A puppy!!!

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here – with a perfect example of what’s called click bait- posting a sensational headline or photo to encourage readers to click onto a site. Did it work? I mean WHO can resist a cute puppy photo? And from what I hear, he’s as cute in person as he looks. Not that WE canines got to meet him…

Friends of the Warden got that sweet golden fluff, whose name is Timo, a few weeks ago. And of course the Warden HAD to go over with a pocketful of treats to say hello. She says she loves puppies because they are so fun to train. Well – at least some are- like Timo. Apparently Timo doesn’t exhibit Baby Shark behavior. He lives up to the lovable characteristics of his breed. He was bouncy and busy, but gentle taking treats – AND he even has an “off” button – where he relaxes. I was the antithesis of a Golden puppy. Crazy, frenzied, shark-like with no “off” button. Hey – I’m kinda still like that!

Timo even gets along with his “brothers” – another lovable Golden named Kirby, and a bright, brilliant Cairn named Robbie. Kirby would like you to pet him until your hands go numb, and Robbie tries to find a way to get into your back pocket (with the treats) by cleverly sneaking behind you on the sofa. Even though he’s not supposed to be ON the sofa. Sounds like my kind of super sneak.

Here are a few shots she caught of the boys:

We wish Timo a lifetime of good treats – and fun!

When the Warden came home after her visit, we tried to inhale her. Literally. In fact, yours truly got SO excited about how she smelled that I almost started practicing a Schutzhund routine on her- leaping at and pulling her clothing. I went crazy. Completely crazy.

What else is new….oh I went to another practice obedience match. And I was again above mediocre. The Warden said she is starting to think we may go in a real trial someday. But no immediate plans. I’m still too much of a wildcard – but I’m getting there.

Today is Paczki Day. That’s Punshkee day if you don’t speak Polish. Paczki are donuts. Really good donuts. Today is also called Pancake Day. Or Shrove Tuesday. So it’s a day to load up on donuts and pancakes before Lent begins tomorrow. Humans “give up” stuff for Lent – kind of a second stab at New Years Resolutions. The Boss says he’s giving up grooming. The Coyote is giving up responding to his name. And I’m giving up….lettuce. The Warden said she’s giving up wine. Except after dog class. Or after an obedience match. Or any time we practice. Which is pretty much daily. She said it’s her reward for making it through a session with me – and she’s not ready to totally withdraw the reinforcements. Plus Sundays are a free day too. So she can have wine on Sundays too. I think she’s making up her own Lenten rules.

That’s it from here. We’ll close with a photo of the Warden giving a talk to Kirby, Robbie and Timo about the fact that ANY dog can be like Lassie – if they work hard. “Channel your inner Lassie,” she said. And I would add: Especially if there are treats….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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