New Year’s Eve

Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here for our last post of 2022. We are counting down the minutes to 2023. A bright new year – a blank slate on which to record new adventures.

2022 was a quiet, but good year. Yes – we did see the Warden catch the dreaded plague this year – and it did cut down our walking time for a few weeks, but thankfully it wasn’t too serious. We canines thankfully enjoyed good health as well – except for the Coyote and a broken toe nail. But in the big scheme of things – that was pretty minor.

The year began with me completing my Rally Novice title and completing one leg of Rally Advanced. At the same time, the Boss completed two legs of Master early in the year – and finished his title a few weeks ago. And IF our calculations are correct, that score moved him into the ranking of Top Polish Lowland Sheepdog in Rally in Canada for 2022. And no – he was not the only dog competing! OK. There were only 3 of us. But still – the old fella made it to the Top. We’ll wait for the paperwork to confirm this. But no matter what his standing was – he did complete his Master title at 12 years, 11 months and 12 days. Oh. And he also got his Novice Trick Dog title and his Versatility Novice title. The Boss had a very productive year. And even without all those scores – he’s Numero Uno in our house. Always. That’s what really counts, Meanwhile, I’m still learning to walk on a leash without strangling myself and to NOT ricochet off unsuspecting humans. And the Coyote is learning his name.

We had lots of company this year – including several visits by my favorite ricochet victims, Sue and Keith. St. Jane, our obedience Coach also was our warden when our human went away for a few days. We actually behaved ( of course we would for St. Jane) – and enjoyed our days with Kwik and Fidjit- our Rally Teammates. Speaking of whom- the Shaggies also won a Rally Team trial this fall too!

2022 saw bathroom renovations with Sue and the Warden stuck in a sheet of wallpaper. We weren’t allowed to help…

We also continued to write this blog – and the Warden even got to meet some loyal readers from Ontario this year! She has also had some great chats with other dog owners – sharing stories and general canine antics. The dog world is smaller than you think!

We are grateful for this past year – and grateful for each one of you reading this. We appreciate your comments and messages more than you’ll ever know!

May 2023 bring you the joy and happiness that we dogs feel most of the time. May your days be filled with treats (of all different kinds), and may you take in the sights, sounds and even smells (hopefully pleasant) of the world around you – just like the Coyote out on a walk. I think it’s something humans need to do more – enjoy the little things around you – and be more dog-like. Just don’t pee on the neighbors’ garbage cans.

We wish you lots of love, luck and laughter. 2023 is a new chapter in your life. You’re the author. Decide how the story will go!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Holiday recap

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. Happy post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s food coma days. We have been enjoying the holidays with our company- and have stared at them whenever they are eating – which seems like a LOT. The moaning and groaning about “tight pants” will be starting any time now. Yet another reason why we dogs prefer to NOT wear attire.

So in the morning, we ALL get to go for our walks together. The Coyote is wrangled by Keith; Sue walks the Boss, and I’m “handled” by the Warden. We are all fairly well- behaved- although the Coyote gets SO excited he’s a bit like a bucking bronco when he starts out. Keith looks like a cowboy trying to tame a wild stallion in the Old West. He just needs the cowboy hat. Meanwhile, the Boss leads the pack – marching in the front of the train. I just walk along strangling myself. Good times.

Plus guess what? Santas Sue and Keith brought us some bully sticks. A huge box full. The Warden said they are really a gift for her. It’s one way to keep us all busy at the same time. She loves them as much as we do.

Yesterday, yours truly went to a Heeling Workshop with our trainer St. Jane – the most patient, positive coach on the planet. And she’s inventive- she can make heeling fun. Our workshop included a canine Noah’s Ark- a Bouvier, a Weimaraner, a Poodle, a Borzoi, a Golden, a Lab, a Border Terrier, some Border Collies, some Australian Shepherds, and a partridge in a pear tree. I probably forgot somebody – but that was plenty to make my brain explode the first few minutes. But after I did a quick survey of my comrades, I got down to business. The Warden said I was positively “fine.” You know that word. “Fine.” Which means I wasn’t fantabulous, nor was I a dumpster fire. I was fine. I’ll take it.

