Me and the mops

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here on this the first day of December. The countdown to Christmas craziness has begun. I’m not big into writing a list for the guy in red because there’s not much I want. Toys? Nah. I get bored after 5 minutes. Food? Nah. Necessary evil. My tastes change. Like I was into blueberries for a week or so and then yesterday I said “no thanks. I’ll pass.” The mops get all shakey and excited about anything edible. I’d rather have a piece of bread. Some days anyway.

About the only thing I’d want for Christmas is sheep. And the likelihood of that? Slim to negative 85. But I DO enjoy them. It’s one thing I’m better at than the mops. We just found this cool video showing Picards herding. Check it out:

Yup. That’s for me. We’ll see if Santa delivers.

What else is new? Oh yeah. Today is December 1st and it’s something called Eat an Apple Day. The mops are really into the the yogurt stuffed frozen apples. Pass me the sour dough instead. They love those billiard-ball like frozen orbs – and geez they can eat one before Her Highness even sits down to eat breakfast. Kongs last longer – but I guess there are good reasons not to chew on rubber every day. May that explains why the Imp is so crazy. Rubber overdose.

Last night we had crazy wind and rain. The Imp kept barking at every noise. The Boss and I just rolled our eyes at him.

Her Highness posted the above photo of me on Facebook and someone said it looks like I’m meditating. More like trying to think of a way to escape the Imp. That guy is still crazy – he races around for no good reason in the morning with the Boss shouting out instructions about how quickly he’d like breakfast. It’s crazy. It’s morning mania – every single day. Thank GOODNESS they have me as the Zen Master – to keep things cool and calm. Unless I get off leash…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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