Social Media.

Well.  How appropriate that today, according to the crazy calendar is Social Media Day.   Because I have a Social Media story for you…

To begin, we all know some of the arguments against Social Media.  Here are a few examples: 
1. Not everything you read is TRUE on Social Media and yet people sometimes believe things they read, without truly investigating the source.  For example – those sites that tell you the “best dog… for people who like to swim; for people who bungee jump; for people who like to read; for people with blonde hair… or the sites that tell you the quietest dog breed;  the smartest dog breed ; the breed that is easiest to housetrain…. or the dog breed you should have for your Zodiac sign.  You know the sites I mean. They are not always based on solid evidence.  And some are just plain nonsense.  And yet some people believe them.  Tsk. Tsk. 
2.  People can be bullied in Social Media.  We have all heard the horror stories of some teens being bullied publicly.  We canines would never do such a thing…
3. People can view  others on Social Media and think that their own lives are not NEARLY as exciting as others.  Like when I saw that story about the dog who gets to go for rides in helicopters.  I never get to do that.  Mind you, I don’t really WANT to – but you get my point.
So Social Media does have its downside.  BUT – there is a upside too. 
I’ve talked before about how Social Media can also bring people together- around the world.  My human has had the opportunity to meet some amazing PON and Picard owners – and really, dog owners in general, that she would likely never have met without Social Media.  
And today we are connecting with a new friend we also found through Social Media.
As you know, there is no shortage of Facebook pages for every topic, business. club, hobby, medical condition, or profession imaginable.  For example, one site that my human follows is a Canine Epilepsy site.  She actually follows several Epilepsy sites .  And yesterday, she needed their help…
Those who follow my blog know that I take a cocktail of medications for my epilepsy.  Four different drugs that have been prescribed by my vet. Three of the meds we get through our local drug store. When my human calls for a refill, they say “For Viktor?”  They know my name well.
The other medication, Zonisamide must be ordered through my vet.  I get 180 pills at a time and use two each day…
Each weekend my human fills up my weekly pill box, with all my meds for each day.  Last weekend, she noted that the med we get from the vet was running low.  She was going to call and order it- but it was early in the morning and the vet wasn’t open yet… you see where this is going…
She forgot all about my med until yesterday morning- when she went to restock my weekly box.  Uh oh. We had  only enough Zonisamide to last until Tuesday afternoon.  No big deal – it was only Saturday, right?  Wrong.  Monday is a holiday.  Everything is closed.  The medication can’t even be ordered until Tuesday- and it won’t be here until Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest.  Trouble.  Big trouble.
My human called the vet who suggested stretching out what I have left by only giving me one pill a day.  And to increase one of my other meds.  And to keep my paws crossed.
Well.  You KNOW how crazy her highness gets with worry.  So she starts calling vet clinics to see if anyone had three pills. Nobody had any.   She also posted our dilemma on a Facebook Dog Epilepsy page to which she belongs.  She was desperate to get those pills for me.  And here’s where Social Media worked.  A local woman, who is a “friend” – but who my human had never actually met- saw our dilemma and reached out.  While her dog does not take Zonisamide in pill form like I do, her dog does take Zonisamide in liquid form.  She offered some to my human for me.  My human again talked to my vet – who thought this was a good solution. We will keep our paws crossed that the difference in medication form doesn’t affect things – but the vet thought this would be unlikely.
We will be meeting our Epilepsy angel this morning.  I’m going along for the drive – to say thanks.
Oh – and yes – my human totally beat herself up about this snafu.  Trust me – it won’t happen again. She will be putting a date on the calendar to refill my prescription earlier.  She will also put a stash of 10 pills away- in case of an emergency.  I cannot tell you how badly she felt…
So to finally wrap up this story – cheers to Social Media – it really CAN be a good thing.  And paws crossed for my continued seizure-free run!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 22