So I guess it’s almost time to write down my New Year’s resolutions. One will be to stop procrastinating. But I’ll write that down tomorrow.

The Warden has a goal of competing with me in obedience this year. I think she better consult with me before she puts that on her list. I mean I’m a pretty key component.

Well it’s almost time to walk the humans. Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Boxing Day

Howdy blogaroos! Happy Boxing Day! The day when the spirit of goodness and kindness that was hopefully felt 24 hours earlier, switches over to the day of “every person” for themselves as they battle other shoppers looking for post-Christmas sales. Except in our corner of the world where, just like Christmas Day, everything is shut down. Yup. No stores open. Another day of peace on earth. Not that anybody here was planning to hit the stores anyway. We’re good. Santa was good to us – and we don’t really NEED anything. Except maybe treats. We can always use treats…..

And speaking of the guy in red, he must have overlooked my ricochet behavior – and he actually left me gifts! ALL of us got gifts. While we don’t look overjoyed in the photo, that’s because the Warden told us we couldn’t touch them until she got the shot. You’ll note we are not in the DFZ. I’m too wild. So she says. So we had to open our gifts away from the tree.

Santa brought each of us three gifts: a Nylabone, a Bully stick and a new chewable item – a beef cheek roll. Here I am testing mine out:

Now before you panic and think Santa brought us rawhide (which is not great for us dogs because we can choke on them) – beef cheek rolls are NOT the same. They are digestible and hard, and safe for even crazy chewers like yours truly. ALL of us, including the picky Picard, liked it. We chewed until we were almost totally exhausted, so the Warden took them away so we would have a break. And we barely put a dent in them. Of course we also liked our Bully sticks which were also stolen so we would have more to work on today. The Nylabones came in in third place with regard to chewing interest, and while nice, they were not nearly as exciting. Thankfully Santa brought us no clothes. We also didn’t get any cute stuffed toys like some of our canine buddies. Probably because we would rip the heads off in less than 3 minutes. Sorry to be graphic – but we’re big on dissection in this house.

We spent the day with the Warden, relaxing, listening to Christmas music and also getting ready for today. Because GUESS what? We get Christmas all over again today. Sue and Keith are coming!!! Yee haw. Ricochet targets return. They don’t get here until tonight, so the Warden has time to vacuum at least three more times. Futile I tell ya. Futile.

Thanks so much to all who sent Christmas wishes. We truly appreciate your kind words.

We have come to understand that one of THE best Christmas gifts is that of gratitude. Sometimes humans tend to focus on what they don’t have, but instead should really be thankful for all they DO have. And trust me – we have enormous gratitude for you loyal readers. Some of you we know personally, some of you we have been lucky to meet – because of this blog – and some of you are friends from afar – whose paths we may or may not ever cross. But even if we never do cross paths in person – knowing that you share the same love of all things canine is a very special bond.

So that’s my sappy post Christmas speech. OK. OK- the Boss told me what to say. Maybe SOMEDAY I’ll be as wise as him. The Coyote said that’s unlikely. Ha.

Almost time for our constitutionals. If you do venture out to stores today, try to stay out of any boxing matches. Do you REALLY need that zebra pattern remote control blender, just because it’s 50% off? On the other paw – if it’s dog treats on sale – I’ll pass you the boxing gloves…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Merry Christmas!

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on the Eve of Baby Jesus’ Birthday Bash. I sent my email last night to the guy in red- and truth be told- I stole a few lines from Viktor. That guy was a pretty good writer sometimes- and I kinda liked his message. Plus I was running out of time and copy and paste was my friend.

We had CRAZY wind and rain last night. We didn’t even want to go out to pee. I bet there were a lot of inflatable Santas and snowmen doing the Hokey Pokey last night. And a few that probably went airborne.

