Computer Security

It’s November 30.  And the LAST day of November.  OK. I really need to get working on that list for Santa soon.  Today also happens to be something called Computer Security Day.  Humans do so much on-line that computer security is a huge issue.  And guess what one of the ten most popular passwords is that humans use?  Their pet’s name.  I wonder how many of you used your dog’s name to log in today?! They say that in the US, the most popular name for dogs and cats is Bella – so you can bet that thousands of people use Bella to log in to their computers daily.  If you are using Bella – change it.  Really.  And apparently 67% of humans change their passwords ONLY if they have to.  My human has lots of passwords.  And of course, she can never remember which password she uses for which site.  And then she gets to the security question to help her change her password and she can’t remember what she put down for her favorite movie.  And when she put the birthplace of her third uncle twice removed did she include the city AND the state?  Or just the city?  And her first vehicle?  Did she put down the model and make?  Or just the model.  Because if you don’t put down EXACTLY what you did before, the computer won’t let you in.  And you know, computers KNOW when you are in a hurry to log in.  So that’s when they start acting up.  Kind of like us dogs.  We smell your need to hurry.  And we just want you to SLOW down.  You poor humans.  Life is just SO complicated for you.

My security settings would look something like this:
Password:  Food123
What is your favorite movie?  Lassie
What is your dream job?  Salesperson in a butcher shop
Who is your favorite move character? Cujo
What is your favorite thing to chase?  Bunnies
Who is your favorite teacher?  My human
Who was your first boss?  Frodo
What is the nickname of your closest sibling?  Einstein
What is your favorite food?   Anything
What is your favorite thing to read?  My blog!

Well it’s time to go and log on to do some secure shopping.   Still thinking about that diamond collar….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

A leash on life


So let’s see what is new in the world of dogs.  It looks like they just found some images of dogs on rock walls in Saudi Arabia that are believed to be 8,000 years old.  What is particularly unique about these images is that they appear to depict dogs in hunting scenes – and some of the dogs appear to be on leash.   These are supposed to be the earliest evidence of the use of leashes.  The dogs in the images have pointy ears, curled tails and short snouts.  Some suggest they are relatives of the modern Canaan dogs but I think they are the relatives of the FG.  The dogs in some of the scenes appear to be tied to the humans while the human is using a bow and arrow to hunt. Can you IMAGINE tying the FG to my human.  Now that could be entertaining….

Today, leashes come in all shapes and forms – and some humans become very attached to their leashes.  Pun intended.  For example, when they show dogs in beauty pageants, they have leashes that they feel they absolutely MUST use.  It may be a particular color, or length or style – but they feel almost superstitious about their leash.    Kind of like wearing lucky socks.

Leashes can be made of leather from cows, and there are braided versions that are even made of elk leather.   Fancy show leashes can even have little beads to make them more ornate.

Plain old leashes can be made of rope, nylon or cord.  Then we have the retractable leashes which people either love or hate.  Apparently they can result in injuries – so in some areas their use is banned.

There are leashes that are shock absorbing which are supposed to reduce strain on the dog and human.  We have one…I’m not so sure it reduces shock – but my human does like to use it with the FG.  It has this spring-like bungee part and I suppose if it was used with a MUCH smaller dog could cause the dog to ricochet backwards.  That could be entertaining…

Many leashes have reflective tape to be used at night. And some have two handles so you can walk two dogs at once.  Double the pulling power in our house.

I tried to find THE most expensive leash that one can buy- and I think I found it.  It’s made of snake, crocodile and ostrich skin and it is decorated in 18 carat gold and silver.  All for $300,000.  I also found a 52-carat diamond collar, that would go great with the leash for $3.2 million. It’s on my list for Santa.  I also found a harness made of stingray leather and decorated in gold and diamonds.  It’s a steal at only $10,000.  And if we’re looking for other gift ideas, I found a Versace dog bowl for just $750.  I’ll take two.  But one of the best gifts I found was SUPER fancy dog birthday cakes.  For just $1000.  Yes.  $1000.  If that would not be the ultimate WASTE in this house.   What a great magic trick – how to make $1000 disappear in less than 0.85 seconds. Check out these items here:

So dog leashes have been around for eons.  And even back 8,000 years ago, I bet humans THOUGHT they were walking US.  But of course, we know much better.

Now excuse me while I check out the Swarovski Crystal Bath tub – for just $7,000.  Then again, I’m not all that fond of baths…

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!