OK.  He is one very interesting dog…
We know the FG would NOT go through the self designed screen dog door.  He could be outside and would stand and squeak to be let in.  And vice versa if he wanted to go out. But just as I suspected,  he was doing it to train her highness.  How do I know?  Well, Thursday night, in between rain showers, her highness went to take me and Einstein for a quick walk. There were puddles after the rain, and we know what we PONs think of puddles. Therefore, the walk was not too long.
We came back in the house, and her highness was going to take the FG for a walk.  But he wasn’t at the door to greet us. My human glanced around the kitchen and dining room.  No FG.  And then she looked out on the deck. There, all relaxed and lying down looking right at her highness was the FG.  Busted. He went out there all by himself.  Guess she will no longer be opening the door for him.
We know the FG is a “watcher” too.  He watches birds, bunnies and butterflies.   So I guess it should come as no surprise when my human caught him “watching” something yesterday morning.  She had just gotten dressed to take us out for our morning walks.  She came into the kitchen, and noticed the FG lying in a contorted position under the rail of a dining room chair.  He was lying on his side.  Watching something.  On closer inspection, she saw that he was watching a large June Bug crawling under the table. He was inches from the dopey, slow moving walnut with legs. My human gathered up the intruder with a large wad of paper towel and took the wad outside.  I’m not sure what happened to the FG’s new friend after that….
So our clever “pointy-earred PON” continues to amaze.  If you see my human, ask her about that designation…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 21

I’m Henry the 8th I am….

June 28.  Wow.  How did June go by so quickly? Two more days and the June Bugs disappear.  Somebody better tell them. And they can take their black fly friends along with them.

So today is the birthday of King Henry XIII.  That guy who got married 6 times. That’s what I know about him. Oh – and  I know a band named Herman’s Hermits wrote a song about Henry the XIIIth. You’ll be singing it all day now, if you’re as ancient as my human and you can remember it.
So I checked out old Hank – and found out that besides collecting wives, he also collected animals. He is said to have had a monkey, ferrets, a marmoset, birds, and over 200 horses. But one source said that his favorite animals were dogs.  He had spaniels, beagles and greyhounds. They wore collars – made with velvet and leather and they had fancy gold and silver decorations- including the King’s crest.  Which I understand was a good thing – because two of his dogs, named Cut and Ball were known to stray off the palace grounds.  Just like some PONs and a Picard that you all know. Old Hank paid huge sums to get his dogs back. Wonder how much my human would pay…
Several sources said that when old Hank died, he had 65 dog leashes.  Like that was a big deal.  Ummm… her highness probably has that many.  And we won’t even COUNT collars.  Mind you, none have decorations of gold and silver.  Kind of a pity you can’t SEE our collars.  Not that it stops her from adding to our wardrobe.
We had a weird day yesterday.  Rain on and off.  We managed to get our walks in during “off” periods.  We have been wearing our bug repellent- but her highness is taking no chances.  Her NEW regime after long walks, is what I am calling the TBC.  The tick blow check.  She plops us (one at a time) on the grooming table, gets out the jet engine dog dryer (which only blows cool air) and blows our hair all over.  When blowing, she can inspect our skin and look for vampires. It’s a pretty quick check. That along with the TMC – tick manual check keeps her happy.  Anything to keep her highness smiling. 
Well time to get her moving.  I must say, we are STARTING to get into this retirement mode.  We didn’t wake her up until 6:15 yesterday!!!  Aren’t we thoughtful?!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 20

In trouble. Again.

