Today my human meets MY puppy

So we had quite the party yesterday after my human left.  The Hulk is such a softy when it comes to giving us treats.  Mission accomplished – treat jar half empty.

Today my human picks up my new puppy.  She has driven to some place called Quebec.  People speak French there. I wonder if my puppy barks in French…

My training manual continues:
Lesson 4 – all dogs in this household are on 24 hour guard duty.  It is critical that you bark if you hear the doorbell.  Or a car in the driveway.  Or wildlife.  Or wind.  Or rustling leaves. 
Lesson 5 – do NOT go into the garage when our human calls you in there.  The garage houses the dog tub.  And the grooming table.  And assorted instruments of torture.  If our human manages to catch you and takes you in the torture chamber, it is imperative that you squeak while being groomed.  If you do so, you will get LOTS of treats. 
Lesson 6 – we have a banana routine in this household.  Immediately after eating breakfast, we RUN  to wait by the kitchen counter for a banana. And there will be a serving order.  Velcro dog first, then ME and then you – my puppy.  This is a big change.  I have always been used to being last in the line – up. I am finally no longer at the end.
Well today is THE day my human meets my puppy.  And tomorrow – they will come home and WE will get to meet him.  One more sleep.
I can’t WAIT!

Getting ready…

Well my human is on her way.  And we will wait in anticipation.   While we party all weekend long.  Drinking beer.  Chasing rabbits.  Playing cards.  Eating treats.  Chasing rabbits.  Eating treats. Hanging out on the sofa in the former DFZ.  And planning how I am going to train my puppy.

I am starting to write his training manual.
Lesson 1- When humans are training you to do something – like sit, they will give you lots of treats.  Pretend you do not know what they want you to do – because the longer you hold out, the more treats you get. Finally, give in and start doing what they want.  They will be so happy because they will think they have trained you.  But we know the truth.

Lesson 2 – Learn the Stare Down.  I wrote about this is one of my earliest blogs.  There are numerous variations of this behavior – but the introductory level is simply staring at a human when she is eating.  And look as if you haven’t eaten in several weeks.  Even if you just had your dinner. And even let out a mournful tiny little squeak.  But not too loudly as that can be annoying.  If you do this well, you are guaranteed to get some little leftover morsel of human food.  And if the human food is not fit for canine consumption, you will get a dog treat.  The very best time to do this, though, is when you have guests.  

Lesson 3 – Rabbits are meant to be chased.  And so are birds.  But not ducks.  And watch out for porcupines too.

That’s just the beginning of my manual.  I have a lot of work to do before he gets here….

Have a great day!

A BIG Change.

Change is coming.  A big change.  First though, we have a change which may seem small to others – but it has been difficult change for my human.

I’ve been writing my blog for almost 2 years now.  And in my blog introduction, there is a tag line.  And in that tag line is Paxton.  Paxton was always a huge part of my blog. And a huge part of my life. 

He was fondly called “Bucket Head” and he was an amazing character who added so many stories to my blog – and so much joy to our lives.  I drove him crazy.   But I know he loved me.  And I loved him.   When Paxton went to the Rainbow Bridge, my human could not bring herself to remove him from that tag line. I mean he’s gone – but he’ll never REALLY be gone.   He is still with us.  We feel him. 

But my human has waited and waited to know what to do about that tag line.   It’s not a big deal.   But she feels it’s time for a change…      

And with that change will come a new addition to that tag line.  My human has packed a bag.  AND she has rented a vehicle.  She is going somewhere that she thinks is too far for Harold. The Hulk has NOT packed a bag SO it looks like it is going to be a boy’s weekend here.  P-A-R-T-Y.   

And when my human returns, I will begin a whole new chapter in my blog.   I am SO excited.  Time for the big reveal.  I am getting a…………………BUNNY.   Just kidding.   I am getting a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!  My very own puppy!!!!!!!!   But now you have to wait to see what KIND of puppy.  

This new addition will never, ever be a replacement for Paxton.  No one could EVER fill those paw prints.  He was ONE of a kind.  A very, very special one.  But I know my puppy will no doubt be the source of all kinds of new stories.  And I will teach him EVERYTHING I know…. Just like Paxton did with me…

Get ready for the big change. Stay tuned!

Checking for prints


On this day in 1858, humans began using fingerprints as a way to identify people.  Humans all have unique fingerprints.  But for us dogs, it’s nose prints.  Just as no two human fingerprints are the same, no two nose prints are identical.  So my human is able to identify exactly who left the olfactory art on the deck doors.  While staring at a bird on the lawn.

