The last day

Today is the day.  My human’s LAST official day of work.  She will still be doing SOME work from time to time – but the daily trip into the office will now end. 

My human feels happy and sad about this decision.   Happy for her newfound freedom.  Well – she’s not TOTALLY free – she still has US to keep her more than busy.  And we can be a full time job.  But she will be able to do things that she hasn’t had time for in many years.  And she looks forward to that adventure.

At the same time – she is sad – because she will miss the many wonderful people she has met in her career.  My human worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and she worked for most of her career with adults who have aphasia.  Aphasia is a communication problem that results after someone has a stroke or brain injury.  I have actually written about aphasia before – so if you need a refresher, you can read about it here:

If we converted her many years of work into dog years she has worked for over 250 years!  That’s crazy.

But my human loved her work.  She loved teaching graduate students and working with colleagues.  But most of all – she loved the patients she had the honor of working with.  They inspired her.  They motivated her.  They made her laugh and ocassionally they even made her cry.  She learned something from each and every one.  And she admired their resiliance…

She also learned so much from the family members and friends of the individuals with aphasia – who shared in the aphasia journey.   It wasn’t always an easy road for them either.  

In the end,  she hopes that she was able to make their journeys with aphasia a little bit easier…

So onward to the next chapter.  My human has new roads to explore – and we’ll be there to guide her on her path.   And don’t you worry- we’ll be sure that she never gets bored!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 7

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