Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday.

So did you watch that TV show the other night? The one where a wolf nearly bit Anderson Cooper? It was pretty interesting. Who knew that scientists were learning so much about human illness through research with us dogs. And it was fun to learn about our canine evolution. Survival of the friendliest – instead of the fittest. If you didn’t get to see it, you can probably find a rerun. I liked it when the wolves howled. No wonder the Boss barks so much – he’s letting loose his inner wolf.

After the show was over, the Warden decided she would give me the option of sleeping out of my crate for a change. The Coyote prefers his “den” so he hunkered down in his pony sized crate and didn’t seem to care that yours truly was loose all night. The Boss was on the bed- and when I eyed a spot up there next to him, he just gave me the eye and let out a low grumble. I decided I was just as comfy on the floor. Several times throughout the night, I put two paws on the bed and checked to see if the Warden was awake. She kept mumbling “go to sleep.” So I did. Until about 6:45 when I decided everybody should Carpe Diem. The warden tried to put the pillow over her head – but it was no use. I was ready to rock and roll.

Meanwhile, the Coyote who didn’t SEEM to care the night before, was now kinda miffed that he had not been free all night too. Or so it appeared. He’s very temperamental. He kinda ignored me the next morning and trudged along on our walk – and then put his nose up at breakfast. He DID eat blueberries and his slice of bread though, so he wasn’t TOTALLY cranky. He was over it quickly enough, because he wanted to play after breakfast and by supper he ate everything.

What else….Oh – did you see THIS article:

The Warden said NOBODY in this household could be trained to use a brush. It would immediately become a chew toy. We’ve seen stories about dogs using paint on their feet- but even that sounds pretty dicey. Yeah – no doggie Degas in this house.

The Christmas explosion still hasn’t happened. The Warden has been busy with who knows what. Hopefully helping Santa with his Christmas gifts for us.

Oh – and speaking of Christmas decor – GUESS who tried to pee on the Christmas greenery thing by the front door? Three guesses. And I bet you’ll get it on the first try. Yup. The Coyote. He ALMOST watered the foliage, before they Warden shouted “NOOOOOO!” He even tried to pee on the car when it was parked in the driveway the other day. Another no-no. Because let’s face it – one of us pees on something and then you have the proverbial peeing match. So we ALL have to pee on that spot. Boys will be boys!

OK – almost time for morning mania.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

TV shows….

Greetings blog aficionados. The Boss here today for your reading pleasure. I thought it was about time that yours truly contribute some content of substance as opposed to Christmas shopping lists. Mind you – I do enjoy treats – so I will go along with the “Santa“ guise if the end result provides edibles. I’m no fool.

Today I’d like to present a short excerpt from a TV show recorded in 2014 about Chaser, the world’s smartest dog. Even if you have seen this show, it is worth a repeat:

Sadly, in 2018, John Pilley passed away – and one year later, Chaser joined his best friend. But their story will live on. And each time Her Highness watches a story about them, she inevitably decides she must “tutor” us to learn more vocabulary words. Yawn. As long as treats are involved, I can appear interested.

Interestingly, the Imp does know a number of toys by name. Without any training. I must confess, he is rather spooky that way.

I, on the other hand, am more directionally inclined. For example, Her Highness can instruct me to “go up” on varied surfaces- logs, hills, benches – and I quite willingly do so if I am certain her pockets are laden with treats. She never “formally” taught me to “go up” but I understand gestures very well.

And then we have the FG – who doesn’t even respond consistently to his own name, let alone retrieve an object that is requested. And directions are in the same category. If you tell him to sit, he will either stand and stare at you or will lie down. Depending on the phase of the moon, the wind direction and day of the week. He is different, that one…

But I digress. I didn’t just want to review an old TV show, but wanted to make you aware that Her Highness’s favorite broadcaster, Anderson Cooper will be doing another story on dogs TONIGHT. Here is a trailer for that show:

It looks to be quite interesting. We must watch. I’d rather that than Hallmark Christmas shows which seem to be on automatic replay all day long. Has anyone noticed that they all have the same plot? Two people meet by accident. They fall in love. There is a misunderstanding. Feelings are hurt. Then either a snow storm or an avalanche or plague happens. With some Christmas tree decorating and cookie baking thrown in the plot. One person saves the other – and voila – the whole town rejoices. Bells ring. Carols sing. Oh – and the guy in red also makes an appearance. Occasionally a dog is thrown in the story, but we rarely get top billing. Yawn. I think I’ll stick with Cooper’s story tonight.

