National Nut Day

October 22. And according to the crazy calendar it is National Nut Day.  Sounds like every day in our house.

Anyway, I researched what kinds of nuts we dogs can safely eat.  Keeping in mind we shouldn’t eat too many nuts of any kind – as the high fat content in nuts could cause intestinal problems for us.  As well, nuts can be hard to digest and could actually cause a blockage in small dogs.  It is ok for us to eat the odd peanut, hazelnut or cashew but we should NOT eat almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, hickory nuts or black walnuts. Nuts that we can eat should be unsalted.  And not in their shells.  Or covered in chocolate….But as I said, even the “safe” nuts should only be given in a very small amount.  Like probably one or two!
We dogs like peanut butter – and it’s ok to have some – but NOT PEANUT BUTTER WITH XYLITOL.   It is unsafe for dogs – so read your peanut butter label. There are lots of treat recipes with peanut butter – just be sure to use the safe kind.
We are rather annoyed today as my human is usually off on Mondays- but she has to work today.  Bummer.   But rumor has it she is getting closer to picking that retirement date….We cannot WAIT for that day.  What could be more wonderful than spending 24/7 with us ALL the time?!  Don’t answer that.  She may change her mind about retirement…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 38

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