The Warden seems to be ready for the bearded dude although I think she still has some cleaning to do. When doesn’t she have cleaning to do? It’s really a futile hobby. But she must love it – she does it all the time.

So here’s my partly plagiarized letter to Santa. I’ll probably get coal for stealing words..

Dear Santa,

Before I get into my list, please disregard the previous email list that I sent to you. I hit the “send” button before I was finished with my message. You will note that the previous list included some sheep and a goat. I have subsequently taken that item off my list because I realized that my human has enough work taking care of us three dogs -so sheep and a goat would probably not be a good idea. Fun for us canines…but not for her.

I have tried to be a good dog this year with “tried” being the operative word. You see I have been diligent in writing this blog most of the time. And I actually engage in some of my antics purely for my readership because really, if I was well-behaved all the time, the blog would be would become quite boring. I must confess, I do enjoy ricocheting off humans and other canines and chasing birds and rabbits and the neighbors’ cat in the woods and running like a maniac around the dining room table each morning and licking Frodo’s face and ears so they get all goopy and and and…. well maybe not EVERYTHING was purely for my readership. I hope you will not hold those “indiscretions” against me.

So back to the list.  I had World Peace as number one- but I realize that’s a BIG order…

Some toys would be nice – although none of those “educational” toys. Thanks but no thanks. Something basic – like a toilet paper roll would be fine. We quite enjoy those.

No clothes. Again – thanks but no thanks. Give those to someone else who really needs them. And enjoys wearing them. And if you need antlers to give to some poor dog and your elves have run out of time to make them – let me know. I have several pairs to donate.

Of course, I always enjoy some treats.  And an extra helping of food would be nice.  Mind you, I already have those too.

We have a comfy bed – which we DO share. Although I personally prefer to lie on the tile floor. On my back. With my feet in the air. OR under the area carpet. Like no one can see me.

Let’s see what else could I ask for? Santa – perhaps what I will ask for is not for me. I will ask for something for every person (and dog) who is reading this blog. I ask that they share the joy and happiness that Christmas is all about . A smile, a handshake, a phone call, a text, a hug – realizing that Christmas ISN’T about the presents – but about those moments that you share with others. Human OR canine. OK. Cats too. And ferrets. And rabbits. But not snakes. OK. Snakes too. But just for today.

Santa I ask for peace and happiness within the hearts of those reading this – even if just for a moment.   And that feeling of pure joy – that we dogs know ALL about.  That’s what I wish for.

Oh – and if you DO decide to drop off a parcel – and you can’t fit down our chimney – I’ll leave the door open. And I’ll remind Frodo that’s it’s OK to let you in. I’m not sure about leaving you milk and cookies – it is likely one of us would eat it. Sorry about that….

Safe travels Santa – don’t forget to buckle up and you probably should also be wearing a helmet.   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Your best friend.


The Boss said I was a bit presumptuous saying “your best friend.” Too late. Besides – all dogs are best friends!

To our loyal readers….Wishing all of you joy, love and laughter on this very special day. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Have a great one. Peace and paws up. And stay safe.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the blooper blog

Hey blogaroos! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our annual Christmas photo bloopers. As usual, it was a gong show. The Warden kept waiting for a snowy day to subject us to the the torture – but guess what? No snow in our region of the Great White North. Hope Santa has wheels on his sled.

When the Christmas photos are about to begin – we KNOW it’s happening. A dead giveaway is the sound of the Warden rifling through bins in the garage. She had to dig through the Easter bunny ears and the Halloween pumpkin head bands to find the antlers. Then she loads her pockets with super duper GOOD treats. I mean GOOD stuff. Not everyday biscuits. Then, after much chaos to put various things around our necks, she opens the door and lets us out. Except the Coyote. He’s on leash because he would totally take off. He would do that any time – but when he sees the antlers he’s extra rarin’ to go. Meanwhile, I do 50 laps of the yard – searching for bunny balls. Yum. And the Boss just follows along, barking out instructions.

