Dog poop and butterflies. Really.

We know that the topic of dog poop frequently appears in my blog.  We’ve discussed production, charteristics, gathering and frequency.  And probably other aspects as well.  My human was bemoaning the fact that she never DID do a REALLY good job of clearing the leaves from the lawn, so combine them and dog poop with a slight dusting of snow and you have the quintessential canine minefield.  But this blog isn’t about ANY of these.  It’s about butterflies and dog poop.  A cheery topic amidst the cold of winter.  And HOW do butterflies and dog poop go together you may be asking.  Well.  Allow me to anwer.

My human was looking at Instagram the other day. She doesn’t follow many sites, because REALLY – who has the time.   Now mind you – she is STILL attempting to go viral with one of her photos one day (of US) but given that we only have 234 Followers we are hardly in the viral category.   Once you have like a gazillion Followers you can actually make money posting photos.  I hope I live that long.  Anyway, one site she follows is National Geographic.  And she saw this interesting photo of butterfly catchers in Central Africa.  Who KNEW that the butterfly trade is big business in some parts of the world?  Some estimate that as much as hundreds of millions of dollars are traded each year.  Some of it is legit and is done through conservation efforts – but as in anything, there is also an underground trade in butterflies for rare species.  Lepidopterists (butterfly collectors) will pay good money for some species – like the Papilio bluenei which lives on an Indonesain Island and can easily sell for a hundred dollars.  A lot of people are into conservation, more than collecting, yet there still exists an obvious active market in the delicate winged beauties.

So WHAT does this have to do with dog poop you are asking.  Well – if you go to this site and scroll through the slideshow – you will see how we canines fit in to the equation.  You will also see how people can make art with butterfly wings.

So. Dog poop is used to attract butterflies.  At least in Central Africa.  Who knew?  I can’t say I have ever noticed butterflies on our poop – mind you, it usually ends up in one of the HANDLED poop bags pretty quickly – so the insects don’t have a chance to stop by.   I’ll have to do an experiment next spring.  I’m not planning to collect any of them – I can’t imagine killing one.  And the thought of glass cabinets full of dusty butterfly wings hanging on the walls in this house is beyond comprehension.  We have too much junk already.  Except for our fetch toys and bones and chew toys… Those we need more of.

So that’s your lepidoptery lesson for today. How many of you knew the connection between dog poop and butterflies??   We dogs REALLY are amazing.  Even our poop is valuable.  Now maybe my human can start selling THAT……

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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The dramatic Picard

OK. I have a proclamation.  Picards are more dramatic than PONs.  Seriously.  We PONs are a sensitive lot, but boy oh boy, Picards are VERY sensitive.

For example, my human has been pretty much a slug the past few days – although I am VERY happy to report that she is feeling MUCH better.  MUCH better.  And while we PONs were feeling sad that she was not exactly her usual self, the FG was REALLY sad.  He moped around like someone stole his favorite fetch toy.  Even when she fed him, he looked sadly at his food.  It was actually kind of spooky  – he was imitating her behavior.  Of course we PONs on the other hand dove into our food without a second of hesitation.   No sympathetic non-eating from us guys.

In fact yesterady, to get him feeling more excited, she had him do a little obedience routine before he ate.  Because at first he just stood there in a trance.   She came over and started his routine.  Which is pretty limited because his favorite thing to do is sit.  She told him to sit and he threw himself into  a sitting position.  She called him to come to her.  He ran over.  She told him to down and he threw himself on the floor.  A couple more sits and comes and he dove into his meal. He is clearly going to be better now that my human is better – she just had to show him that all is again right with our little world.

Meanwhile, my niece is demonstrating true PON behavior.  She is gaining weight daily.  Heck, she gained 31g in less than 24 hours after she was born.  She loves to eat.  AND get this – she is VERY vocal.   Didn’t I joke about that?!  Yup – she has inherited her father’s ability to strongly voice her opinion.  Perfect.

My human has started the Christmas explosion, although she thinks she may tame it down a bit this year.   We’re fine with that.  Less time decorating means more time for walks.

And speaking of walks, time for our morning constitutional. 

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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More pillowcase problems.

Thanks from my human for all the get well wishes.  She went to work yesterady or should I say she dragged herself to work yesterday.  She had too many things going on – so she couldn’t cancel everything.  Clearly she didn’t ask our opinion about it.

