The last day

Today is the day.  My human’s LAST official day of work.  She will still be doing SOME work from time to time – but the daily trip into the office will now end. 

My human feels happy and sad about this decision.   Happy for her newfound freedom.  Well – she’s not TOTALLY free – she still has US to keep her more than busy.  And we can be a full time job.  But she will be able to do things that she hasn’t had time for in many years.  And she looks forward to that adventure.

At the same time – she is sad – because she will miss the many wonderful people she has met in her career.  My human worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and she worked for most of her career with adults who have aphasia.  Aphasia is a communication problem that results after someone has a stroke or brain injury.  I have actually written about aphasia before – so if you need a refresher, you can read about it here:

If we converted her many years of work into dog years she has worked for over 250 years!  That’s crazy.

But my human loved her work.  She loved teaching graduate students and working with colleagues.  But most of all – she loved the patients she had the honor of working with.  They inspired her.  They motivated her.  They made her laugh and ocassionally they even made her cry.  She learned something from each and every one.  And she admired their resiliance…

She also learned so much from the family members and friends of the individuals with aphasia – who shared in the aphasia journey.   It wasn’t always an easy road for them either.  

In the end,  she hopes that she was able to make their journeys with aphasia a little bit easier…

So onward to the next chapter.  My human has new roads to explore – and we’ll be there to guide her on her path.   And don’t you worry- we’ll be sure that she never gets bored!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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Fala la la la

January 30. And today is the birthday of the 32nd President of the US – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  I’m not a political dog (!) so I won’t go into FDR’s policies or any of that – but I WILL tell you that he owned a dog – Fala, who was a VERY famous presidential dog and is THE only dog to be represented in a presidential memorial!  

Yup – Fala, was a Scottish Terrier -and close sidekick to the president.   Fala was a WELL behaved dog – who traveled to many places with the President and had a huge following in the press.  Mind you – there was one scandal involving Fala, when it was reported that FDR mistakenly left Fala behind on a trip to the Aleutian Islands – and he spent millions in sending the Navy back to get Fala.  FDR even addressed this “fake news”  in an address to the public:

Here’s a great summary story all about Fala and FDR:

So as I said, I won’t comment on FDR or his policies – but clearly he must have been a half decent guy to have such a loving companion who missed him so much when he was gone….  Happy birthday Mr. President.  He would have been 137. 

Hey – I FORGOT to tell you about something great when they had my human’s retirement party from work last week.    They had a lovely dinner for her and gave her several gifts – two very nice books AND a substantial gift certificate.  And WHERE was the gift certificate to you might ask.  And if you didn’t, I’ll still tell you.  No – not a jewelry store.  Not a book store or a clothing store.  Thankfully NOT the Dollar Store.  Nope – not a restaurant.  Do you know WHERE the gift is for?  The PET store.  Seriously – is that not THE best gift ever?    I guess her colleagues at work heard that she has dogs.  The multiple photos and the breed calandars in her office were no doubt a BIT of a giveaway.  And the fact that she talks about us once in awhile.  Cough.  Cough.  Anyway – that gift is VERY much appreciated and will be put to GOOD use!!!!!!

One more day of work for her tomorrow…..counting hours now….

Have a good one.  Peace and pawsup.
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Happy birthday

It’s a special day!! And I mean special in a GOOD way- not in a weather way.  It’s Einstein’s birthday!!!!!

My older brother turns 9 today.  9!!!!! When did that happen?!  
But Einstein is a young 9.  Heck – he just became a father in November!  So his swimmers are still swimming.  And if you didn’t know his age, you would swear he wasn’t a day over 5.
And speaking of his offspring, Indi, who now goes by Ginny, has gone to her home in Winnipeg- and she is reportedly settling in just great.  She  has an older sister – a Wheaten Terrier who initially kept waiting for Ginny to go home – but now they are getting along just fine.  She has experienced snow and she supposedly doesn’t mind it one bit.  She travelled well on her flights.  OK – she cried during the first flight but did fine on the second.  I have no idea how they managed to fit that big girl under a seat.  She must have been folded up like Gumby.  Mind you, her father can fit in THE most awkward places and then will sleep there.  So no wonder she fit under the seat.
Einstein is looking forward to some extra treats today – and being the generous big brother that he is, he will no doubt share them with us.  He better.
So cheers to my bro.  I still like to chew your ears, lick your paws and attempt to throw you to the ground outdoors.  But just so you know – you ARE my hero…
Oh – and by the way – you are absolutely THE most cooperative photo model. Ever.  

