Happy Halloween

Well, here it is.   Halloween.  And the dreaded attire photos.  Yes – we have the “good shot” you see above.  But I KNOW what all of you prefer.  The bloopers.  Strangely, we didn’t have THAT many this year.  Einstein, of course, was the cooperative one for attire shots and leaf photos. 

The FG becomes completely appalled when it comes to any kind of attire. 

He looks SO dejected, my human quickly removes the attire and he is all smiles.

And me?  Well my response is pretty evident. 

My human will rush home after work today to greet the possible crowd of three children.  And then she’ll begin to eat the candy and chips that she bought for 65 children.  JUST in case a busload arrives.  Need I add that she is STILL trying to work off the effects of the Halloween goodies from TWO YEARS AGO.  The good news?  More walks for us.

Wonder how Max, the 90 lb puppy next door,  will react if any kids show up at their place.  We can’t see Max’s house from our house.  But we can hear him at times – and NO DOUBT he hears us.  Particularly Einstein.  The other night, I swear he and Einstein were having a conversation.  So far, none of us have dashed over to his place when we had the chance.   So far….

Anyway – my canine friends, stay out of the chocolates tonight.  Don’t dsah out if the door is open.  Try not to scare away small children.  And lastly, shake your head madly if your human makes you wear any attire you don’t like.  So they can’t get a good photo.  Or if that fails….stick out your tongue.

Have a good one.  Peace an paws up.
Seizure free days: 47

Stocking up. And meeting the next victim.

All is right with the world.  My human is happy.  We are happy (although we are always pretty happy unless: a) it is raining out; b) it is grooming time; c) we have to pose in holiday attire; or d) supper is late. So we are generally in a good mood. But I digress…

The reason for the joy and elation?  Check it out:

She found some.  She traveled to several Dollar stores and found that not ALL carry them any longer. When she spotted them in a store in the heart of downtown, she grabbed an armload full.  She went up to the counter, looked at the clerk and said “Don’t ask.”  The woman said “ I have a dog.  No need to explain.  He’s a little Boston Terrier.  And obviously I gave him too many treats yesterday.  It was a three bag morning.” My human just about leapt over the counter to hug her. Kindred poop spirits.
After the discovery, my human got a text from her sister. She had asked her sister to check the Dollar Store near her office. More good news.  Another source. Her sister bought her 4 more boxes.  So we now have over 600 bags.  That should see us through November.  
When my human went to our pet store yesterday to get our food, she saw that THEY carry the handled biodegradable variety. But at 7.49 plus tax for 120 bags, we would have to cut back on treats. Or so she threatened.  You KNOW she’ll buy them if she has to. At the pet store they have this frequent buyer program for our food.  You buy like 100 bags and get one free.  OK maybe not 100, and it IS nice to get a free bag.  But you KNOW my human couldn’t keep quiet.  She asked the clerk why they didn’t have a frequent buyer program for poop bags.  He just stared at her.  They are used to her questions.  All the time.  
Last night we had a visitor…a new victim …errrrr – I mean sitter.  My human has a “conference “ coming up in a few weeks- so we were interviewed last night.  What happened to the last sitter?  Well she was lovely and we really liked her.  And she was supposed to come during this “conference.”  Then she sent my human a text with an announcement.  She got a puppy! And she wondered if she could bring the little girl to stay when she would come to sit for us.  Now my human REALLY liked her – but the thought of us three hellions AND a puppy did not seem like a good idea.  I mean it took 2 years for me to like the FG.  And I’ve been doing so well with my seizure count, my human didn’t want to upset things. So we had to hunt for a new peep.  And we met her last night.  She is VERY experienced with dogs and does a LOT of sitting. My human loved her instantly and after we stopped barking and jumping, we did too.  I mean we REALLY loved her.  I mean REALLY, REALLY.  Even Einstein and I – the sometimes “aloof twins.”  We adored her.  I can’t WAIT for her to come! The guilt gifts will just be a bonus.
So it was a happy day all around.
Yes. All is right with the world… at least our little world….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 46

Serial CANINE Pooper. Part 2.

Well my comment the other day about our “serial canine pooper” and our problem obtaining handled poop bags probably elicited more comments than most blogs I post.  Let’s face it – people owned by dogs love to talk poop.  Well maybe they don’t LOVE it – but the topic is just so common.  I seriously doubt that people owned by cats have the same discussions.  Then again…maybe they do…    “So what’s YOUR favorite litter?  Fluffy isn’t using his litter box, what should I do?  Fido likes to raid Fluffy’s litter box, and it’s a real problem….” So maybe they do too.