We watched her walk out the door and just shook our heads.
When she came home, she dragged in the same way she left.  Not a great sign.  At least her hair looked OK though.
As I mentioned yesterday, we were pretty sympathetic to my human’s needs.  But…one of us DID do something naughty.  And for a change it wasn’t me.
It was just before my human went to bed on Monday night. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and when she came out, found yours truly right by the bathroom door. Lovely.  The FG was lying next to the bed.  Nice.  But Einstein had curled up in a ball on the bed.  Right by her pillow.  And that’s when she saw what he was doing.  Chewing a hole in the NEW pillowcase.  
She quickly ousted him from his comfy position and declared “What is it with you PONs and pillowcases?!”  I think Einstein just got demoted on the Christmas “well behaved “ list.  My fear is that she is going to carry through on her threat to ask Santa for pillowcases for Christmas- for US. No GoBone in our stocking, just a pair of pillowcases.  How sad would THAT be?!
My human felt much better this morning- so I think she is on the mend.  Still not 100%- but getting there. Plus it’s hump day and only 9 more Wednesday’s….Paws crossed for a good day!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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One sick human

Well we have had a couple of pretty low key days. After the excitement of the puppy news, my human got sick.  I think it was all the excitement.

She felt miserable all day Sunday and all day yesterday.  She thinks it’s a case of the flu – body aches, chills, trouble eating – and she was very tired.
We were pretty understanding- so we were content to curl up with her on the bed.  I’ve never seen her sleep so much.  Nor have I ever seen her hair stand on end in such a unique style.  Good thing no one else saw her – she was quite the sight. 
She is supposed to go to work today….we’ll see….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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It is a girl!

Well another good news/bad news post. Well it’s not BAD – just hmmmmm….disappointing. Well not disappointing…just unexpected. So here we go….

It’s official.  I am an uncle!!! And Einstein is a Dad!!  His mail order girlfriend gave birth on Saturday night. My human hardly slept all night -waiting for the news. Merida is his girlfriend’s name – and she lives clear across the country in British Columbia.  That’s the good news.  But here’s the glitch…Remember the ultrasound said at least three puppies? Well here’s the disappointment- there is just one puppy – a little girl. 
We were hoping for lots of Frodettes but there is just one.  She has big paw prints to fill. 
I shouldn’t say we are disappointed- because really, any life is a miracle.  And knowing how challenging breeding can be – especially at a distance, to have even one puppy is a gift!
If she takes after her father, she is going to be one chatty girl. We’ve never had a girl in this house – except my human.   Just us rough and tumble boys.
I don’t really get a say in picking her name – but it doesn’t stop me from making suggestions….How about Indy – for individual? Solo works – but I think that sounds more like a boy’s name. There’s Treasure. Because she is one.  Or Gem – which could be Gemma if you like two syllables. Addie – short for adventurous since she is the only puppy. Adira is a Hebrew name meaning strong.  Isa is a German name meaning strong-willed.  Mind you that might not be such a smart choice.  We know that PONs can be strong-willed to begin with.  Why add fuel to the fire? 
Ada is a Polish name meaning nobility.  Tola is a Polish name meaning priceless.  And then we have Ula which means sea jewel.  Given that half her roots came from Nova Scotia – Canada’s Ocean Playground, that could work….
Anyway, we just hope she continues to thrive and leads a happy PONtastic life!  We are all excited to follow her progress as she grows.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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Bad news.

Well I’m afraid I have some bad news today .

If you check my seizure count, you’ll see what the bad news is.  Yup.  I had one yesterday.  In the afternoon- which is kind of unusual.  My human had gone the the dreaded Dollar Store and the Dog Food Store, and when she came home, we all ran around in the back yard playing fetch. We had a grand time and when we were suitably tired, we came in.  My human went to get something in the bedroom, and her cell phone rang .  It was a good friend- and they started chatting.  After a few minutes, she heard Einstein barking.  And barking.  She figured we were just horsing around, but when it didn’t stop after about 45 seconds, she came to see what all the ruckus was about.  I was lying down and the seizure had stopped, but my human knew that’s what happened….
The only thing that was different yesterday was the fact that we let my human sleep in until almost 7AM.  Which is when I take my medicine from the Vet.  Usually I take my CBD oil BEFORE my regular meds.  They don’t recommend taking them together.  So my human figured she would wait until 9 AM to give me my CBD, but- and she feels awful- she forgot.  She had to go to our Vet to pick up something- and in her haste- she forgot the CBD oil.  She had been wondering lately if it was making a difference- and clearly it is.
So it’s back to square one.  We are all bummed with the bad news.  Paws crossed that it was just a glitch….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Gift ideas

So the official start to the Christmas season has begun.   Mind you, some of the big stores had Christmas stuff out at the same time as Halloween.  Pretty soon they will be leaving the Christmas trees out all year round…

So since it is that time of year, it is time to start thinking of gifts.   And of course, the first thing that you need to know is that a dog is NOT a good gift.  A dog is a lifetime commitment and the following commercial by the Dogs Trust in the UK makes the point quite well…Scroll down to click on the ad….