So my human has put a serious dent in the Christmas decorating explosion.  Although she vowed she was not putting out as much “stuff” as usual, it still looks quite a bit like a scene from the Griswold’s Christmas vacation.  Inside.  We’ve got enough Santas, elves, tiny houses and bottle brush trees to stock ten aisles at Walmart.  OK.  Maybe not exactly ten aisles.  Try twelve.  She hasn’t put up the “real tree” yet – maybe next weekend.  She SAID she will get a smaller tree this year.  SURE she will.  After she finished the indoor explosion, she decided to put a few things outdoors.  Off she marched into the woods with her clippers – while we canines screamed at her from the back deck.   After she finished, she took each of us out (on leash) to show us her handiwork.  Einstein and I could not have cared less.  We just wanted to pee on the big container with all the branches and berries.  And we pretty much ignored the rest of the stuff.  And then it was the FG’s turn to go out…

The FG rarely barks – relative to us PONs.  And when he does, it is this weeny, squeaky, come-play- with-me bark.  However, when he went outside and spotted these snowflakes that my human hung in a few trees and bushes – well the bark that came out of him was one like I have never heard before.  It was like a LION.  Actually maybe I did hear that bark once before – at the scary garbage can.  Anyway, he sure let those snowflakes know who is boss…

So the FG is turning into a real guard dog.  As long as the burglars are wearing snowflake suits.  And pushing a garbage can.  Ya gotta love him…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Rocks. On-line….

November 27.  And it’s Cyber Monday.  The day for all those folks (like my human) who didn’t want to actually go out to stores on Black Friday and make big “savings.”  Nope – today the bargains are on-line – so you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop for “savings.”  My FAVORITE thing with on-line shopping is when you want a product and it costs $49.99. BUT if you spend $50.00, you get free shipping.   So now you find yourself buying something “else” so you can “save” money.  Remind me again about how humans are smarter than canines?!
I had to look, though and see if there were any bargains for us dogs today.  And in my searching I found all kinds of discounted collars, treats and toys.  And then I found Dog Rocks.  Which I HAD to investigate.  According to the ad, Dog Rocks help to eliminate pee stains on grass.  You know what I mean – the yellow spots which have made our lawn look like a strange checker board.  So before actually READING how they work, my human started laughing – because she envisioned our entire lawn covered with rocks.  That’s one way to get rid of the yellow spots.  But wait – you don’t put the rocks ON the lawn – you put them in our water bowl.  These rocks, which come from Australia, are said to have “paramagnetic” properties – and they somehow filter out nitrates in water.  And it’s the nitrates that cause pee to kill the grass?  What?  And tell me -if I lean into my water bowl, will the buckle on  my collar become attached to the magnetic rock?!  Apparently not – and SUPPOSEDLY these things are safe for us dogs.  But I’m not so sure about them…I think my idea about just putting rocks all over the front lawn would solve the problem.  Besides, lately we have ALL decided to jump up onto this flower bed in the middle of our circular driveway – and we take turns peeing on the plants up there.  We are giving the lawn a break.  It’s called Rotational Peeing.  Anyway, here’s the link to the mystical rocks.  If you do use them, let me know if they work.  Although I seriously doubt we’ll be buying them… we didn’t even address the point that ANYTHING in our food or water bowl is considered edible – so the issue of ingested rocks would be a whole other story….
Well, it’s time to go and check out the discounted treats.  So many choices…AND free shipping…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

Good Grief

November 26.  Do you realize a month from today, Christmas will be over? OK – that was a horrible statement- I mean who wants to rush Christmas?  Besides, I don’t even have my list done yet for Santa, and my human is FAR from ready for the big day.  It seems like the Christmas season starts right after Halloween now.  Let’s face it, she has been into the egg nog since the end of October.  She vowed that this year she was not going to do the all out crazy Christmas explosion decorating thing – and I see she has made a few changes, but it will no doubt STILL be more crazy than the average household by the time she is finished.  As long as she puts up the dog tree, I don’t really care about the other decorations.
Any day now I expect we will start our holiday photo shoots.  Those treats better be good…
According to the crazy calendar, today is Good Grief Day.  I thought it might have something to do with humans looking at their credit card bills after Black  Friday but then I realized what the REAL meaning is.  It’s the birthday of Charles Schulz who was the creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy and all the characters in the cartoon, Peanuts.  So in honor of Mr. Schulz AND to get you ready for the holiday season, here’s an excerpt from the Charlie Brown classic Christmas movie…
And here is one of THE best quotes from Lucy, Charlie Brown’s BFF…

You were a good man Mr. Schulz – and we hope you have them laughing in heaven!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!


