freeze. Not fun AT ALL. Mind you – tomorrow we could get rain. Still – any chilly temps are the fault of that rodent fortune teller.

Meanwhile some poor groundhog in Quebec didn’t have such a good February 2. Picture this…crowds are gathered. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the appearance of the star of the show – Fred. Drumroll please…

Well they go to get Fred out of his den, and I might as well cut to the chase – Fred is dead. Yup- they figured poor Fred went to the Weather-forecasting bridge several WEEKS ago. Seriously they never THOUGHT to check on him well before showtime? Imagine THAT backstage scramble. I read somewhere that they grabbed a stuffed toy, gave it to a child, lifted the child on some dignitary’s shoulders and proclaimed that Fred predicted 6 more weeks of winter. After they announced “Fred is dead.” Sounds like a Chevy Chase movie.

But to cut them some slack – it happened once before when another groundhog elsewhere died just before the big event. Here’s my suggestion – CHECK on the rodent at least several days ahead – AND have a stand-in JUST in case.

So our condolences to Fred’s family and friends. We thank him for his important public service. Although we read somewhere that the whole groundhog forecasting thing has been correct about 40% of the time. Maybe a coin toss – with a groundhog on it might be more successful.

Well hopefully our walks will be REAL walks today. I need my exercise and 25 laps of the dining room table didn’t do it yesterday. It HAS to be warmer today. Frozen paws crossed.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.