So although she took 4376 photos, we’ll just subject you to a few…

So those are some bloopers from this year. We also took some photos by the Christmas tree. Our tree is in the DFZ. So we never get near it. It’s 99% glass ornaments. News flash – we don’t care. Careful is not my middle name. First the Warden took the Boss in. Who thought he would be doing solo shots. So he was all smiley and happy.

Then she brought in the Coyote and told him to sit and stay. Which he surprisingly did. Then she went to get me. Me. Who was sequestered in the front hall because I was acting like a hummingbird on speed. She took me in holding onto my festive collar as I tried to strangle myself. You’ll note my wild hairdo from my frenzied entrance. And now the Boss is much more serious since he realizes these are not solo shots.

The Warden decided maybe we should all lie down. Since we looked a bit like the Three Stooges sitting in a line.

Here’s a little dog photography tip: Never hold the treat to the side if you want us to look AT the camera…

Here the Warden obviously held the treat up too high….or the Boss was warming up for another solo.

Anyway, after numerous attempts, and three lbs of treats, we did get a good shot. We’ll save that for later.

But right now I’ve gotta go finish my novel for Santa. Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Bath time

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on the shortest day of the year. We’ll be sure to get the Warden up extra early so we don’t miss a minute of daylight.

Today is also the first day of winter. You wouldn’t know it where we are. The grass is green and the Warden almost contemplated mowing it. Note I said “almost.”

Last night, the Warden took the Coyote in the garage. I was CERTAIN he was in there taking Christmas photos and getting treats. I obsessively yelled for him to come out. And I had the following conversation with the Boss:

Me: Hey – he’s in there getting treats.

The Boss: Nah. He’s getting a bath.

Me: No he’s not. He’s getting his photo taken. I just know it. And he’s getting treats. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: He’s getting a bath. Listen. The water is running.

Me: He wanted a drink before the photo shoot. I know he’s in there getting treats. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: Listen Treathead you can hear the blow dryer.

Me: They’re taking artsy photos with the wind in his hair. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: Watch what you wish for!

Me: I want treats. Let me in!

After my continual yelling, for what seemed like hours, the door opened and a much fluffier Coyote emerged. Who promptly smushed his face in the carpet. And along the wall.

And the Warden called me into the garage.

Me: See! I’m going to get my photo taken. I’m going to get treats!

The Boss shouts: Sure you are.

Me: I am! Wha…wait a minute. She’s putting me in the tub! Oh noooo. Wha….whoa. I just tried to jump out and she caught me mid-air. She’s faster than she looks! Save yourself!!!

So yes. I DID get my pre-Christmas bath. I’m fluffy. Until I run in the woods. Although the Warden said something about being on leash until Christmas. Great.

Meanwhile, the Boss has a new routine. It’s called getting the Warden up when she’s sound asleep. It started two days ago. We usually get up around 7 AM, but the Boss wants to make sure it’s no later. Promptly at 7, he started barking. So the Warden got up, gave him his medication, let him out to pee, gave him a treat and then she came back to bed for 10 minutes. That’s all the time she could get before we all started getting restless.

So that was fine. Until that night. We went to bed at around 10:30 and we were all asleep, when promptly at midnight, the Boss started barking. The Warden thought that was odd, so she let him out to pee. He didn’t really need to go – but he did want the treat for coming in. The Warden told him to go back to bed. He trudged into the bedroom and went down in a hmpf.

At 7 yesterday morning, our new alarm guy got her up again. I think he just wants his treat. So he’s trying to train her to get up and give him one. We’ll see is the new routine continues. The morning one isn’t so bad – but the middle of the night request will not go over well. Thing is – the guy has age on his side. The Warden figures maybe he DOES need to go. He knows he’s got her. And THAT is why we call him the Boss.

It’s almost time to enjoy the daylight. We’ll see if the alarm goes off. Or if she beats him to it. And today, I think I’ll finish my email to Santa.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Christmas countdown

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on this the final countdown to Christmas. We haven’t had any real snow yet – in fact it rained all day yesterday- so we haven’t been subjected to the annual Christmas photo shoot yet. We heard the Warden rustling around in the garage yesterday- and we think she was preparing for the event – but no sign of antlers yet.