Busted.  Big time…
On Tuesday, two of my human’s best friends, Stephen and Kendrick, came over to help her highness with a few home projects.  There were some boards on the deck that needed some work- including the gate on the deck that leads down the stairs to the lawn.  Those guys have all the power tools that her highness should never be allowed to own – things like power saws. We know how “handy” she is.  Power saws would not be a good idea.
They worked on the deck while we were sequestered in the side yard.  Einstein kept shouting out instructions on how to make the repairs. When they were done, my human helped them load up their truck and off they went.  Thank goodness- I was STARVING because it was supper time. Funny- when my human was working, we would usually not eat until 5:30 or 6:00.  Now I want my supper at 4:00.  Or at least I start asking for it at 4:00.  
We had our meal and her highness had hers. After supper, she retired for a few minutes to read something in the DFZ. We were lounging around – and could go out onto the deck through our self designed dog door.  At least Einstein and I could.  And it’s actually a good thing the FG couldn’t…
My human was reading when she suddenly got a text.  It was one of the neighbors- the ones who were owned by Hudson.  My human glanced at the message:
One of your dogs is here.
She picked up her phone and was about to text, “can’t be mine”- as we had, just minutes earlier, all been lounging. But she decided to look.  She did the count.  1. 2….And that’s when she raced to the deck and looked out.  Sure enough- the gate had been left open after their repair work earlier. So yours truly saw it as an opportunity to go on a walk about.
She quickly texted the neighbor:  Coming.
Text back:  In the garage.
My human’s text:  Viktor.  Coming.
She grabbed a leash, shut the deck door and raced over to the neighbor’s. 
 Mike, the neighbor, explained that he was working on his vehicle and was bent over and when he put his head up- there I was.  I was inspecting his work.  I wasn’t shy or pushy either – just happy to hang out.
My human quickly put me on a leash and apologized for the intrusion.  Mike didn’t mind ONE bit – she didn’t need to worry about it.  What’s the big deal – it’s not like I’m Cujo or something.  
She marched me home and took Einstein and the FG for a walk together.  I didn’t mind – I had already been on my walk.
It was at that point that my human was SO relieved that the FG had not yet figured out how to use the dog door. Einstein COULD have joined me – but he’s the “good dog.”  It’s surprising that he didn’t alert her highness that I was gone. I owe him a biscuit.
For those who felt sorry for the FG yesterday with his inability to use the dog door -we (including my human) have demonstrated how to walk through the screen.  And he CAN do it.  He just prefers that my human do it for him.  It’s much more interesting. Like I always say, who’s training who…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 19

Tease a Picard

We have a new game. Tease-a-Picard.  It’s our way of getting back at him for Poke-a-PON. 

I mentioned this briefly yesterday.  It has to do with the screen door to the deck.  Einstein and I have basically removed the screen from the corner of the frame.  So we created our own dog door.  We think we are pretty smart in doing this.
 My human has given up on this door.  Every time she repairs it, we simply alter it to accommodate our needs.  She COULD put a gate in front of the door- but what’s the point?  This way we, and potentially an assortment of insects, can make our way in and out. It’s perfect.  However, the FG has not figured out how to independently push his way in and out.
Here’s some photos to illustrate this issue.
We are all outside:

Einstein and I come in:

The FG isn’t close enough, so the screen appears closed.  He can’t come in.  Or he thinks he can’t.

Her highness opens the door and lets him in.  She closes the screen.  We go back out through our opening.

He can’t figure out how we did it. Note I am just watching him.

He sits and squeaks at the door.  We come back in as he observes the process.

If he is close enough, he WILL follow us through.  At least he did once.  But he has yet to figure it out on his own.

I must confess, this game is a bit of payback for him taking my human to Quebec last week.  I’m still just a little bit jealous.

He’s a smart guy.  We do know he will figure this out. Maybe by October…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 18

The movie scene

It’s all an illusion.

