We WON!!!!!

We WON the lottery!!! Well my human did – and what’s hers is ours.  At least I think so.  She doesn’t buy tickets all that often – probably as often as all the dogs in this house are well behaved.  So that tells you it is a rare event.  Anyway she went to buy gas for the car, over a month ago and they sell tickets at the service station. Right at the counter. And my human couldn’t help but notice these particular scratch tickets – because they were dog themed.  You scratch off a bunch of dog items and see if they match the items in your prize boxes.  They were nice items like a leash and a ball and a toy and a food bowl and a bed.  And there were not nice items like shampoo, a bath, a comb and a brush.  My human actually forgot about the ticket- it was lost in the contents of that suitcase file cabinet she calls a purse.  Anyway, yesterday she finally scratched and scraped and drumroll…..we won…………………….are you ready…………it’s pretty exciting…………..hold on…………

$25!!!  Whooo hoooo.  Well really $20 because the ticket cost $5.  My human quickly reminded me that the proceedings would pay about 1/4 the price of our food bag.  Still – it COULD buy us a couple of bags of treats.  And OK- I suppose my human can buy herself something.  Like a coffee.  

I think she should see if they have more of those dog tickets at the store.  Clearly,  we dogs bring good luck. But you already knew that!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Going viral

It’s April 29th and according to the crazy calendar, today is something called Viral Video Day.  So I had an idea to find some viral dog videos- and a few viral stories too. I should note that none of the videos (or even blog posts) I have ever posted have gone viral.  Clearly our behavior is not as outrageous as it could be – so I need to get working on that.  

But there have been plenty of dog stories and videos that have gone viral.  Here is a review of some interesting stories- you may want to look up a few for more info.  I should warn you, this review takes a few minutes- but it kept my attention- so it’s not that long, and some of the stories are quite interesting!
Then we have some examples of videos.  Like these two guilty siblings.  I can picture Einstein doing this to me:
Here we have a video of a husky who likes to talk with his human baby:
Here is a VERY happy puppy waiting for his human.  This dog has some great moves. I think he could give dance lessons.
Here is a video of a crazy Golden puppy.  I can see the FG doing this!
And here is one of my all time favorite dog outsmarts human videos.  Even my human laughs when she see this one:
And finally – we have the story of a foster child and his dog – whose photos went viral.  This story is a true love story – all around!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 20

The coat. And other clothing.

Well it finally arrived.  The coat.  The coat to replace the one that Einstein and I destroyed.  Good news / bad news.  It is the same style- it is identical. BUT the color is slightly different.  It’s lighter than the original Christmas gift.  My human thought that might be the case – it’s hard sometimes to tell colors on a computer screen .  But it’s close.  My human had also written to the company with the sad tale to see if she could pay them to repair it.  She hasn’t received a reply.  I won’t tell you the name of the company. Yet.  MAYBE they will still come through….

Spring has positively, definitely arrived. The grass seems to have turned green overnight.  And the grazing herding dogs have begun their annual feast. There is nothing better than fresh, spring greens.  We don’t have to worry about ingesting any chemicals on our lawn – my human won’t use any – that’s why it is more weeds than grass.  And we love chomping on what little grass there is. But you know something- plants are pretty smart.  Or maybe they are just stubborn like us PONs and Picards. For example, grass won’t grow well on the lawn area – where it is supposed to grow.  But it sure does well coming up between cracks in pavement – and in flower beds where it is not supposed to be.  Go figure.
My human took out her summer clothes and put away her winter clothes.  Boy you should have heard the moaning and groaning during that procedure.  It seems all of her summer clothes shrunk over the winter.  Suuuuure they did.  The good news is she mumbled something about more walks for us.  Score!  We are her exercise coaches. 
In fact, it’s time to get her moving. It’s getting lighter in the mornings – so might as well take advantage of all that sunlight!  AND we have to get her in shape to fit in those summer clothes.  This is not going to be easy…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 19

Taking bets

Well it is just a matter of time.  And we are taking bets.  Anyone who wants to place their wagers is welcome.  The prize?  A PON. Just kidding.  Maybe… Anyway, here is the story….

