Dog heros

So did you hear the story about Max,  the 17 year old,  deaf and partly blind cattle dog who lives in Australia?  It seems Max is a hero.  Max’s 3 year old human, Aurora, wandered away from the family home and was lost in the winderness for over 15 hours.  But not to worry – Max stayed with her throughout the night, keeping her warm and safe.  The next day, Max led one of the people in the search party right to Aurora – about a mile from her home.  How cool is that? 

I’m not quite sure what we would do in that situation.  My human says she never wants to find out.   The one time my human fell and broke her wrist, Einstein and I just stared at her – willing her to get up.   So we could continue on our walk.  Let’s just say my middle name is not Lassie.

The other amazing thing about Max is his age!  Let’s face it, 17 years is pretty good for us canines. Mind you, 17 is young when you consider that the oldest dog (according to a reliable record) lived to 29 years and 5 months. And what breed was he?  And Australian cattle dog.  Again. I guess chasing kangaroos keeps one young.  We need a kangaroo.  They must be better than rabbits.

Speaking of which… yours truly took off when my human got home from work last night.  We started heading down to the lake on our trail and my human looked around and she only had two dogs. One of whom was on a leash.  Yup.  I was gone. Hot on the bunny trail.  They all went down to the lake and came home and here I came racing down the driveway.  My human has a hard time at moments like that. I mean she wants to kill me for running away.  But – I DID come back. She made me wait outside while she took the FG and Einstein in- and I could hear her getting our food ready. She thought that would drive me crazy. But nah- I knew she would eventually let me in – and she did. She’s so predictable.  She let me in and mumbled something like “good thing I didn’t need rescuing- you wouldn’t have even known.”  Sure I would have.  It was supper time- I would have found her faster than I found that bunny.  Really.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure- free days: 17

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