Ode to Joy

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on this Friday the 16th of December. Did you know that today is Beethoven’s birthday?! The music guy. Not the dog. But speaking of the dog – how many of you remember this movie from 30 years ago:


And the Warden thinks WE are a challenge! Mind you, I suppose you could roll all three of us together and that’s probably equivalent to one Beethoven.

I went for a training session yesterday, and the Warden thinks I’m slowly catching on to this obedience stuff. I repeat slowly. Sometimes she cannot believe that the same dog working so hard and doing so well at the end of the leash, is the same dog ricocheting off her stomach in the mornings. I’m a mystery. Kind of like a magician – you never know what tricks I’ll pull. I have some big paw prints to fill – the Boss continues his roll as Wonder Dog. But check these photos out – I’m starting to get the idea…

Meanwhile, we have the Coyote. Our Zen dog. Whose favorite activity on the planet is to stand and stare…

We’re not sure what he’s staring at. Probably thinking how lucky he is to live with two PONs. Or how to chew through his leash to escape us. That guy is different. He does something that drives the Warden crazy. Maybe it’s a Picard thing. Any Picard owners can let us know if it’s a breed thing. Or just an Elroy thing. He loves to find the most grungy, muddy, gross, disgusting, stinky puddles around – to have a drink. And like we’re not talking about after he’s been out walking a long time. We’re talking just after he has left the house where there is a fresh, clean bowl of water. He makes a beeline for a puddle. There’s one area on our walk to the lake, and every day the Warden has to catch him before he takes a giant gulp. But does he drink the water in the lake? Nope. Just gross puddles. Ewwwww. Meanwhile, the Boss is walking as far from the puddle as possible- while yours truly flies over it. Yup – we’re all pretty different.

Anyway, before I close, here’s a little tribute to Beethoven. It might make your dog go crazy.


You’re welcome!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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