 We have this new neighbor dog, Max.  Who I mentioned before.  Einstein and I met him on the road one day with his human, and he passed the CNS.  The Canine Neighborhood Screening. We both thought he was great- friendly, happy, nonagressive – he passed the screening with flying colours.  And frankly, we are lucky because we like all the dogs on our road.  
But here’s the deal.  Whenever our other neighbor on the road, Hudson, barks, it is a call to come and see him.  There is NO holding us PONs back if Hudson barks.  We are GONE.  And then my human has to race up to Hudson’s house where we are probably pooping in his yard.  
And lately, Max has started to bark from his house.  He no doubt hears us when my human gets home from work, and likes to join in the chorus.  And the past couple of times he has barked, Einstein has given the “look” where he is thinking about going over to Max’s house.  And you KNOW I would follow.  Every time Max barks back at us, my human holds her breath – for fear that two PONs will be GONE.  So we are taking bets as to when this will happen.  So far, she has enticed us with the promise of dinner – but you KNOW one day we will still go.
Yesterday we went out after she got home from work – but it had been raining all day.  My human tried to coax us to go down our trail – but neither of us PONs was going.  Seriously- the trail was wet!   The poor FG had to go. He was in bondage.  On a leash.  We PONs stood and stared at him as he was coming back.  

And then – Max barked.  Here is Einstein barking back.  

But in this situation, my human didn’t need to worry that we would take off – it was too wet.  Who wants to go through the woods to Max’s house when we would have to go through puddles to get there?  
But we know it WILL happen.  The question is when…Send your bets to me.  I accept cash, credit card, or biscuits.
It’s Friday!  Let the weekend begin!!!!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 18

Dog museums

So we know that dogs are pretty special and I have talked before about how we dogs have been immortalized in the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog.  I also mentioned before that the museum is moving from St. Louis back to New York City.  But did you know that there are two OTHER dog museums?   In Passua, Germany, a new museum opened that is…are you ready…ALL about dachshunds.  Yup.  The Dackelmuseum has over 4500 paintings, books, and statues dedicated to the popular German hound.   Mostly from ONE guy’s collection.  That’s a LOT of weiner dogs.

And then another guy in North Adams, Massachusetts had SO much dog stuff (with all different breeds) that he opened HIS own museum.  I’m thinking he might just have a bit more stuff than my human.  She needs to catch up. Not.  

We talked before about her bisque dogs.  And she loves those guys – but her favorites are probably her carved wooden dogs.  Here are a few…

I think she loves her carved dogs best because her father was a carver.  And here are two that he did  for her.

When my human was a Girl Scout, there was some kind of badge for hobbies or carving or something. Anyway, she decided to carve a dog herself.  Let’s just say she had some “help.”  And here’s the result…with some teeth marks from some dog she owned (she can’t recall which one) who decided he didn’t care for her artistic rendering.  She kept the carving anyway – the scars are part of his history.

So I’m wondering if there is a dog museum in Canada?  Maybe we could start it.  And the FG can be the greeter.  Einstein can be the security guard.  And I’ll collect entry fees.  In dog biscuits….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 18

Dog heros

So did you hear the story about Max,  the 17 year old,  deaf and partly blind cattle dog who lives in Australia?  It seems Max is a hero.  Max’s 3 year old human, Aurora, wandered away from the family home and was lost in the winderness for over 15 hours.  But not to worry – Max stayed with her throughout the night, keeping her warm and safe.  The next day, Max led one of the people in the search party right to Aurora – about a mile from her home.  How cool is that? 

I’m not quite sure what we would do in that situation.  My human says she never wants to find out.   The one time my human fell and broke her wrist, Einstein and I just stared at her – willing her to get up.   So we could continue on our walk.  Let’s just say my middle name is not Lassie.

The other amazing thing about Max is his age!  Let’s face it, 17 years is pretty good for us canines. Mind you, 17 is young when you consider that the oldest dog (according to a reliable record) lived to 29 years and 5 months. And what breed was he?  And Australian cattle dog.  Again. I guess chasing kangaroos keeps one young.  We need a kangaroo.  They must be better than rabbits.

