Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday.

So did you watch that TV show the other night? The one where a wolf nearly bit Anderson Cooper? It was pretty interesting. Who knew that scientists were learning so much about human illness through research with us dogs. And it was fun to learn about our canine evolution. Survival of the friendliest – instead of the fittest. If you didn’t get to see it, you can probably find a rerun. I liked it when the wolves howled. No wonder the Boss barks so much – he’s letting loose his inner wolf.

After the show was over, the Warden decided she would give me the option of sleeping out of my crate for a change. The Coyote prefers his “den” so he hunkered down in his pony sized crate and didn’t seem to care that yours truly was loose all night. The Boss was on the bed- and when I eyed a spot up there next to him, he just gave me the eye and let out a low grumble. I decided I was just as comfy on the floor. Several times throughout the night, I put two paws on the bed and checked to see if the Warden was awake. She kept mumbling “go to sleep.” So I did. Until about 6:45 when I decided everybody should Carpe Diem. The warden tried to put the pillow over her head – but it was no use. I was ready to rock and roll.

Meanwhile, the Coyote who didn’t SEEM to care the night before, was now kinda miffed that he had not been free all night too. Or so it appeared. He’s very temperamental. He kinda ignored me the next morning and trudged along on our walk – and then put his nose up at breakfast. He DID eat blueberries and his slice of bread though, so he wasn’t TOTALLY cranky. He was over it quickly enough, because he wanted to play after breakfast and by supper he ate everything.

What else….Oh – did you see THIS article:

The Warden said NOBODY in this household could be trained to use a brush. It would immediately become a chew toy. We’ve seen stories about dogs using paint on their feet- but even that sounds pretty dicey. Yeah – no doggie Degas in this house.

The Christmas explosion still hasn’t happened. The Warden has been busy with who knows what. Hopefully helping Santa with his Christmas gifts for us.

Oh – and speaking of Christmas decor – GUESS who tried to pee on the Christmas greenery thing by the front door? Three guesses. And I bet you’ll get it on the first try. Yup. The Coyote. He ALMOST watered the foliage, before they Warden shouted “NOOOOOO!” He even tried to pee on the car when it was parked in the driveway the other day. Another no-no. Because let’s face it – one of us pees on something and then you have the proverbial peeing match. So we ALL have to pee on that spot. Boys will be boys!

OK – almost time for morning mania.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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