That being said…my human and her sister DID buy their father a puppy for Christmas one year.  They had lost their old Irish Setter, Mickey and even though my human wasn’t living at home any more, she and her sister thought her Dad would REALLY want another dog.  With the agreement of their mother, of course.  So they brought home this Golden Retriever puppy.   Her father took one look at Midas and said “hey – I said no more dogs!”  (He was sad about the loss of Mickey.)  But within 3.5 seconds his heart melted and he was holding the little fella.  They became best buddies…and Midas lived to a ripe old age of 13….

Anyway, do NOT follow my human’s lead with the whole puppy-for-Christmas routine.  The results are sadly not all as positive…

And while on the topic of Christmas I have been looking at a VARIETY of sources for the best gifts for dogs.  I kept looking for one to share – and some had good ideas – but if they included rawhide chews, the list was eliminated.  Rawhide is NOT a good idea for dogs – but that’s a topic for another blog.

I did find this site and although there are things I do NOT want, I did find THE best gift.  The GoBone.  Check it out by clicking on the video:

Can you just IMAGINE our house with one of those?!  My human said it is too pricey.  I suggested the price would be divided by 3 since we would all use it.  She still said it is too pricey.  She said one of us would probably eat the sensor.  I said we would only use it while she is home- so she could make sure we don’t destroy it.  She still said no.  I think she is just trying to pretend Santa won’t bring it. And then we will all be surprised on Christmas Day.   She said I am in for a disappointment.  We’ll see…

My human liked the headlight harness.  Sure she did.  It’s so practical.  We better not get one of those.

The gift boxes are cool and who wouldn’t like food delivered to your door?

Heaven help us if she gets us the clothing that we can wear and match her.  Right now I bet you are ALL thinking THAT would be great.  Forget it.  I do NOT want attire.  Of any kind.

We don’t need the DNA kit – and no amount of Aromatherapy will reduce stress in this houe.  She would be afraid we would knock the candle over and set the house on fire, so that would actually cause MORE stress.

Scrap the bathing gloves.   They imply a bath – and really who wants more baths?

So REALLY, the best gift on the list is the GoBone.  Right?  My human said we might get new pillowcases.  She’s so funny.

Anyway, if I find more cool gifts, I will be SURE to share them and give you my opinion.

Oh and by the way – thanks to those of you who are clicking on the ads on my blog page.  My goal is $100 by Christmas.  I’m at around 88 right now.  Hey.  Maybe I can buy a GoBone MYSELF!!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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November 23.  The day after US Thanksgiving.  Also know as Black Friday – a HUGE shopping day when people share the true Christmas spirit by trampling each other to get bargains for things they don’t really NEED.  It’s a kind of strange human holiday.

It is also National Leftovers Day – which makes sense because the best part of big meals is the leftovers – and there are often plenty after Thanksgiving dinner.  Trust me – we dogs take inventory when it comes to leftovers.

It is also National Flossing Day.  Guess the dentists wanted to capitalize on the fact that people eat so much for Thanksgiving – so they definitely need to floss.  Flossing is important.  But does ANYBODY do it enough?  Just wondering…

But besides these holidays it is also Wolfenoot.   I must confess, I’m late to hear about this one – but I DO like the sound of it.  It was essentially started by a 7 year-old boy in New Zealand. It celebrates the spirit of the wolf – BUT the cool thing – it celebrates anyone who is/has been kind to DOGS. You eat roast meat and have a cake that looks like a moon.  Gifts are hidden around the house, and the people who are kind to dogs get extra gifts.  They even have an official website:

My guess is that if you are reading this blog (written by a dog) you definitely fall in the category of someone who is kind to dogs!  So cook up a big steak tonight (or a tofu version if you are vegetarian) and celebrate Wolfenoot.  And, of course,  don’t forget to share with your canine companion.

“Have a howly Wolfenoot”.  Peace and pawsup!
Seizure free days: 70!!!!

Charlie. The fairy tale.

My human heard some sad news last week.  Charlie went to the Rainbow Bridge…

My human has an old friend who lives in British Columbia, Canada.  They have known each other for 35+ years – but there was a period of time where they lost touch.  That sometimes happens with humans. Anyway, they reconnected in 2009, and she went to visit him that year in the wilds of BC.

To describe this friend, there is only one word – “adventurer.”  He has climbed mountains, skied the Alps, sailed across the Atlantic and volunteered for more than one tour in Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.   In the heart of the action… He has seen  a LOT.  He is headed to Iraq in January…. My human feels honored to call him her friend.