To prepare you for Baby Jesus’s Birthday Bash, we viewed a LOT of dog Christmas videos and picked out our favorites. Beginning with some created as commercials….

Then we found this – which shows where I want to visit next Christmas. How awesome is this?

There’s this old favorite of some very clever dogs…

And I REALLY liked this one of dogs picking out their own Christmas gifts!

If you have all your shopping done (unlike the Warden) and you want to spend some quality time with your dog, here are some good movies to watch:

The Warden said something about some of us needing a Christmas bath. As if presents are dependent on us being clean. Does Santa REALLY discriminate against dirty dogs? I think not. But I suppose I better not take any chances.

Time to go fly over the puddles.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Ode to Joy

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on this Friday the 16th of December. Did you know that today is Beethoven’s birthday?! The music guy. Not the dog. But speaking of the dog – how many of you remember this movie from 30 years ago:

And the Warden thinks WE are a challenge! Mind you, I suppose you could roll all three of us together and that’s probably equivalent to one Beethoven.

I went for a training session yesterday, and the Warden thinks I’m slowly catching on to this obedience stuff. I repeat slowly. Sometimes she cannot believe that the same dog working so hard and doing so well at the end of the leash, is the same dog ricocheting off her stomach in the mornings. I’m a mystery. Kind of like a magician – you never know what tricks I’ll pull. I have some big paw prints to fill – the Boss continues his roll as Wonder Dog. But check these photos out – I’m starting to get the idea…

Meanwhile, we have the Coyote. Our Zen dog. Whose favorite activity on the planet is to stand and stare…

We’re not sure what he’s staring at. Probably thinking how lucky he is to live with two PONs. Or how to chew through his leash to escape us. That guy is different. He does something that drives the Warden crazy. Maybe it’s a Picard thing. Any Picard owners can let us know if it’s a breed thing. Or just an Elroy thing. He loves to find the most grungy, muddy, gross, disgusting, stinky puddles around – to have a drink. And like we’re not talking about after he’s been out walking a long time. We’re talking just after he has left the house where there is a fresh, clean bowl of water. He makes a beeline for a puddle. There’s one area on our walk to the lake, and every day the Warden has to catch him before he takes a giant gulp. But does he drink the water in the lake? Nope. Just gross puddles. Ewwwww. Meanwhile, the Boss is walking as far from the puddle as possible- while yours truly flies over it. Yup – we’re all pretty different.

Anyway, before I close, here’s a little tribute to Beethoven. It might make your dog go crazy.

You’re welcome!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

In the news

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here after a very blustery Tuesday. Some areas of Nova Scotia got LOTS of snow, but we didn’t get any. We did get lots of wind though, so it made the cold temperatures feel MUCH colder. The one guy who was happy is the Boss. He LOVES chilly weather. As long as it’s dry.

Otherwise not much new here. The Warden appears to have finished decorating the Lindonian. There’s no room for one more Santa or elf or reindeer. It really is a Christmas explosion. I’m selling tickets and leading tours whenever she goes out. Contact me for times and dates. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway since it’s fairly quiet on the home front, I decided to check out the dog news in the rest of the world. The first is a holy moly good news story…

Jazzy was gone for a LONG time. But isn’t it AMAZING that she finally was returned to her home. I think they should make a movie about this one!

Here’s a story about dogs helping out:

It’s good to know that kids who have been through so much are getting help – and we canines are playing a big role. Of course we are.

Finally, we have a new Guinness record breaker:

Twenty two years old!!!! That’s pretty amazing!!! Sounds like his human took pretty good care of him. And it sounds like the good care went both ways.

Well, time for our morning mania. You have NO idea how crazy our morning really is. Complete with incessant barking (all of us join in – including the Coyote) and yours truly is in full-on ricochet mode. And it doesn’t end after walks – it continues until breakfast is served. And then we want stuffed apples and bread. It’s somewhere between 60-90 minutes from when the Warden rolls out of bed, that things MAY settle down. No wonder she pulls the covers over her head at 7AM.

