TV shows….

Greetings blog aficionados. The Boss here today for your reading pleasure. I thought it was about time that yours truly contribute some content of substance as opposed to Christmas shopping lists. Mind you – I do enjoy treats – so I will go along with the “Santa“ guise if the end result provides edibles. I’m no fool.

Today I’d like to present a short excerpt from a TV show recorded in 2014 about Chaser, the world’s smartest dog. Even if you have seen this show, it is worth a repeat:

Sadly, in 2018, John Pilley passed away – and one year later, Chaser joined his best friend. But their story will live on. And each time Her Highness watches a story about them, she inevitably decides she must “tutor” us to learn more vocabulary words. Yawn. As long as treats are involved, I can appear interested.

Interestingly, the Imp does know a number of toys by name. Without any training. I must confess, he is rather spooky that way.

I, on the other hand, am more directionally inclined. For example, Her Highness can instruct me to “go up” on varied surfaces- logs, hills, benches – and I quite willingly do so if I am certain her pockets are laden with treats. She never “formally” taught me to “go up” but I understand gestures very well.

And then we have the FG – who doesn’t even respond consistently to his own name, let alone retrieve an object that is requested. And directions are in the same category. If you tell him to sit, he will either stand and stare at you or will lie down. Depending on the phase of the moon, the wind direction and day of the week. He is different, that one…

But I digress. I didn’t just want to review an old TV show, but wanted to make you aware that Her Highness’s favorite broadcaster, Anderson Cooper will be doing another story on dogs TONIGHT. Here is a trailer for that show:

It looks to be quite interesting. We must watch. I’d rather that than Hallmark Christmas shows which seem to be on automatic replay all day long. Has anyone noticed that they all have the same plot? Two people meet by accident. They fall in love. There is a misunderstanding. Feelings are hurt. Then either a snow storm or an avalanche or plague happens. With some Christmas tree decorating and cookie baking thrown in the plot. One person saves the other – and voila – the whole town rejoices. Bells ring. Carols sing. Oh – and the guy in red also makes an appearance. Occasionally a dog is thrown in the story, but we rarely get top billing. Yawn. I think I’ll stick with Cooper’s story tonight.

Off to have my constitutional. Cheers!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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