Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a sunny Sunday.

Well. We had a day yesterday. The Boss and I were in a FUN match. He was in Rally and yours truly was in Obedience.

So. The Boss did well. Some minor bobbles – but no major problems- which is remarkable given that he hasn’t t been to a match or a trial or a class in like…10 months. Tell him what to do and he says “how fast.” So he did a great job – even though the match wasn’t scored.

And then we have yours truly…..Now I keep reminding tbe Warden that she cannot compare me to the Boss because he’s 10 years older. So let’s start on that note…

So I was in Novice Obedience. Which, for non-obedience people means a bunch of things or “exercises” that your dog must do – when asked to do so. Without a lot of praise. Or treats. Or coaxing., You tell your dog- and he does it. Or not. Like heeling closely on leash and sitting when you stop. You heel at different paces like normal, slow and fast. And then you get to do it around two people in what’s called a Figure 8. And you can’t sniff, or stop to say hello or pee on them. And then you also heel OFF leash. And then in another “exercise “ you have to stand like a statue and not move when a stranger comes over and pets you. Finally you have to come when called and sit in front of your person after they leave you in a sit at the other end of the universe. Phew. How intense is THAT?’ And that’s just the basic intro level.

Well. Yours truly did pretty OK. Just like I do in class. No fireworks. But I did the job. In a real trial, your performance is based on points and you have to score a minimum number of points to “pass” or “qualify “. I MIGHT have qualified in the first part which included the heeling and recall parts- but then we had the the last part – the dreaded “sits and downs.” At the junior level (like me) all the dogs in the class, line up next to each other and have to sit and stay for one minute while our person stands and stares at us from across the room. Then we have lie down and stay for three minutes.

Here’s the deal…if a human is told they have one minute do something, they freak because it’s not enough time. But leave your dog alone in a line up of other dogs and one minute feels like a year. And the three minute down stay? It feels like a decade.

Now I’ve been PRETTY good on my stays in class. So in the line up when the Warden said “stay” she thought I might behave. But here’s my side….

So I sit. She leaves. I look at her. And then I glance to my left and notice Chloe- my Borzoi bestie from class. Well. What can I say? She’s pretty. I like her. I know her. So I just HAD to go over and say hello. Big no no.

Holy moly. I have never seen the Warden move so fast in all her life. She raced over to me and promptly told me to leave my girlfriend alone. Who KNEW you weren’t supposed to be sociable?!

I sat for the remainder of my minute, and when it was time to do the down stay, I plopped my head on the ground in total exasperation. And I never moved for the required three minutes.

So let’s just say I’m not entered in any REAL trials any time soon. There actually is one next weekend- but I’m not QUITE ready. Maybe next Spring. Or Summer. Or Fall. Or in 10 more years…

Good thing I’m cute…..

Oh. And so maybe I’ll eventually learn some basic heeling and stuff. But not sure I’ll ever be able to do this, which happened at a competition earlier this year. It’s called Dancing with Dogs.

Yeah- I’m not ready to try that. Not to mention the Warden isn’t that coordinated either….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.Stay safe.


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