Anyway, when my human went to visit, she was introduced to her friend’s new canine companion – Charlie.  Charlie was a cocker spaniel who my human’s friend rescued from a shelter in Missouri.  Prior to his 3 years in the shelter, he had lived on a farm and was used for “breeding”.  When he couldn’t produce puppies, at the age of 2, they sent him to the shelter.

When Charlie arrived on the plane, his eyes were a mess – and he was also found to have a tumor in his ear.   My human’s friend stopped at a Vet clinic on the way home from the airport- and saw to it that Charlie was treated for all of his problems.   He had surgery for his ear – and it saved his life.

And WHAT a life he had.  He went hiking.

He accompanied his human while ski touring.  He sailed.  He traveled across the country.  And to top it off – he was THE sweetest and most obedient dog imaginable.

My human recalls how Charlie followed her friend EVERYWHERE.  He NEVER needed a leash.  She was just a tad jealous – here she was spending a fortune on obedience lessons for her canines – who could never be let off leash in the places that Charlie went – and Charlie NEVER went to a single obedience class.  It was like he KNEW his life had been saved.

Charlie never growled.  And didn’t even bark much.  He never met a dog or person he didn’t like.

But as you humans know,  one of the hardest parts about being owned by a dog is the fact that you outlive us…. My human had talked to her friend this fall and learned that Charlie’s engine was beginning to slow.  His vision was poor and he could no longer hear.  He had an incident at home last week, that told her friend it was time to say good-bye….

So while this story IS sad – it is also happy.  Charlie was happy for nine amazing and wonderful years – and that can’t be forgotten.

And on this day, which is Thanksgiving in the US, we should all learn a lesson from Charlie.  His life started off hard.  Very hard.  And then he was saved.  And I think Charlie was so well behaved because he was thankful!   He was completely and utterly devoted to his human.  He knew what life was once like – and he gave thanks every day for his amazing luck. It was truly like a fairy tale…

We often take for granted the basic things in life.  Food, shelter, power, friends….So take a note from Charlie, today – wherever you live – and don’t forget to give Thanks….. And also don’t forget – sometimes fairy tales do come true.

Have a thankful one. Peace and paws up.

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Walking games

Sometimes my human just doesn’t think things through.

Yesterday she was off. So….drum roll please… we let her sleep in until almost 7 AM!  See – we can be thoughtful.  By the time she got dressed, it was light out- so we got to go for longer walks.  Sweet.
First the FG went. They had a lovely long walk up on the golf course.  Then it was our turn. The PON walk.  We went on the trail, sniffing and snorting and taking in the aroma of any four legged creature who had been by.  My human let Einstein off leash – because, let’s face it, he IS the most obedient.  And as we we were heading for home, my human decided to play an old game.  She drops one of her mittens on the trail without us seeing it.  We continue to walk and then she loudly announces “uh-oh I lost my mitten.  Go find it!”  And then the dog(s) go to search for the missing clothing.  Great game, right?  Except she forgot that we never PLAYED this game before.  She played it with Bernese in the past.  Not us.  At least not that we remember.  Sure we play “find the bunny, or the hedgehog” in the house but this mitten thing was not familiar.  Or if it was, we pretended we didn’t know what to do. She tried it with Einstein.  He stared at her like she was speaking Swahili.  Kind of like the look I gave her when she wanted me to retrieve the new ball. She pointed to the mitten which was clearly visible in the middle of the trail.  She told him to get it.  At first he ran in the general direction of the mitten, but then went off to the side of the trail, sniffing the brush.  He was literally 1 foot from the mitten.  She shouted “get it.”  He stepped toward it, looked at it and ran back to my human. Minus the mitten.  So she had to walk back and retrieve it herself.  She mumbled something like “if it was a bowl of food or a pile of poo you would find it quickly.” 
As we came down our driveway, she decided to try it again.  THIS time, Einstein ran out, pounced on the mitten, grabbed it and ran back to my human.  Success!! He knew what to do all along.  We walked a bit further and she tried it again.  Bingo – success again. So you would THINK she would quit while she was ahead.  On the third try, Einstein was getting bored.  Even though he was getting a treat every time he brought back the now soggy mitten.  This time he did what he did the very first time. He went around it – started sniffing the trees on the side of the driveway and ALMOST looked like he was about to take off. My human shouted “get it.”  He slowly turned around, looked at her, looked at the mitten and then decided that he was pretty close to home – and breakfast- so he had better comply.  He got the mitten. And a treat.  All the while I was focused on going home – because I wanted breakfast.
The find it game can be fun.  It makes us use our noses and our brains. And if we don’t get the mitten , our human gets more exercise- which is good for her.  Trust me – we think these things through…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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