Speaking of which… yours truly took off when my human got home from work last night.  We started heading down to the lake on our trail and my human looked around and she only had two dogs. One of whom was on a leash.  Yup.  I was gone. Hot on the bunny trail.  They all went down to the lake and came home and here I came racing down the driveway.  My human has a hard time at moments like that. I mean she wants to kill me for running away.  But – I DID come back. She made me wait outside while she took the FG and Einstein in- and I could hear her getting our food ready. She thought that would drive me crazy. But nah- I knew she would eventually let me in – and she did. She’s so predictable.  She let me in and mumbled something like “good thing I didn’t need rescuing- you wouldn’t have even known.”  Sure I would have.  It was supper time- I would have found her faster than I found that bunny.  Really.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure- free days: 17

Our morning.

Time for a review of the morning monologue that my human had with us the other day.  I say monologue because we don’t speak human, although Einstein is very good at bark-speak.   So here we go…

“Frodo be quiet.  Frodo I’m getting up.  Seriously – it’s 4:45.  REALLY?  You CAN’T wait until 5:15?  OK. OK. I’m up.  Now wait while I get dressed.  Viktor stop licking Frodo’s ear.  Viktor STOP.  VIK-TOR STOP!!!!!!! Frodo no wonder your ear is a mess.  Don’t let him do that to you.  Stop him.  Elroy off.  Just WAIT while I get dressed.  Give me two minutes. (which by the way is more like 10 minutes…)

OK. Frodo be quiet.  Elroy goes first.  Elroy sit.  Elroy come back here.  Elroy SIT while I put on your harness.  Elroy SIT.  Good sit Elroy.  Frodo. Viktor here is some kibble.  Frodo be quiet while we go out.  Elroy the door is open.  Go out.  GO out.  Good pooping Elroy. No.  We can’t go down the trail now.  It’s too dark.  It’s TOO dark.  Let’s go back home.  Let go of the leash.  Stop it.  I’m going to fall.  Stop it. Wait – was that a bunny (which distracts him long enough to forget about tugging on the leash). Here’s the paper.  One drop and it’s mine.  It’s mine.  Frodo be quiet. ( from outside and up the driveway she shouts.  She opens the door).  Frodo I said BE quiet.  Viktor wait. Viktor put on your harness. Sit. Good sit.  Frodo be quiet. Elroy stay.  OK let’s go. Wait. Don’t pull.  No we are not going down the trail. It’s too dark.  That’s what you get for waking me up so early.  Good pooping Frodo.  Hurry up Viktor.  Good pooping again Frodo. Hurry up Viktor.  Frodo are you kidding me?  What were you eating?  Again?  Viktor hurry up.  VIK-TOR HURRY UP.  Good pooping Viktor.  Finally.  Let’s go home.  Whoa slow down. 

Wait here while I get your food. (Door to garage closes while she goes to get our food). Frodo be quiet. (The door flings open.) Frodo BE quiet.  (She goes back in garage. )  FROOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOO be QUIET!!!! (She flings open the door again and he stares at her.  She goes to put some of my medication in my bowl and turns her back on Frodo).  FrodoBEQUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!  Agggghhhhhhhhh.  
Viktor no it’s too early for you pills.  It’s too early.  Stop staring at the counter.  OK may I please have MY breakfast now?  Elroy stop nudging my arm.  Viktor get out of my pocket.  Frodo stop licking the floor. Viktor stop licking Frodo’s ear.  STOP.  STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. “
Yup.  That’s her monologue before 6:15.  She’s quite the chatterbox. Isn’t she?
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 16

Screaming Meemies

When my human was a child, she remembers her mother using the term “screaming meemies.”  My human though it was in reference to a child who was having a temper tantrum. When you look up the term, though, you see it can actually mean nervous hysteria.  Or the other spelling of Screaming Mimi actually referred to a type rocket used in Germany in WWII.  I suppose that type of Screaming Mimi could give you the other type of Screaming Meemies.  Anyway, why the discussion of this term anyway?  Because the FG had a case of the Screaming Meemies the other day – and my human thought of the term.

You see my human decided on Saturday to start cleaning up the yard after the winter wind storms which left a huge number of branches ALL over the lawn.  Add to that the fact that she never really took care of the plants last fall – so she had a mess in her flower beds with rotting leaves and muck.  So she put the three of us out on the back deck and proceeded to do her work.  And that’s when the Screaming Meemies began.  Now it’s not like he had not JUST had an hour long walk before this.  But the THOUGHT of my human picking up STICKS without HIM to help was just too too overwhelming.  So he let her know.  It really was like a child having a temper tantrum shouting “Me!  Me!”  Einstein and I just watched – although Einstein DID bark initially.  
It’s that time of the year when we wait to see if those plants we peed on all winter have actually survived.  The hardy hostas usually do OK – we have one in particular that is a favorite pee spot.  Personally, I think our watering it helps.
Another Monday and we have full- time guard duty today.  The good news – the days are getting LONGER and warmer.  I think Spring is finally here to stay!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 15

Herding stuff. And watching….