You know how you watch one of those Hallmark movies and there is a scene where the main character goes for a lovely summer walk, and then returns home to blissfully sit on her deck drinking a cup of coffee?  Well. I’m here to tell you it’s all a big illusion.  Because that character didn’t own two PONs and a Picard.
For all the years my human worked, she dreamed of that movie perfect morning when she could take us for a walk, return and have her coffee on the deck.  It was her big dream.  Nowhere to go.  No commitments. Content dogs. Caffeine and a crossword puzzle.  
So yesterday morning when she looked out and saw the sunshine, she said “This is it.”  This is the movie scene day.  She took me and Einstein all the way down the road.  As usual, the good dog had a P3.  Picture perfect poop.  I, on the other hand,  held out.  I didn’t go.   Her highness was not impressed as I was messing up the script for the movie scene.  She brought us home and instead of letting me in the house with Einstein, she told me to wait outside.  Pardon?  But I’m supposed to be inside having scattered kibble while she takes the FG out.  (Remember she scatters the kibble to keep Einstein from barking. Which lasts all of 24.7 seconds).  But no.  Einstein gets the kibble and I get to go on another walk – this time with the FG. 
I don’t like walking with him.  He’s too zig zaggy.  So here’s my human- with one arm ahead of her being pulled by the FG and one arm behind her- dragging a totally uncooperative PON.  
Down the road we go again.  The thought of Einstein eating that kibble consumed me.  But I didn’t want to poop.  I discovered the other day, that it’s just as easy to poop on the deck as it is on a walk. Mind you, that did not go over well.  But that was MY plan. 
We walk all the way down the road and back.  The FG produces.  But yours truly is still holding out.  And as you might imagine, her highness is now getting a bit annoyed because not only is the movie script getting totally messed up, she also keeps thinking about the deck poop incident.  She was determined that I would go while on the walk. (I hope you’re beginning to see the neurotic stubbornness on both sides here.)
So we approach our driveway.  I am no longer dragging behind – I’m trotting ahead because I’m wondering if Einstein missed a kibble.
Imagine my shock when her highness tells me I STILL cannot go in – and she lets the FG in the house.
Oh and I forgot to note that while we are walking – her highness can hear Einstein shouting for our return.  She can hear him quite a distance away.  Because she forgot to close the windows.  Which she does to spare the neighbors.
This time she marched me across the wet lawn., around the house and back toward our trail to the lake. It was at this point that I realized she wasn’t giving up.  So I produced a large P3.  She smiled.  I rolled my eyes.
She let me off leash and I ran around to the front door.  She was as happy as I was – she could now resume her movie scene morning.
She fed us and grabbed some toast and yogurt herself.  She then armed herself with her crossword puzzle and her big cup of coffe.  She also armed herself with a large container of vinegar and water – in the event that one of us peed on the deck.  Mind you, she warned us not to.
She FINALLY sat down.  At which point, the FG and I tried to immediately get on her lap.  This wasn’t in the movie scene!  She battled with us and begged us to settle down.  Then the FG started bugging Einstein to play.  Leaping and barking.  And squeaking and spinning.  Not exactly a peaceful scene.  But after a few minutes we all eventually settled down.
So there she was.  The perfect move scene morning.  The one she had been dreaming of for so many years.  So many years.  Coffee in hand.  Dogs at her feet.  Sun shining.  Birds singing….Perfect.
And that idyllic scene lasted all of 39.2 seconds.  It began with one black fly.  He landed on her forehead.  The breeze picked up so she thought it would be fine.  Then another one flew around her head.  She put her hood up.  She looks at the FG who is twitching his ears.  One was flying around him. When one landed on her newspaper and then one on her hand, she let out a mournful cry.  She gathered up her paper and her coffee and marched back in the house.  We, of course, all followed her. After all, we are like glue so we had to see what the next plan was.  
She locked herself in the DFZ, and did her puzzles.  We went back out on the deck through the hole we have created in the screen door. Well- Einstein and I went out – the FG can’t figure out how to get through it.  So he sits inside squeaking.  
So much for the movies.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a breezy day….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 17

Plantation landing strip

Sometimes my human really makes me laugh.

After being away for a few days she came home to a yard that was in dire need of mowing.  So while we watched from the deck, she pushed the mower around the property. Unfortunately, when she purchased the mower, she bought a model that is not self-propelled.  She starts off all happy and moving quickly and by the end of the job she is slowly dragging along and mumbling.  Meanwhile, because she is not close enough to us, we are doing the one thing that we have been instructed NOT to do.  Peeing on the deck. Every time, before we go out on the deck, she takes us out front for a pee.  Then she brings us in, grabs her squirt gun and opens the deck door.  She instructs us “NO PEEING.”  At which point the FG immediately runs past her and lifts his leg on a deck chair, on the barbecue, or on the house.  Even though he was just out to pee.  Again she shouts, “NO PEEING.”  Uh – too late.  Then Einstein and I walk around LOOKING as if we are about to pee.  We know better than to go if she is watching.  BUT – if she is off mowing…well…when nature calls.

You know that she started the plantation.  And she’s been all concerned about the bunnies eating her crops.   Well – the other day she decided to do something REALLY crazy.  Remember the infamous solar lights in front of the house?  The ones that we used to play solar light bowling?  The ones that practically fell over every time the wind blew.  Or a dog peed on them.  Well she decided to get NEW solar lights.  These lights appear to be a BIT more substantial.  They are bigger.  And they have a better base.  So she pulled the OLD solar lights out and put in the NEW solar lights.   And that’s all fine and good.  But what did she do with the OLD solar lights?  She put them in the backyard.  Where the plantation is located. 

Here she is all worried that the bunnies will eat her crops, and she has provided lighting to help them find their way at night.  WHAT was she thinking?  It looks like a landing strip.  Remind me again how humans are the smartest species.

