November 23.  The day after US Thanksgiving.  Also know as Black Friday – a HUGE shopping day when people share the true Christmas spirit by trampling each other to get bargains for things they don’t really NEED.  It’s a kind of strange human holiday.

It is also National Leftovers Day – which makes sense because the best part of big meals is the leftovers – and there are often plenty after Thanksgiving dinner.  Trust me – we dogs take inventory when it comes to leftovers.

It is also National Flossing Day.  Guess the dentists wanted to capitalize on the fact that people eat so much for Thanksgiving – so they definitely need to floss.  Flossing is important.  But does ANYBODY do it enough?  Just wondering…

But besides these holidays it is also Wolfenoot.   I must confess, I’m late to hear about this one – but I DO like the sound of it.  It was essentially started by a 7 year-old boy in New Zealand. It celebrates the spirit of the wolf – BUT the cool thing – it celebrates anyone who is/has been kind to DOGS. You eat roast meat and have a cake that looks like a moon.  Gifts are hidden around the house, and the people who are kind to dogs get extra gifts.  They even have an official website:

My guess is that if you are reading this blog (written by a dog) you definitely fall in the category of someone who is kind to dogs!  So cook up a big steak tonight (or a tofu version if you are vegetarian) and celebrate Wolfenoot.  And, of course,  don’t forget to share with your canine companion.

“Have a howly Wolfenoot”.  Peace and pawsup!
Seizure free days: 70!!!!

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