I coined the phrase “serial pooper”  but should have checked it on-line first.  Don’t Google it.  You don’t want to know.  ( You know you will.).  Anyway I am NOW calling it serial CANINE pooper.  And I did look for this behavior on-line afterwards.   Because those of you who are owned by one of them – and there appear to be many of you – it is a challenging behavior when it comes to hunting and gathering.  Apparently, some dogs do it to leave a scent trail.  When we poop, our scent glands leave a musky odor.  It’s kind of our canine signature.  Dogs who walk and poop are leaving a longer signature.  Kind of like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest.  Then again, maybe that’s not the best analogy.  Anyway, that’s what I understand is one reason they do it.  They also say that it is easier for some dogs to….eliminate that way.  So that’s also why they do it. 
I don’t think the FG thinks about his signature. I think he just doesn’t like staying still for very long.  
The handled poop bag problem was met with much sympathy.  People like handled bags.  AND biodegradable bags.  And there are products with both features available on-line.  Although I hear they can be pricey.  Supply and demand… I must confess, our Dollar store options were not biodegradable.  But they DID smell like vanilla….The other issue that people discussed was capacity….I’m telling you, this topic was HOT.  Clearly size matters.  A bag for a chihuahua will NOT work for a Saint Bernard.  Do they actually sell them by size….I always thought they were a generic size…
My human is off today so she may try to hit other Dollar stores in the area and if she finds the old stock she will be buying everything they have. 
As one of our dear friends in France commented – isn’t it wonderful how everyone came to our aid with poop bag suggestions?!  The internet is an amazing place.  And isn’t this fitting because today in 1969, the first computer to computer link was made – basically the precursor to the internet. So it’s kind of the birthday of the Internet.  Little did they know back then that their invention would solve such critical world problems as poop bag procurement.  Yes- it’s a small world after all….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 44

Birthday. Postscript.

Well I had a pretty great birthday.  It began with a long walk in the morning – which was fun.  It was  a crisp, sunny day. 

In the afternoon- we didn’t REALLY have the BEST time.  We had to do some obligatory leaf photos.  Does the woman not have enough photos of us YET?!  But she DID have dehydrated beef lung – so who can pass up THAT?!  Sure I’ll pose for pictures when you have that kind of a bribe. So it was ok.

I got loads of birthday greetings.  My human was jealous of all greeting I received- from as far away as JAPAN!!! How awesome is that?!  Thank you to everyone for all the best wishes. 

And another super neat thing about the day…get ready for this one.  My human went for dinner with her sister to their favorite haunt – Martin’s Kitchen.  It’s located at the golf course in our neighborhood..  The chef is amazing – he serves world class food.  But the best part? He read my blog and saw it was my birthday.  So he prepared  a meal – just for ME!!! Chicken and rice and veggies.  It was awesome.  I even shared some with Einstein and the FG.  And guess what – the FG ate EVERYTHING in his bowl.  Of course he did. Beats my human’s cooking.
So all in all (even with the photo shoot) it was a perfect day.
I mentioned yesterday though, that I have a problem.  It’s about my blog.  Last week…well I tanked.  What do I mean?  Well I track my readership and ever since I’ve been writing, my numbers have gone up.  Slowly but surely.  But last week- well my numbers plummeted!  And I don’t know why?!  Was it something I said?  Didn’t say?  I mean I didn’t say anything that supported or condemned any political party.  They’re all crazy anyway.  I didn’t make fun of the Royal family.  And why would I – they’re dog people.  I didn’t use any politically incorrect language ( that I remember anyway).  I didn’t trash any of the radical animal rights groups.  At least not last week.  I don’t think I used any sexist terminology.  Even though we boys rule in this house.  Just kidding.  Sort of.
Anyway, if anyone can think of something that I did – can you message me?! Maybe I’m just getting boring in my old age.  Now that I’m a “senior.”  Although I was happy to find out that 7 year old dogs in Europe are not considered seniors!  I’m moving there.
Thanks again for all the greetings.  I appreciated them more than you’ll ever know!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 44

Birthday boy

 Happy birthday to ME!  Yup.  It’s my special day. Parteeeeee.  But first – a complaint…

Einstein told me that dogs at the age of 7 are considered veterans.  I don’t like that term.  First of all, I was never in the military.  So I’m not REALLY a veteran. And I don’t like the term “senior” dog either.  I mean I’m still wild and crazy.  I haven’t slowed down ONE bit.  Age is just a number.  That’s what my human always says.  Unless….being a senior dog gets me discounts at the pet store.  Cheaper biscuits?  I’m in.

My human was looking through some old video footage and she found a couple of baby vidoes of me.  This one I have posted before – but I’m so adorable it bears re-posting. Note the old carpet – with the chewed corner.  HEY – that was BEFORE the FG!!!!!!!   Anyway…..that was several carpets ago….