So yesterday morning while my human was eating her breakfast and the FG and I were vying for attention by sitting at her side and either pawing at her or attempting to get on her lap, my human was petting my head and suddenly she said “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  She jumped up from the table, and whisked me into the garage AKA grooming torture chamber, and lifted me onto the grooming table.  She outfitted herself with her trusty headlamp used for dog walking in the dark, and instructed me to stay still.  And sure enough – there on the top of my head, was a TICK.  A TICK.  Seriously.  I thought those guys had gone into hibernation for the winter.  If that’s what they do.  Go figure.  None of us has had a tick since the summer – when we OFTEN ran off into the woods and were playing in the tall grasses.  And even then, I think we had MAYBE three ticks in total between the three of us all summer.  So IMAGINE how disgusted we were to find this freeloader.  Well, I didn’t even really realize he was there – and I didn’t feel much as my human got out her trusty tick removel tool and extracted him from my noggin.  She then placed the vermin in a plastic bag and then in an act of total violence, smashed the tick to smithereens with a rock.  Talk about overkill.  Literally.

So I decided to look up information about ticks and see if they have ANY redeeming qualities.  I mean really, what is their purpose, besides spreading disease?????  From what I gather, the buggers have been around since the time of the DINOSAURS.  The oldest know fossil of a tick is supposed to be 90 Million years old.  In the ecosystem, ticks are food for some animals, reptiles, birds and amphibians.  Apparently guinea hens find them delectable, as do opposums.  Ticks carry a variety of microorganisms and that’s supposed to be part of the whole circle of life thing.  And they are helpful to those viruses and bacteria that they carry.  Good for the virus.  Ticks supposedly help to control animal populations like other predators do.

So the tick public relations firm touts that ticks are basically part of the ecosystem and  it’s  their role to help maintain balance.   I think it’s stretching their value.  Sorry I just don’t buy it.  I think the earth could get along QUITE well if all ticks were annihilated.   But I don’t see an easy solution to this – so I propose we get some guinea hens.  Or an opposum.  But not both as the opposums would probably eat the guinea hens.  We don’t actually HAVE opposums in Nova Scotia –  and as I understand it, they are considered a nuisance in many areas.  They get into the garbage, and bird feeders and they can carry rabies.   OK, so maybe the opposums are not such a great idea after all.  Guinea hens.  That’s what we need.  I will put one on my Christmas list.  OK – two because just one would get lonely.  Wonder if I can order them on-line…

In the meantime, bring on the snow!  But just a little….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

Black Friday. And product reviews…

Well, it’s Black Friday and according to some, the official start to the holiday shopping season and a day of big sales.  Mind you, it seems like the last 2 weeks have been Black something – every store seems to have been promoting sales for days now. 

My human would much rather shop on-line than battle line-ups with people in the cold.  And admittedly, IF someone is looking for something specific (like a new warm dog-walking coat), there ARE bargains to be had right now.  But it’s also interesting that often the VERY thing she wants- that is on sale, is not available in the size or color she wants.  BUT, the full price items are all available.  Go figure. 

And since it’s that time of year, I thought I would review a few products that we canines may (or may not) want to put on our list for Santa…

First off we have the Pet Selfie stick.  It’s basically a squeaky ball that you attach to your cell phone in order to get our attention when taking photos:
I’m afraid I am giving this a Paws Down.  Because while you MAY get one or two shots of us when you first use it, let’s face it, we will QUICKLY catch on, and learn to ignore it.  At least the dogs in this household.  Not that I don’t like to retrieve things – but unless the thing suddenly self-propels the ball, we will quickly start to demonstrate picnore.

Next we have the automatic self-propelled fetch toy.  The machine will launch balls after your dog drops the ball into the device.
This concept is pretty cool – and it could keep some of us dogs entertained, once we are trained to use it.  I wouldn’t advocate for use indoors with us…that could get pretty crazy.  Personally, I think the exercise that my human gets from throwing the ball is good…but given that some humans could have trouble throwing a ball – well I will give this item a Paws Up.