Off to have my constitutional. Cheers!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Black Friday

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on infamous Black Friday. The “bargain” day for shoppers in the US – because the Christmas season is now OFFICIALLY here. Yee haw!

We checked bargains for us dogs and found lots of sites advertising “good deals.” Here are a few:

You’ll note those sites included a variety of things from apparel (ugh) to treats and beds and toys.

And then we have Consumer Reports…

GPS systems (for the Coyote), cameras and best of all – vacuum cleaners. That’s the Warden’s favorite list. As for us canines – no thanks.

Yesterday the Boss had a ZOOM call with a PON in Poland. OK. It wasn’t really HIS call. He just started barking while the Warden was having a call with her friend Iza, in Poland. The Boss likes to bark when she’s on ZOOM or even on the phone. Especially if it’s getting close to supper time. He feels it’s his duty to remind the Warden about the time. He does it at bedtime too. Or if he needs a snack. Or just because. Anyway, one of Iza’s dogs, Watson heard the Boss and barked back. They had a brief PONversation. I just listened. And the Coyote rolled over on the bed.

I have class today and my plan is to be slightly above my normal, average self. In fact, I MAY be really good. Or not. It’s called intermittent reinforcement. We dogs know ALL about it.

OK. Almost time for morning mania.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on Wednesday- the day before Thursday – and the day before one of the biggest holidays in the US- Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving back in October here in Canada – but given that the Warden is a dual citizen, she can actually celebrate twice. Which is great because there are lots of things to be grateful for. Things like well-behaved canines!

For our US canine buddies, we do have some warnings about this big-eating holiday. Watch what you eat! Here’s a good article about what we can and cannot have:

So hold off on the fatty foods like gravy and load up on the veggies. With a little turkey on the side.

The other big event besides the food-fest on Thanksgiving, is the National Dog Show. Lots of canines strutting their stuff in conformation, and in agility as well. Check out some facts about this year”s show:

We’ll be watching and cheering on the PONs and Picards. Hopefully they aren’t preempted for a commercial break.

You can also spend some time watching the Macy’s parade. I checked out the giant balloon line-up and I see at least three dogs featured – including of course, our old favorite Snoopy. I didn’t count the number of cat balloons. I’m not quite sure what the dogs in this house would do if they saw those giant things. I think the Coyote”s brain would explode. His eyeballs bug out when he sees a bird. Imagine giant Snoopy….

Anyway, whether you are in the US or not tomorrow, it doesn’t hurt to take a moment and think of the many things you have to be thankful for. Sometimes life can seem heavy and kinda crazy – but there is always something to be grateful for. A hot cup of coffee, a dog treat, a sunny day, a dog treat, a message from a friend, a dog who sits when asked, oh and a dog treat… don’t have to win a lotto to be thankful. Although it would buy lots of treats….Nope – you’ve already won the lotto- it’s called life. And if you are owned by or ever have been owned by a dog – you know exactly what I mean.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe,

The list

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another manic Monday. I like to start off the week right – complete with mania and mayhem. That’s my MO.

Not too much new since Sue left. The Warden is slowly beginning to prepare for the Christmas decorating explosion. I would expect it should be full-on elf mode any day now.

And speaking of Christmas, if you’re owned by a dog, you are no doubt wondering what your canine kid might put on the list for Santa. Well – we found some sites with the “best gift ideas for 2022.” Here are some examples:

I must say, there wasn’t much there to thrill me. Dog beds? Meh. We have them and have had them. We prefer to use any that have stuffing as a huge stuffed toy. To be dissected. The ONLY dog bed that has survived in this house is the Kuranda. Metal legs. No cushion. We all like it and use it at various times. Our motto – stuffing is made to spread. So we’ll stick with our Kuranda.

Sure- the stuff that has our photo on it – like socks and phone covers and sweaters are cute – but that’s not a gift for US. Maybe somebody should create dog coats and sweaters that we can wear with YOUR human picture on it. Then again, skip the clothing – no dog in this house is looking for apparel for Christmas.

Those monthly surprise box things look like fun – but they often contain destructible toys. Waste of money in this house.

The toy with a silent squeaker? What’s the point in THAT? The joy that we get from annoying you…I mean entertaining you….with a squeak toy would be completely lost. Forget that.

We have “enrichment” toys like those lick mats. As I recall, we each had one, and it didn’t take 10 minutes before one of us had chewed off a corner. We were trying to be extra enriched. Not sure where those things are now.

Reflective collars are smart. We actually have complete light up body things – like runners wear. Safety first is always a good idea.

