Plantation landing strip

Sometimes my human really makes me laugh.

After being away for a few days she came home to a yard that was in dire need of mowing.  So while we watched from the deck, she pushed the mower around the property. Unfortunately, when she purchased the mower, she bought a model that is not self-propelled.  She starts off all happy and moving quickly and by the end of the job she is slowly dragging along and mumbling.  Meanwhile, because she is not close enough to us, we are doing the one thing that we have been instructed NOT to do.  Peeing on the deck. Every time, before we go out on the deck, she takes us out front for a pee.  Then she brings us in, grabs her squirt gun and opens the deck door.  She instructs us “NO PEEING.”  At which point the FG immediately runs past her and lifts his leg on a deck chair, on the barbecue, or on the house.  Even though he was just out to pee.  Again she shouts, “NO PEEING.”  Uh – too late.  Then Einstein and I walk around LOOKING as if we are about to pee.  We know better than to go if she is watching.  BUT – if she is off mowing…well…when nature calls.

You know that she started the plantation.  And she’s been all concerned about the bunnies eating her crops.   Well – the other day she decided to do something REALLY crazy.  Remember the infamous solar lights in front of the house?  The ones that we used to play solar light bowling?  The ones that practically fell over every time the wind blew.  Or a dog peed on them.  Well she decided to get NEW solar lights.  These lights appear to be a BIT more substantial.  They are bigger.  And they have a better base.  So she pulled the OLD solar lights out and put in the NEW solar lights.   And that’s all fine and good.  But what did she do with the OLD solar lights?  She put them in the backyard.  Where the plantation is located. 

Here she is all worried that the bunnies will eat her crops, and she has provided lighting to help them find their way at night.  WHAT was she thinking?  It looks like a landing strip.  Remind me again how humans are the smartest species.

Time to get her walking.  And time to check the crops….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 16

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