Gift ideas

So the official start to the Christmas season has begun.   Mind you, some of the big stores had Christmas stuff out at the same time as Halloween.  Pretty soon they will be leaving the Christmas trees out all year round…

So since it is that time of year, it is time to start thinking of gifts.   And of course, the first thing that you need to know is that a dog is NOT a good gift.  A dog is a lifetime commitment and the following commercial by the Dogs Trust in the UK makes the point quite well…Scroll down to click on the ad….

That being said…my human and her sister DID buy their father a puppy for Christmas one year.  They had lost their old Irish Setter, Mickey and even though my human wasn’t living at home any more, she and her sister thought her Dad would REALLY want another dog.  With the agreement of their mother, of course.  So they brought home this Golden Retriever puppy.   Her father took one look at Midas and said “hey – I said no more dogs!”  (He was sad about the loss of Mickey.)  But within 3.5 seconds his heart melted and he was holding the little fella.  They became best buddies…and Midas lived to a ripe old age of 13….

Anyway, do NOT follow my human’s lead with the whole puppy-for-Christmas routine.  The results are sadly not all as positive…

And while on the topic of Christmas I have been looking at a VARIETY of sources for the best gifts for dogs.  I kept looking for one to share – and some had good ideas – but if they included rawhide chews, the list was eliminated.  Rawhide is NOT a good idea for dogs – but that’s a topic for another blog.

I did find this site and although there are things I do NOT want, I did find THE best gift.  The GoBone.  Check it out by clicking on the video:

Can you just IMAGINE our house with one of those?!  My human said it is too pricey.  I suggested the price would be divided by 3 since we would all use it.  She still said it is too pricey.  She said one of us would probably eat the sensor.  I said we would only use it while she is home- so she could make sure we don’t destroy it.  She still said no.  I think she is just trying to pretend Santa won’t bring it. And then we will all be surprised on Christmas Day.   She said I am in for a disappointment.  We’ll see…

My human liked the headlight harness.  Sure she did.  It’s so practical.  We better not get one of those.

The gift boxes are cool and who wouldn’t like food delivered to your door?

Heaven help us if she gets us the clothing that we can wear and match her.  Right now I bet you are ALL thinking THAT would be great.  Forget it.  I do NOT want attire.  Of any kind.

We don’t need the DNA kit – and no amount of Aromatherapy will reduce stress in this houe.  She would be afraid we would knock the candle over and set the house on fire, so that would actually cause MORE stress.

Scrap the bathing gloves.   They imply a bath – and really who wants more baths?

So REALLY, the best gift on the list is the GoBone.  Right?  My human said we might get new pillowcases.  She’s so funny.

Anyway, if I find more cool gifts, I will be SURE to share them and give you my opinion.

Oh and by the way – thanks to those of you who are clicking on the ads on my blog page.  My goal is $100 by Christmas.  I’m at around 88 right now.  Hey.  Maybe I can buy a GoBone MYSELF!!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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