Time to get her walking.  And time to check the crops….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 16

Dog News

Time for some news in the dog world….

On this day in 2013, Nick Wallenda of the famous acrobatic family, was the first person to walk on a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. Remind me again why humans are considered to be the smartest species?  Anyway, my human saw a video of a Belgian Malinois walking a tightrope.  And I was going to share that.  But THEN I found THIS video – which shows a bit of tightrope walking – but some other daredevil stuff as well.  Check this out.  And I thought Border Collies were crazy.

Meanwhile, in looking at other end of the spectrum in canine behavior- did you hear about the bulldog in Boston?  The one who wasn’t feeling so well?  Well this brilliant pooch ate NINETEEN baby pacifiers.  Seriously.  Now I’m not so sure who is less bright in that household- the dog who ate the inedible objects – or the humans who didn’t happen to notice that pacifiers were going missing.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, the pacifiers were removed and Wellesley will be fine.

Remember that Border Collie, Hero who was on America’s Got Talent?  Well Hero’s human got married.  I assume Hero approved the groom.  So to celebrate the wedding, Hero and his human did a special wedding dance.  Here’s a part of it:

Thank goodness my human isn’t getting married any time soon. We would never be able to figure out a dance routine quickly.   Mind you, first she needs to find a groom.  Just a small technicality.

So those are a few headlines in the dog world. Einstein and I took our time warming up to my human.   Seriously- we PONs are a sensitive lot.  We sometimes ignore her when she first gets home to show our displeasure about the fact that she was gone.  And this time, we were a bit more miffed because the FG got to go.  We’ll play hard to make smile for at least another day – because she keeps plying us with treats to make up for leaving us at home.   Remember who is training who…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  15

They have returned…

Well they are back…Her highness and the FG returned from their Quebec expedition.

We were excited to see her highness, partly because she was armed with special peanut butter/banana biscuits.  Organic peanut butter/banana biscuits.  I didn’t want to say anything, but I couldn’t really taste the organic part.  They were pretty yummy though. And pretty good guilt gifts. 
I must say, we were a BIT jealous of the FG when he got home, though.  There was a SIGNIFICANT amount of barking. In fact, Char was a bit shocked as Einstein had been so quiet while her highness and the FG were gone.  The FG wanted very much to play poke-a-PON – and neither of us wanted to play.  We are being a bit standoffish – as I said, we are feeling jealous.  We’ll get over it.
Char reported that we were very well behaved while they were out on their adventures. OK, except for one SMALL incident when we walked out the front door and yours truly spotted a rabbit.  And I kind of spun Char around. Thankfully she remained upright.  And then she and I had a discussion about rabbits.  And pulling.  I didn’t do that again.  Mind you, we didn’t see any more rabbits. Other than that we were perfect.  As usual.
Her highness was happy to hear how good we had been.  She was also happy to see that the plantation is still intact.  No crops yet though. 
So all in all – it was a good week. We enjoyed our time with Char, and the FG was well behaved throughout his adventures.  And even though we appear a bit jealous… we really ARE glad to have both of them home.  Now pass another biscuit.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 14

One more puppy fix

Well as difficult as it is, Einstein and I are continuing to behave.  Her highness and the FG return tonight – the time went by really quickly.  We could use a few more days to train Char.  She’ll have to come back again.

Meanwhile, yesterday my human and Glenda again spent time with Anne and the puppies.  I’ll entice you with just a few more puppy pictures.  It’s hard to believe the FG was ever that little. 

They all have something that human’s love- puppy breath.  I think if we could bottle that aroma, we could make a LOT of money!

Apparently all the puppies are very sweet.  But of course in every litter, there are one or two who are … how shall I say this … the poop disturbers.  The feisty, pushy monkeys who are always in trouble.  And they are often the ones that the breeder is …well… not as sad to see go to their new homes.  I mean they are not BAD puppies- just…busy puppies.  Well.  It turns out that my human JUST found out that the FG was the “busy” one in his litter!  Just like me!  I was the bad, big boy in my litter too.  My human knows how to pick her puppies.  Or rather- we picked her. 
Well I had better get ready for their return.  Excuse me while I go and get cleaned up!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 13