Skip it. Or jumping to conclusions…

Who knew?  On this day – November 21st, in 1837, a guy by the name of Thomas Morris – who was in Australia, jumped a skipping rope 22,806 times.  I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for – Thomas and his obvious lack of something better to do, or the poor person who had to count for him…

Which of COURSE, led me to see what I could find out about DOGS jumping rope.  Here’s the dog who has the record for the most skips with his human – at 58 jumps togther.  And he looks like he is actually enjoying it!

Now here is a video I found from 2011, when a record number of dogs (13) broke the record for skipping together…

Interesting that both of these records were set by dogs in Japan.  Must be something in the food.

Can you IMAGNE my human trying to jump rope with any of us?!  Heck – she can barely skip  rope by herslf, let alone with one of us.  I could see a VERY serious accident occurring were she to try this with one of us…  Mind you, it would make for a good blog…

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!

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