The Canadian Kennel Club has been accepting nose prints  as proof of identity since 1938.  I’m not sure exactly how many people do it – as most people seem to use tattoos or microchips.  I have a chip.  So I guess that means I will beep if I go through security at the airport.   

And speaking of being nosy…my human went to buy our dog food at the gourmet dog food place.  And she came home with a big bag.  But she ALSO came home with a DIFFERENT kind of food.  I thought she was just switching our food.  But she didn’t give us any.  Maybe she is saving it for some special occasion?  And there was something ELSE in the bag – but she didn’t show it to us.  I started thinking…do you THINK I could be getting a PUPPY?!  I have wanted a puppy FOREVER.  Or at least a couple of months.  Anyway, she’s not saying anything yet.  This is worse than waiting for the rabbit to appear.

Have a good one.


July 27. Today is Bagpipe Appreciation Day.  And living in Nova Scotia it’s not hard to find a bagpipe player.  If one is looking for one.

Now some dogs are not too fond of the sound of the pipes.  And some dogs actually like to sing along.

I don’t REALLY mind the sound.  To me, it’s kind of like the sound of an angry cat.  When I am chasing him.  Music to my ears.

Not everyone has the access to the pipes that we do here in Nova Scotia.  My human really likes them.  So allow me to share a bagpipe song with you that I THINK even those who don’t care for the pipes will enjoy.  Sit back, and enjoy this motivational rendition – straight from Scotland.

Have a great day!  Oh.  And three more sleeps until my human tells me WHAT is going on.  I can’t WAIT!  I just hope it’s not that she is going to take bagpipe lessons…

Tick Tock

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work out the way you think.

So my human has this very, very old clock.  It’s called a steeple clock and it is on the mantle in the room formerly referred to as the DFZ.  I say formerly because Velcro dog and I wander in there whenever we want, WHEN my human is home.  She still has a baby gate haphazardly propped against the entrance – but let’s face it – we don’t care.  Now mind you, Velcro dog was nearly evicted the other day when he started to dig on the cushion seat of one of the wingback chairs.  That’s pushing things a bit.  Just do it when she isn’t watching.

Anyway, my human has this old clock, which is SO old you have to wind it to make it work.  Can you imagine?! My human actually remembers WATCHES that you had to wind.  She really is old.  But back to the clock.

My human hasn’t wound that clock since…well Velcro dog has never seen it wound.  So it’s been YEARS.  And for some odd reason, she decided to try it out yesterday.  It has a melodic tick-tick-tick as the pendulum sways back and forth.  And it ALSO chimes.  Every hour.  Which seemed fine.  Until Velcro dog decided he needed to alert my human to the sound.  Every hour.  EVERY hour.  Even in the middle of the night.  He just runs and barks and stares at it.

So until this clock winds down, or until Velcro dog gets used to the chime, we will be reminded of the time.  Every hour.

Never a dull moment.  As the clock counts down the minutes until my big surprise.  I can’t WAIT.  Now to figure out what I’m waiting for…

Have a good one!

Round and round we go

July 25.  Today is National Carousel Day.  A day to celebrate those historic amusement rides that date back to the time of knights and jousting.  According to some sources, in medieval times, knights on horseback would ride in circles, tossing balls to one another.  This required coordination and good riding skills.  Somehow, this game was imitated by commoners – and low and behold, eventually became a mechanized device for children.  Some of the early versions had wooden horses hanging on chains, which were powered by animals walking in circles or people turning a crank.

By the mid-19th century, carousels with wooden platforms were common at fairs in England, and by the late 19th century,  a carousel industry had developed in the US.   Immigrant craftsmen from Europe carved intricate animals and the “Golden Age” of carousels peaked in the early 20th century.

Over the years, with the advent of more modern and “exciting” amusement park rides, carousels in many places began to fall into disrepair.  But in probably the last 40 years, people have begun to appreciate the art and intricacies of these wonderful pieces of history.  Many existing structures have been restored.  

My human has always been fascinated by these whirling wonders.  Perhaps because her father was a woodcarver, and perhaps because one of the early factories, the  Herschell Company was located in North Tonawanda, NY – not far from Buffalo where she grew up.  You can visit the actual factory today – which is a museum.

So what does this have to do with DOGS you may be asking.  Well in addition to horses – which are obviously the most common animals on carousels, other animals were used including lions and tigers and bears.  Oh my.   AND dogs.  But reportedly, of the more than 50,000 carousel figures carved, less than fifty were dogs!  Which makes them quite rare.  And quite valuable.  In 1992, the highest price paid for a carousel animal at auction was for a Saint Bernard figure that sold for a whopping $174,000.  