OK. Mania time.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

She cried

Greetings blog aficionados on this Monday the 12th of December. Frodo here for your reading pleasure. Less than two weeks to Christmas. Her Highness still has much to do. Tsk. Tsk. Although, she must be happy today because yesterday, I gave her an early Christmas gift…

As some of you may recall, I emerged from my retirement in dog sports last year. In my younger years I competed in obedience and in rally – attaining a basic obedience title and what was the highest level of rally at the time – a Rally Excellent title. Some years after my retirement, the dog world added another level of competition-a Rally Master title.

When the Imp came along, he began attending Novice classes. As a result, Her Highness thought I might take a few classes at the Master level. I attempted my first Master trials exactly one year ago at this time- and largely due to Her Highness’s lack of “sign preparation” , I rather embarrassingly failed in not one, but two trials. Actually, I should not say “I” failed, but rather “we” failed.

After more preparation over the winter months, I entered my next trials in March 2022. And this time, the results were much more satisfactory. I passed both trials with scores of 98 and 100 out of 100 points. It was a joyful weekend. I now had 2 out of the 3 necessary passes for my Master title.

Over the summer and fall, there were additional opportunities to compete toward my title. BUT, and here is a little secret about yours truly that is not common knowledge- I do not particularly enjoy long car travel. No – I do not become ill. But I am very restless and by the time I arrive at my destination, I am panting and exhausted. This is in no way a reflection on Her Highness’s driving. At least that is what I am saying here. So, as a result, Her Highness did not enter me in any trials which were a long distance – except for our adventures in Team – which turned out well.

Yesterday, two trials were held in the same venue as the scene of our less than stellar performances last year. The beauty of this venue is its location – which is about a 15 minute drive from home.

For the past few weeks, we have been practicing and as you may recall, I was also in a fun match last weekend to prepare for yesterday.

Well. Drumroll after this rather long and boring introduction. No – let’s stretch this a bit longer.

We awoke at 5 AM. Keep in mind the venue, as I said, is only 15 minutes away. BUT – we all needed our morning walks, we all needed breakfast (including Her Highness) and she also needed to shower. I should add that yours truly had a bath on Saturday- because although this wasn’t a beauty pageant- one must still look presentable. At least that’s what I’m told.

We left home at 6:40 because the doors opened at 7. We arrived before any one else was there. Of course we did. Needless to say, it was still dark out. The Master class started at 8.

Now comes the REAL drumroll. Cast your gaze to the scoring list above. Yours truly was dog number 269. Yes. Not only did I qualify, I was the Highest scoring dog in the class for that trial. Which meant I had my third passing score. Which means I can now put the initials RM after my name.

I wasn’t overly excited about the result – I simply wanted my treats at the end. Her Highness, on the other hand, shed a few tears. She CAN be rather emotional about such things. I believe it was a combination of happiness. And relief. Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger. Although- I still can race that young thing for a treat. And win. Sometimes.

We were entered in another trial in the afternoon, because Her Highness planned that if I didn’t qualify in the morning trial, I would have a second chance in the afternoon. We could have competed for “fun” but we both decided to end on a high note. There was always the chance for a disaster in the afternoon, so we chose to rest on our laurels. Her Highness brought me home to the ever- excitable Imp and the curious FG who both wondered where I had been. The Imp was impressed by my ribbon. The FG, not so much. Her Highness left me to rest after my morning excitement, and she went back to help with the trial. For those who don’t know – putting on a dog show or trial takes many hands and volunteers are ALWAYS needed.

So today I shall relax and now I await the paperwork confirming my new title. We MAY dabble in some trials next Spring – just for fun and if I’m still wishing to do so. Her Highness believes I was probably the most senior dog at the trial yesterday- but I dare say my time was probably as good as any dog there. We shall see…

Now, I am off for my morning constitutional. And to wave my ribbons in the face of the Imp.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.