Next we have an indoor potty for dogs.  Seriously.  It’s basically a hunk of sod that is delivered to your house – so your dog can pee and poop indoors.
Strange – they don’t take any returns.   OK. OK.  I understand that this could work for dogs living in an apartments/highrises – and could be good for seniors who can’t take their dogs out….But I guess it’s just a bit strange to me.  We dogs DO need to get outdoors.  Mind you, on rainy days, we PONs might appreciate this product.  But can you imagine having three of these things in our house? Not to mention dogs who like to dig…Nope – I’m giving this one a Paws Down.  Sorry Sharks.

Next we have the Kong frisbee. Or Extreme Flyer.
OK. I like this one.  Kong makes some pretty indestructible toys – so I’m thinking I would enjoy fetching this.  I give this a Paws Up – and I’m putting it on my list!

I shouldn’t even show you the next item – as it looks like they are so busy taking orders that you may not get your gift for Christmas.  But if you don’t mind waiting, these pet pillows with our photo are pretty cute:
I think it would be cool to have our image on a pillow.  Mind you, if we got a hold of it, we would probably destroy it.  They also make jewelry with our image!  I give these gifts Paws Up.  Mind you – they are more for my human than for us.  But we might as well give her something…

Those are my reviews for now.  No doubt other cool things will come along in the weeks ahead.  And really, my favorite items on my Santa list are edible items.  ANYTHING edible.  

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!


November 24.  And the fourth Thursday in November.  So what does that equal in the USA?  Thanksgiving!  And the holiday this year is predicted to have the most travellers in 12 years.   Sources say that 50.9 MILLION people will travel more than 50 miles from home – with the majority doing so by car.  And if you are in the group travelling by plane, expect that waits could be long as almost all flights are FULLY booked.  Whatever you do,  don’t sleep in and miss your flight!

It is estimated that over 44 MILLION turkeys will be consumed today – as more than 85% of Americans have turkey as the main course today.   The average American is said to gobble down 3000 calories on Thanksgiving day – with 50 million pumkin pies consumed across the country.  Whoa.  I wonder what the average dog eats on Thanksgiving?  We canines CAN have a bit of turkey – but not too much as it could cause dietary “issues” later.  And hold the gravy – for sure.

I found this commercial video that depicts dogs having quite the holiday feast.  It  just bugs me that a CAT is at the head of the table…..  Check it out.

But what I really found interesting was THIS video – which shows how they filmed the commercial.  Some pretty patient people and obviously, very well behaved canines!!!

So Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the USA.  And no matter where you live, be thankful today for the many good things in your life.  Humans often tend to focus on the negative things in life – and what they don’t have… But take a minute today to think of the many things that you DO have – like even the ability to read this blog (!)  and remember to give thanks.  Oh and don’t forget to give thanks for your dog – and maybe give him or her an extra treat – just to show your thanks!

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up! And thanks to you for taking time to read my blog!  I truly appreciate it!

Different versions of the same game…AND an eagle.

Yup.  A rainy night the other night..  AND we got to play “Find the bunny.”  Let’s just say that the FG plays his own version of the game.  Check it out…

Ya gotta love him.   Oh and he DID eventually Find the Bunny in Room #1… All the while Einstein and I were screaming at him….

And speaking of bunnies.  My human was wondering why we haven’t seen many around lately.  And then she spotted THIS visitor in the backyard.  

No wonder the hare population is invisible.  We could assume they have gone to the Rabbit Rainbow Bridge – but I prefer to think they are just hiding…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Skip it. Or jumping to conclusions…

Who knew?  On this day – November 21st, in 1837, a guy by the name of Thomas Morris – who was in Australia, jumped a skipping rope 22,806 times.  I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for – Thomas and his obvious lack of something better to do, or the poor person who had to count for him…

Which of COURSE, led me to see what I could find out about DOGS jumping rope.  Here’s the dog who has the record for the most skips with his human – at 58 jumps togther.  And he looks like he is actually enjoying it!

Now here is a video I found from 2011, when a record number of dogs (13) broke the record for skipping together…

Interesting that both of these records were set by dogs in Japan.  Must be something in the food.

Can you IMAGNE my human trying to jump rope with any of us?!  Heck – she can barely skip  rope by herslf, let alone with one of us.  I could see a VERY serious accident occurring were she to try this with one of us…  Mind you, it would make for a good blog…

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!