In researching this topic, I found someone who actually carves dog carousel figures.  Check him out:
I don’t see a PON in the list of dogs he has done.  I think I would be a fitting subject.  And my carving could be put on a carousel.  Right behind the figure of a rabbit.   Perfect.

Have a happy Monday!

Hi. I’m Frodo.

According to the crazy calendar, today is National Drive Through Day.  We haven’t been to a drive through since that ice cream fiasco.  Mind you, every time we do, or even if we go through a toll booth on the highway, Velcro dog barks at the person working there.  It’s quite embarrassing. I couldn’t care less.  But he’s the vocal one in the household.  And heaven FORBID he sees someone walking down our road.  Like yesterday morning.  At 5:30 when we were out for our morning jaunt.  It was quiet.  And a bit foggy.  And peaceful.  With just the sound of the birds.  Until Velcro dog spotted some people coming along on our road.  So much for tranquility in the country.  And while the Tasmanian devil is looking like Cujo from the Stephen King story, my human launches into an incessant monologue about how “he’s just trying to say hello- my name is Frodo” and “he’s really very friendly.”  It’s moments like those that yours truly, the “wild child,” looks an angel. 

I noticed my human cleaning out a crate in the garage.  Hmmmmm.  I wonder if she’s into the “selling mode” again.  Why is it all the dog stuff gets sold?  Like that automatic feeder.  And the ramp?  Time to get in HER closet and sell some of those shoes.


In trouble. Just like Prince George.


OK – I have been fairly well behaved lately.  If you don’t count licking Velcro dog’s ears.  Or barking at birds.  Or that ONE bunny chase the other day.  But yesterday I did demonstrate one other indiscretion.  

The Hulk is still with us for a few more weeks.  And by NOW you would THINK he would know me better.  He made himself a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  He put it on the table and went to get his tea.  I THOUGHT it was for me.  Really.  So I jumped on his chair and helped myself.  Who knew it WASN’T for me?!  Busted.

And I wasn’t the only one in trouble yesterday.  So was Prince George.  On his third birthday.  Seems he had some birthday photos published and horror of horrors- one of the photos depicted him feeding his dog Lupo some ice cream on a stick. Critics argued that it contained white chocolate.  Now some chocolate can be toxic to dogs. For example, dark chocolate or bakers chocolate can be very lethal.  However, according to one website, it would take 125 pounds of white chocolate to result in toxicity in a 10-pound dog. I’m thinking that his ice cream bar was FAR from dangerous for Lupo, unless George had three cases of them not visible in the photo – and he was ready to feed them to Lupo..  SURE – some dogs may have dairy allergies – but I’m thinking George’s family would probably know that.  Seriously.  Some humans need to lighten up.

Well it’s Saturday.  Time to get my human moving.   She told me that this is my last weekend before my life changes.  What the heck does that mean?  I hope she’s not planning to do something like dye my hair purple.  Or change my diet to vegetarian. 

Have a good one!  And have an ice cream on me.


I’m not patient.

 So it’s July 22.  A BIG day in our household.  My human completes a special program at work.  She then has one more week of work doing “paperwork” and then she is off.  Paperwork.  What a waste of time.  We dogs can show you what WE do with paperwork.  Anyway, once she finishes the “paperwork” she will be home.  With US.  For several weeks.  I cannot WAIT.  Imagine how many games of fetch she can play with us!!!!

She also promised that something exciting is going to happen.  She’s not packing boxes, so I don’t think we are moving.  And she’s not building a barn – so I don’t think we are getting a pony.  Now I saw her looking at a research study advertised on the internet that someone is doing in Newfoundland about two-dog households.  And she said we couldn’t participate….so I started thinking that the surprise was a puppy!!!!!!!!  But then I saw that the study was just for people in Newfoundland. So that’s why we can’t participate.

Maybe it’s a road trip.  Mind you, it probably won’t be too far as Harold isn’t sounding all that good these days.  Hey – maybe we are trading in Harold!  Nah.  I doubt it…

One of our neighbors is moving and they were looking a home for their cat.  Maybe he’s coming to live with us.  Now wouldn’t THAT be fun?!

 The suspense is killing me.  I’m not a patient dog.  This is worse than having to wait while my food dish is put down…She said she will give me more clues in the next few days…

Have a fabulous Friday.  Let the weekend roll!