This one was newly found old footage.  Here Einstien is teaching me to talk.  I catch on quite quickly.  And you can also see Paxton’s big head for a second or two:


This one is only10 seconds long.  It shows me looking utterly dazed but oh-so-cute:


Yup, I’ve grown up a bit since those old days.  Look how different my coat color was – I was a lot darker back in my early days. And my how the world has changed.  When I came along, my human had like 6 Friends on Facebook.  And she has LOTS more now – all because of me.  I’m a Friend-magnet.

Today for my birthday, I have a request – just like last year.  That every reader does one nice thing for someone else today.  And as I have wished in the past – it doesn’t need to be anything huge- like giving a charity a contribution (although that would be nice!) – it can be as simple as holding a door open, smiling at someone passing by, calling an old friend, sending someone a quick e-mail greeting, playing an extra game of fetch with your dog, giving your dog an extra treat….and think of me when you do it!

Today is a HAPPY day.   But tomorrow, please make sure to read my blog and I’ll tell you about a problem I am having….But before you worry – NO – it is NOT health related.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 43

Seeking contestants for new game show….

NOTE:  This is one of those blog postings that my human’s mother never liked.  The poop blogs. 

It is that time of year…

I have an idea for a new game show.   Poop Treasure Hunt.  And here are the rules:

1.  It must be dark outside.
2.  The contestant walks a dog.  For double the points, walk two.
3.  The contestant walks the dog or dogs over a lawn or any area, really, that is COVERED in Fall leaves.
4.  The contestant must be able to find all the poop that the dog or dogs have deposited while    wearing a headlamp with dim batteries.
Points are scored if all deposits have been identified among the leaves AND picked up.  BONUS points are awarded if the contestant walks a serial pooper (like the FG).  A serial pooper is defined as a dog who does not STOP to poop but rather continues to advance while pooping. Leaving a trail of poop.  Amongst the fallen leaves. 

The winner of the treasure hunt is the one who has the most points at the end of one week.  We will win.  Hands down. 

But not only does this blog address the poopy new game show – but I also need to talk about a poop tragedy.  My human went to dreaded Dollar store the other night.  To get poop bags.  Because the Dollar store carries THE best poop bags – the ones with handles.  Why are they so great?  Because my human can tie the bag easily and wrap said handle around one thumb while juggling two leashes and gloves.  But GUESS what?!  The dreaded Dollar store is no longer carrying those bags!  They are carrying NEW bags.  Which have no handles.  Seriously, I heard that if you wanted to see a frantic woman in a Dollar store, you should have seen my human searching to see if she could find any of the old variety.  She was just about crying.  She clearly needs a life.

Now you need to know that my human is one of those chatty people who cannot resist saying something to a store clerk.  “Cold one today….Wow all the Christmas decorations are in… Has it been busy today?”  We understand why Einstein is never silent.  So of COURSE, she HAD to mention to the clerk at the Dollar store that she was disappointed they had changed their poop bag model.  She was met with a blank stare.   I’m glad I wasn’t with her.

But the good new in this poopy post – it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!   Let the weekend BEGIN.   Oh – and I’m trying to sell the game show to some reality TV producer.  I’ll let you know when we begin filming.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 42

Bears. And things that go bump in the night.

So it’s funny how the FG tries to scare my human when she takes him out at night…

It is getting dark so early in the evening now.   By the time she gets home from work, feeds us, and eats something herself, it is already starting to get dark.  And of course, when we go out for our last pee of the night (ALWAYS on a leash) it is completely dark out.   The FG is funny, he will sniff around and then suddenly look up – and stare into the woods.  He does this QUITE often.  And sometimes he will jump backwards – like something is out there.  My human heard a rumor that a bear was back in the vicinity – not specifically back in our neighborhood – but not too too far away.  So with that in mind, she usually hurries back in the house when the FG does his scary look.   He told me he does it just for fun.   Did I mention that I am really beginning to like this guy more and more.   It’s only taken 2 years.

And speaking of bears….have you seen THIS video?


How crazy is THAT?!  I think Einstein would probably end up as a bear appetizer if he ever ran into one.  He would bolt over barking like mad.  Mind you, any bear in his right mind would take off in the other direction to get away from his barking.

Anyway, today is Thursday….Which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!  And we can’t WAIT!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 41


October 24.  And on this day in 1901, a woman by the name of Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. A few days before her – a cat went over in the same barrel to test it out.  The guinea pig, make that the guinea cat, survived so Annie decided to give it a go herself.  She survived.  But she didn’t advocate that others try it.