As for water bowls with our name on it…cute if you’re owned by one dog. Sure you COULD get one for each dog – but I’m betting we wouldn’t care to read the label. Sometimes all three of us are drinking from the same bowl at the same time. We also prefer metal bowls. More fun to smash around.

Any of the edible gift ideas work for me. Or that treat maker looks pretty nice. Edible is good.

A getaway vacation with Fido seems like a super idea. Mind you, I think sometimes when the Warden gets away – it’s to get away from us. But she always misses us. I think.

Spy cameras we have. Leashes and collars – we also have lots. Not that a dog doesn’t enjoy a new necklace every now and then. But really – it’s the humans that want them. For me – it’s all about the edibles.

As for grooming supplies and shampoos- you KNOW our thoughts on that stuff. A necessary evil. But hardly a gift idea. Plus sometimes I just love my rugged non-groomed look like in the photo. How cute am I with my wild look?

I could go over every item- but bottom line – edible works best in this house. No doubt the Warden, I mean Santa will TRY to find some toys that can withstand the terror trio – but chances are they’ll end up in the garage in some drawer. Save your bucks. Buy treats.

OK. Time to get rolling. I’ll keep watching for gift ideas – and if I find great ones, I’ll share. But did I mention, edible works?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Post Sue sad

Howdy blogaroos. Sad Squirmy here on Saturday. Sue has gone home. And we all miss her. The Coyote misses her because she gives him pats and hugs. The Boss misses her because he can get her to give him biscuits. He barks at the garage door (like there is someone in there) but he really just wants is to wander around looking for a stray kibble because that’s where our food is stored. She fell for his sad barking one day – not knowing why he was doing it. She let him in- and when she realized all he wanted to do was look for food – she enticed him back into the house with a biscuit. Bingo. He scored.

I miss her as a ricochet target. She also gives awesome ear scratches if you stare at her long enough.

As one of their last projects, she and the Warden put down a new dining room carpet. It was time. We go through area carpets in the dining room every few years . This one had some minor Coyote craft work on the corners – and also had seen lots of overall wear. Like from me running laps. So a new carpet was purchased and unfurled with great pageantry while we dogs watched from on the deck. Then the Warden doused each corner in toxic pepper spray. She and Sue ended up coughing up a storm – despite the fact that they had windows open. When we were finally let back in, we examined the new racetrack and smelled the corners- deciding that they were not exactly edible.

If a new carpet wasn’t change enough, Sue and the Warden decided to disassemble the pony-sized crate in the dining room as well. The crate was put there when yours truly arrived – so I would stay out of trouble when I was little and the Warden went out. I haven’t been left in the crate for AGES- so it wasn’t really worth the real estate it was taking up in the dining room. Now mind you, the Boss DID like to go in the crate, scratch and bash around on the metal floor and then squish his head against the uncomfortable wire walls to sleep. It was funny because he is not a fan of crates – but for some reason he found the giant enclosure a great spot.

So yesterday, after the crate was taken down, we he didn’t know where to go to lie down during the day. He eventually propped his head against a chair and fell asleep. He sure liked that crate. Unless you locked him in it. Then he would scream bloody murder. Go figure.

I had class yesterday and was my usual OK self. Not exactly the class star – but not awful either. The Warden had some good new treats – so that always keeps my attention.

Must almost be time to walk the Warden. No more group walks until Christmas holidays – when we’re thinking we might have company again. Rumor has it. We hope the rumor is true….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

An apple or two or three a day…

Hey blogaroos! Squirmy here on a wonderful Wednesday. Mind you, it’s good news for people who work Monday to Friday because half the week is over – but for us, it’s bad news because Sue goes home on Friday. We’re sad already….

Yesterday, she and the Warden did lots of projects around the house. Some successful. And some…slightly less successful. For example, they brought the kayaks up from the lake to store them for the winter. The Boss and I accompanied them – running back and forth as they lugged the vessels home. The Coyote couldn’t join us – because he would run away. And having him on a leash while carrying a kayak wouldn’t work well. Heck it was challenging enough when the Boss would stop and stand in the middle of the path like a road block so they would have to stop in their tracks. He likes to do that.

They also walked the trails looking for foliage for a Christmas planter decoration next to the front door. We helped them look for sticks and branches- but didn’t participate in the actual decorating part. Possibly because we likely would have peed on the decor components.

They also replaced some weatherstripping on the front door. We supervised that job since they didn’t appear to know what they were doing. It’s always a clue when they are watching multiple YouTube videos. And consulting Mr Googly. They finished most of the job and discovered they had purchased more materials than they needed. Which required yet another trip to the Adult Disney Home Store – Home Depot. We couldn’t believe they were going there again for what seemed like the 10th time this week. As they we headed out the door, the Warden said “I’ll feed you supper when we get back.”