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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The model dog

So my human went to work yesterday. And she supposedly cleaned out some file cabinets.  She SAYS she does not intend to bring much home. That I want to see.  You know what happens with you humans.  You pack the stuff in boxes, bring it home, and never look at it again.  I’m telling you – we would make excellent shredders.

When she got home, she decided to take the FG for a walk on the golf course.  Oopsie- although it was just before sundown, there were still some hardy souls out there batting around golf balls while wearing mittens.  True – there was no snow- but it WAS chilly. Anyway, my human and the FG zigzagged around the course.  Taking pictures as they walked.  The FG wasn’t taking them – but you know who was.  The sky and lightning was reportedly perfect, and for some odd reason, the FG was happy posing!  Go figure.

As they approached the parking lot, the FG positioned himself as he always does, on a rock to overlook the area.  A couple was loading their clubs in their car – and he stood and watched them from his high vantage point looking down on the lot.  The couple didn’t appear to notice him- he and my human were at a distance.  The man and woman got in their car, as the FG watched them.  Suddenly the car door opened and the man stepped out.  He shouted to my human “Excuse me – just what is that you have there?”  My human felt like responding “It’s a wolf,” but decided to be polite.  She shouted “It’s a French herding  breed called a Berger Picard or a Picardy Shepherd.”  The man replied “He’s amazing.” All the while  the FG stood completely still, posing like some kind of model.    She almost shouted “he can be rented out by the day and I pay you,” but she decided not to ruin the moment.  The man and woman then waved as they drove away. If they only knew…

Rumor has it we may be having some visitors today.  So we’ll have to be on our best behavior.  Hahahahaha.  Now wouldn’t THAT be amazing if all THREE of us behaved?!  Should be interesting…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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New breeds

Well the Westminster dog show in New York City is around the corner and they just announced that two new breeds will be added to the line-up.

First we have the Nederlandse kooikerhondjes.  And I thought the Xoloitzcuintli had the most letters.  And I KNOW you are trying to pronounce it – so here you go:   
NAY-dehr-lahn-seh KOY-kehr-hahnd-jeh.   That was easy.  And particularly easy if you are from the Netherlands – because that’s where they originated.   They are in the sporting group.  Here’s a short little video that is a nice intro to the breed:

I really like that ear thing they have going on.  Those ears would be awesome to chew on!

The other newcomer to the Big Apple is the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen. These guys are in the hound group.  You may have heard of the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.  Well this is SIMILAR but a totally different breed. For one thing it is larger than the Petit.  Which makes sense – given the name… The Grand Basset is also longer overall, than the Petit, which is more compact in body.  There are also difference in ear lengths and in tail lengths.  Here is a video about them: 

OK.  I think we need one of these guys.  They have a shaggy look like us PONs and they come from France- like a Picard.   So they are a combo of PON and Picard.  OK.  I know that’s a stretch – but I DO like them.  They are hounds – so that makes them different.  So we need one.  My human says we don’t.  I say she’ll be retired – she will have PLENTY of time for another dog… OK.  Maybe not enough MONEY – but LOTS of time.  

Well, it’s Saturday.

Rumor has it my human MAY be going into the office today to throw reams of paper into the recycling bins.  We KNOW what a packrat she is – so we can just IMAGINE what her office looks like.  We could go with her and help with shredding….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Robbie Burns

For Auld Lang Syne…  OK.  It’s not New Year’s.  But do you know who WROTE Auld Lang Syne? It’s a poem written by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Or Robbie Burns as we like to call him in Halifax.  And today is his birthday!

Burns lived from 1759-1796.   Just 37 years. He was a poet and lyrist who is regarded as the National Poet of Scotland – but he is well-known around the world.  Here in Halifax we even have a Burns Club – which celebrates the life of the poet and promotes Scottish culture.  There are only 37 male members in the by-invitation-only club – one member for every year of Burns’ life.  They like to get together and do things like eat haggis.  OK – I don’t know about the haggis part – but they do regularly meet.  And they will be meeting and singing songs under Burns’ statue in the park today – and they will later be having a social – at a local pub.

So that’s all interesting – BUT did you KNOW that Burns loved dogs?!  And he was owned by a border collie named Luath.  Luath was his constant companion, and several sources say that Luath introduced Burns to his future wife – by stealing some of the woman’s laundry! 