Apparently in 1827 some guy by the name of William Forsyth had filled a boat with a buffalo, two bears, two raccoons and a dog. Some sources also reported there were some foxes, geese and an eagle. And Forsyth sent them over the falls.   The bears apparently jumped ship before the falls and swam to shore. Forsyth was a hotel owner and businessman and did the stunt for tourism.  Not such a great idea as the menagerie all perished except the bears and one goose.  The poor dog.  I can’t find anything about him.  Seems there  should be a statue of him somewhere….
As for stupid stunts, yours truly did one yesterday.  My human had a long day at work.  She came home tired and achy.  She did something to her back and has been moaning and groaning for a few days. Anyway, she got home and let us out for our raucous pee.  With the FG on a leash.  We ran around to the back of the house, barking, racing and rolling through the leaves.  Einstein and I did our pees and ran back around the house and headed for the front door.  My human hobbled with the FG out ahead. As she came around the house, she saw me and Einstein staring up the driveway.  “Time to eat” she shouted in that desperate voice that sees we are about to take off.  And yours truly led the charge.  She shouted at Einstein who stopped dead in his tracks and turned back to come home.  But I was G-O-N-E.  She put Einstein and the FG in the house, grabbed a leash and hobbled up to the neighbors’ place.  Sure enough, there I was inspecting their yard.  I pretended I didn’t hear her as she approached.  She grabbed me and put on the leash, mumbling some not-so-nice things as we marched home.  I think she even threatened to put me in a barrel and send me over the falls.  Just kidding.  Actually the cat and Annie survived, so maybe I COULD do it.  I would be the first successful dog over the falls.  Said the dog who hates water.
It’s hump day- mid-week for my human’s crazy busy work week. Glad we’ll be back to normal crazy next week…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 40


Well here’s an interesting bit of trivia that I came across.  Do you know what a Vernepator Cur is?  It’s a breed of dog!  Mind you, it’s extinct.   You may know it by its more “common name.”  A Turnspit dog.  Still puzzled?  Well the name describes exactly what the terrier-like breed was bred to do – they turned the spits over open fires in kitchens in the UK and apparently in America as well – from around 1750-1850.  The dogs were put on a wheel-like contraption and basically ran and ran, turning the spit over the flame.  Kind of like being a hamster in one of those rolling cages.  Because it often took a long time, many households had more than one dog to do the job.  Supposedly they were one of the reasons for founding the SPCA.  Some resources say that the dogs were also taken to church and used as foot warmers.  Go figure.  Not a job I’m applying for.  The foot warmer maybe, but forget the running wheel.

When I did a little search in Wikipedia, I found at least 50 breeds of dog that are now extinct.  One breed, the Welsh hillman dog, was an ancient herding breed that was almost extinct in the 1940’s.  One source said the last female was purchased in 1974, and the owner – not realizing she was so rare, had her spayed.  Oopsie.  Wouldn’t that just ruin your day – learning that you caused the extinction of a species.

However,  I DO wish we could just cause the extinction of ticks.  That would be a different story.  After my pest blog the other day, I have heard about ALL kinds of options that people have found helpful – so here are just a few:

  • Possums.  We don’t have any in Nova Scotia – but apparently they LOVE ticks.  I’m thinking the Department of Natural Resources would probably rather that I not go and import a bunch of possums and let them lose in the wild though….
  • Guinea hens – also love ticks as a delicacy.  Now those we could get. 
  • Natural EM Tick collars – someone has offered to make me one – and I’m excited to be a guinea pig.  Not a guinea hen – a pig.  She may be making them for sale – but until then, if you want to read about them – they are here: https://homeopawthic.com/natural-tick-collars
  • Glady has used 1/2 teaspoon of real Brewers Yeast in her dogs’ food every day.  Glady has owned many dogs – and has never had a flea or tick problem.

Thanks again for the suggestions – I’m happy to share others that come along.

Well time to go and make my breakfast kibble extinct.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 39

National Nut Day

October 22. And according to the crazy calendar it is National Nut Day.  Sounds like every day in our house.

Anyway, I researched what kinds of nuts we dogs can safely eat.  Keeping in mind we shouldn’t eat too many nuts of any kind – as the high fat content in nuts could cause intestinal problems for us.  As well, nuts can be hard to digest and could actually cause a blockage in small dogs.  It is ok for us to eat the odd peanut, hazelnut or cashew but we should NOT eat almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, hickory nuts or black walnuts. Nuts that we can eat should be unsalted.  And not in their shells.  Or covered in chocolate….But as I said, even the “safe” nuts should only be given in a very small amount.  Like probably one or two!
We dogs like peanut butter – and it’s ok to have some – but NOT PEANUT BUTTER WITH XYLITOL.   It is unsafe for dogs – so read your peanut butter label. There are lots of treat recipes with peanut butter – just be sure to use the safe kind.
We are rather annoyed today as my human is usually off on Mondays- but she has to work today.  Bummer.   But rumor has it she is getting closer to picking that retirement date….We cannot WAIT for that day.  What could be more wonderful than spending 24/7 with us ALL the time?!  Don’t answer that.  She may change her mind about retirement…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 38