Well. The Boss saw red when they left. It was close to dinner time – and you don’t mess with his routines. He decided to help himself to a little snack. At least that’s MY story. There’s no video footage of what happened but everything points to the Boss. He had motive. And he can surf. The Coyote doesn’t generally counter surf – and even I’m not that obsessed.

Anyway, when the girls came home there was evidence that SOMEONE had been surfing. There had been a bag of apples on the counter and all that remained was two red orbs. The Warden looked right at the Boss and said “did you do this?!” As if he would confess. He just walked away.

Of course she immediately began to panic that someone or several of us had eaten the apples – seeds and cores. She thought she remembered something about cyanide in apple seeds and immediately consulted Dr Googly as to how many apples could make a dog ill. Turns out you would need to eat about 85grams of seeds – or something like 200 apples to have a toxic effect. She figured I might have eaten one or two – but doubted the Coyote even bothered. It wasn’t a large bag – and she had already used a few for our breakfast treats. So she breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the Boos and shook her head – while he gave her a burp.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today. I don’t know if they’ll need to go to the Depot again – but if they do – I think they better move those potatoes from the counter…Just sayin’.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Mish mash

Happy Monday blogaroos. Squirmy here with you to welcome your week. I hope it’s a great one!

We had some good walks on the weekend- although they were short on Saturday because we had the after effects of Nicole. Lots of wind, rain and fast-pooping dogs. None of us wanted to be out for long.

I went to the practice match on Saturday and was positively OK. No “wow” performance. But neither was my performance an “oh no” one either. So I was OK

Without any big stories from home, I decided to check the news….

First off, today is the birthday of the Impressionist artist – Claude Monet. The Warden likes his paintings and is still hoping to find one at a thrift store. I’m joking. Kind of. Anyway, here are some dog paintings by Claude – including one of his own canine..

He seemed to like shaggy dogs. Good taste.

In the news we find an interesting story of a fox and hound..

Good news that the dog went home. But I hope his buddy is OK.

This story is good news for Montreal, but it made me upset…

So dogs in Montreal and several cities can ride the metro. Isn’t that nice? But what about here in Halifax? We canines can’t ride the subway here. It’s not fair! Wait. The Boss just said we don’t t HAVE a subway. Never mind…

Almost time to get the girls walking. And time to launch another manic Monday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Who are you?

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on another super Saturday.

Sue is still with us and yesterday she came with me and the Warden to my Friday afternoon class. Sue was absolutely shocked at how well behaved I CAN be. She looked at me when class was over and said “who ARE YOU?” She’s used to my Tasmanian Devil behavior at home. Hey – I know how to behave when I need to. If the treats are good enough.

Today we are supposed to have LOTS of rain and wind. The Boss will NOT be impressed. I’m supposed to go to a practice obedience match today. I’ve already got my excuse figured out if I don’t perform well. Wet weather. Seems reasonable to me.

Time to go for a quick walk.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy crazy Wormy here on what is supposed to be a sunny Thursday. That’s before we have a post Tropical Cyclone on the weekend. Somehow the word tropical doesn’t usually describe Nova Scotia – but the weather lately has been pretty crazy. We just hope all our friends to the south of us stay safe with Nicole. Hurricanes are no fun.

The other day we got a super cute video from one of our good friends in France. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I’m not sure if this will work- but I hope it does:

The Warden can’t imagine any of us playing a game like that. A PON taking just ONE treat? I don’t think so. We could inhale all the treats on the game board in one gulp. And the Coyote wouldn’t even want to play.

The video got the Warden thinking about me – and games I played when I was little. We probably showed you this before- and if we did – consider it a Throwback Thursday video. The object of this game is to pull open the little drawers where the treats are hidden. I caught on pretty quickly – but I didn’t quite get the concept for the last drawer where you need to first pull out a plug before the drawer opens. I think the Warden MAY have tried to teach me that step – but then I was more interested in chewing on the wooden plug. Yup. We PONs are not really game board kinda guys. At least the PONs in this house. We like fast and furious games.

Sue and the Warden are keeping busy with “projects” around the house – and the odd shopping trip. We also continue to have nice long walks – which we love. Although yesterday, the Warden thought yours truly was particularly wild on our walk. Zigzagging back and forth. Trying to pull her into the bushes. Attempting repeatedly to tangle my leash with the Boss’s. I’m blaming my walking exuberance on the time change. And the full moon. Those are always good excuses.

Speaking of walking – almost time to start my stretches before we go. And my 50 laps around the dining room table.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.