Luath died tragically in an accident- the night before Burns’ father’s funeral.  Burns was so upset over the loss of his best buddy, that he wrote a famous poem The Twa Dogs,  featuring Luath.
There are statues of Burns all over the globe (at least 60!)  and several feature Burns with Luath – in Boston (USA), Dumfries (Scotland) and in Ballarat (Australia).   Our statue in Halifax doesn’t have Luath.   Guess I have to contact the club to see about getting a new one.   Note that I will have to contact them … my human cannot do so as it IS a men’s only club.  I’m not saying another word about THAT.  Cough.  Cough.
Anyway, today you should lift a glass of whiskey and make a toast to haggis and Burns.  We dogs can skip the whiskey, but bring on the haggis!!!!!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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Garbage day

In our household, taking out the garbage can be a death defying act.

Our garbage pick up is on a rotating cycle.  One week they will pick up “regular garbage” – basically the stuff that cannot be recycled and the next week they pick up the organics bin and all the recyclables. 

Now to appreciate this story, you also need to keep in mind that our driveway is probably 200 yards long.  And part of it is on an incline.

Two weeks ago was “regular day”.  And for some unknown reason, we had two cans full of stuff.  My human actually lugged the cans into the vehicle and drove them up to the road.  In the dark.  In the early morning hours.  Unfortunately, it was a special weather day.  So before the garbage truck came, the snow plow guys came.  My human came home from work and found both garbage cans in the ditch.  Full. The plow guys had knocked them into the ditch.  There was much joy and laughter trying to get them out.  Not.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Another regular garbage day.  First, my human had to throw herself against the cans because they were frozen to the ground.  We yelled out instructions from in the house as we watched her headlamp moving back and forth, up and down.  She was finally able to extricate the cans.  So she came in to get the FG who would accompany her to the road – one can at a time.

Here’s a secret – when garbage cans freeze to the ground, their wheels also freeze.  So as my human struggled to drag the can up the incline,  it suddenly started making this high pitched LOUD squealing sound.  I mean REALLY loud.  Now remember who is on the other end of the leash.  Mr. Curious.  He stops DEAD in his tracks and stares at the can.  And looks at my human who is dragging it with all her might.  Well, the FG decides the weird sound is  just TOO much “fun.”   So he grabs his leash and starts pulling with all his might.  So we have my human pulling the can up the driveway and the FG attempting to pull HER into the WOODS.  And the squealing continues – which just fuels his pulling and dancing on the other end of the leash.  She makes it up to the road, leaves the can and heads back to the house – with the FG in tow.  The whole procedure is repeated.

As they are headed back to the house, the FG decides to have more fun.  It was just after the full moon – so the moon was bright in the sky.  And as they are walking  the FG stops and STARES at the tree tops.  Which are illuminated by the moon.  And he just stands and stares.  My human looks up, but doesn’t see anything.  But he keeps looking and looking.  As she tugs him along, he now stops to look into the woods.  Like he hears something.  By now my human is starting to get a little freaked out because he won’t move.  And she doesn’t want to KNOW what he hears.   She finally manages to get him moving and he suddenly decides it is time for some zoomies.  Luckily she sees the telltale tail tuck (that’s a tongue twister) so she braces herself and holds on tight.  She has visions of him getting loose on the ice rink yard – in the dark.  Luckily she holds on and manages to get him in the house.  Mission accomplished.

And now it was time for OUR walk.  I did hear her quietly praying as we went out the door. Never a dull moment.  Ever.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 1


Well they had the long awaited retirement party for my human yesterday. It apparently was a lovely affair- dinner and everything.  Not that WE were invited.  So we decided to have our own party.  At home.