So how do the words driving, mustering and boundary go together?  They are all words having to do with herding. And given that my human lives with three herding dogs, she has become very interested in the different types of herding styles exhibited by different herding breeds. Not that they probably can’t be trained to do all of them – but some breeds are definitely better at certain aspects than others. For example, the term driving refers to moving livestock from one area to another – like through a gate and into a pen. Mustering refers to the retrieving of livestock from far away – and bringing them back to the farmer.  Boundary herding refers to the patrolling around the livestock – kind of like border patrol.  They keep animals from breaking up and wandering out of a certain area.  They also guard the flock. One site that talked about these behaviours noted that German Shepherds are great at boundary herding while border collies excel at driving and mustering.  But as I said, herding dogs can probably be trained to do any of these tasks. 

When we looked for info on the Picard, it seems that they fall into the boundary or tending category of herding. They certainly can be trained to move sheep – but they really excel at protecting their flock.  Which makes total sense when you watch the FG.  My human has never had a dog who likes to find the highest vantage point so he can survey his surroundings.  He will climb up on rocks and hills just to stand and watch.  He does this ALL the time.  ALL the time.  And as I have mentioned before, he is fascinated with birds – probably relating back to a sense of guarding against birds of prey.  Mind you, I’m no so sure he has to worry about those chickadees that intrigue him!
When we looked for info on us PONs, it appears we also like to guard our flock suggesting we are probably in the same category as the Picard in boundary herding.  We certainly can also drive sheep, but when it comes to the PONs in THIS house, we would rather drive in a car. But we DO know of some PONs who have done VERY well at herding trials – so we definitely can be considered as drivers too.  But it is interesting – while we guard our property VERY well, we are still not as intent as the FG when it comes to surveying the environment.  Mind you, this could be an individual difference and not necessarily breed specific.
So much to learn about us dogs.  We are a never ending source of fascinating facts.  And occasional frustration….No – not to worry – we were GOOD yesterday.  Maybe we should start a counter for good behaviour.  Nah.  It would never see double digits…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 16

Blame it on Spring

Trivia question: How long does it take two PONs to eat a BIG bag of dehydrated lamb lung that is left on a counter?

Answer: not long.
Yup.   Einstein and I were at it AGAIN.  I almost didn’t want to write about this – because you are going to think my human is losing it.  And really – she is – living with us. 
 She even said to herself “don’t leave that bag there.” And then the phone rang.  And the rest is history.
You see, she gives tiny pieces of dehydrated lamb lung (sorry – I know that sounds gross, but trust me, we dogs find it amazing) to the Picky Picard in his kibble along with liver dust.  And she had it on the counter at dinner time.  And then the phone rang.  We were eating our dinners, so she knew we were busy and forgot about the BIG bag of doggie crack on the counter.  When she came back in the kitchen, she found two PONs in a frenzy ripping open the bag and swallowing huge pieces of dehydrated delight.  She shouted “hey get out of there!!!” .  Déjà vu. Again the Picard was not guilty because he was in the hallway staring at his food bowl and deciding whether or not it was worth eating. 
My human was SO angry, she decided to see who was the instigator.  She put the remaining contents of the bag on the counter and then pretended she was going down the hall into the bedroom.  Einstein watched her go and heard her open and close the bedroom door.  Little did he know she faked it and was waiting in the hallway – just as his two paws hit the counter to grab the remaining dehydrated delight.  Imagine his horror as she whipped around the counter and shouted “OFF” – loud enough to wake the dead. He sprung backwards, almost toppling over in his haste as if he had been electrocuted.  
We are SO lucky with our human. That’s two strikes.  The down coat has not yet arrived….She actually wrote to the company who made the coat to see if she could pay them to repair it.  She included photos of the damage ….and of us.  So far no reply…so we HOPE the one she ordered IS the exact same coat. 
Maybe our extreme badness lately is because it is Spring.  Probably not…but that’s what we will blame it on….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 15