The human party was scheduled after work. Unfortunately, the day began on a bad note- I had a seizure. Yup. Back to zero.  Maybe it was the moon.
Anyway, my human was super worried about me. She worked from home for the morning, and then asked Pig Pen’s human if he could come and let us out for a pee at suppertime. And he would also need to give me my pill at 7.  He’s a great guy- he frequently comes to our rescue.  He said no problem. 
Anyway he came in and let us out through the garage and into the run on the side of the garage.  Which was PERFECT.  We all had our pees and came back in.  He gave us our treats and we were all set.  The only thing he didn’t know was that Einstein, when he came in through the garage, somehow managed to grab the stuffed hedgehog.  The neighbor saw him carrying it – but didn’t know that we are stuffed toy surgeons.  How could he?  Most dogs are good with stuffed things.  But not this crew.
So as you can see in the photo, the hedgehog is dead. We had our own party.  Stuffing, the remains of the plastic squeaker and the outer shell of the hedgehog lay strewn around the dining room. We had a blast.
So my human has one more official week of work after this week.  She will still be dabbling in her work from time to time, but her regular routine will be OVER.  We are looking forward to it.  
Now I just need to make enough money with my blog to buy another hedgehog…. Never a dull moment.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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I mentioned collars yesterday. Including the one for 1.8 million.  They were low on stock – so they would not have been able to ship all three.  My human said we’ll wait to order until they have all of them.

We have some LOVELY collars that she bought for us – was it last year?  They are made of leather – but the best part is the fact that they have our names on them – on a custom plate.  With our phone number.   JUST in case one of us goes AWOL and needs to be returned.  I have a lovely red one, the FG has purple and Einstein has a light mint green.  As if we really care about color.

Anyway, when my human was grooming Einstein on the weekend – or should I say wrestling with Einstein with a brush in her hand,  she took off his collar.  And she suddenly remembered that the phone number is no longer correct.  When we changed our internet provider, we changed our landline as well (we are probably the last people on the planet with a landline, but my human is slow with this technology stuff).  And with the change, we had to change our phone number.  So as a result – our lovely collars with the identification plates, have the wrong phone number.  So.  Do we try to pry off the old name plates?  Do we add a tag with the correct info?  OR do we get NEW collars?

When we examined the name plates on the collars, there is no way they will come off easily.  Well…one of US could get them off – but the leather collar would not really look the same.  As for ordering dangling tags – well you know our penchant for romping through the woods.  The tag would likely get lost.  Just like my epilepsy tag did.  We have no idea where THAT went – but it’s gone.  So dangling tags in this house don’t work well.  So.  It looks like new collars.

Now trust me – it’s not like we don’t HAVE any collars in this house.  We could probably start a business selling collars.  There are some pretty fancy Swiss Bernese collars in that garage – but for some reason, she can’t part with them.  I could wear them as a belt.  We also have some LOVELY collars in this house with the quick release clasps.   But just like her old-fashioned preference for things like landlines, my human DOES like an old fashioned buckle collar.  To be honest, nice collars on us fuzzy dogs is REALLY a waste of money.  You can’t even SEE them.  But – they are a necessity – and one does like to be fashionable….Or at least SHE likes us to be fashionable. 

We also have that cool tick collar that a friend sent me.  I haven’t been wearing it just since we had the snowy weather.  But I’ll be wearing it again in the spring.  It seemed to work so we’ll give it the full test then. 

So you know what this all means.  My human will order NEW collars JUST like the old collars.  She may change the colors – just to be different. And I repeat – as IF we care.

My human is the supreme bargain hunter.  She got the old collars on a website called Etsy.  She will order them again -and IF they turn out as they did the first time, we will share the company’s name.  The leather is soft and nice and the collars have held up great.  I did point out to her that given the good price, we don’t know EXACTLY where that leather comes from….She told me to be quiet. I see that that DO sell on Amazon too.

Well.  Time to start guard duty.  Only a few more days!!!!!  Rumor has it, they are having  a retirement party for my human today. Let’s hope she brings home any leftovers…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 6


January 21.  And it is the birthday of Christian Dior, the famous French fashion designer who lived from 1905-1957.  Dior created his house of fashion, and although he only designed for his house for 10 years before he died, the name endured, with other designers subsequently creating under his label – like Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano.  Many famous movie stars and political figures have “worn Dior” over the years – and the man himself even created a famous perfume.

So what does that have to do with dogs?  Well apparently Mr. Dior named each of his designs and in 1948 created  dress/suit – which he named “The Bobby” after his dog, Bobby.  He even created a limited edition perfume, and the bottle looked like his dog.  So obviously the guy liked his dog.
While Dior did not design apparel for dogs (thankfully),  some “rare” Dior dog collars have reportedly sold on EBay for over $500.  First off – while many designers DO cater to us canines, it does not appear that the House of Dior has done that.  So it is likely fake.  But lest you think that $500 is a huge sum for a collar, my human found one with diamonds totaling 52 carats that can be yours for 1.8 million.  She tried to find the website so she can order three. 
She was researching because we DO need new collars….to be continued.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5