A year ago. Picrazy began.

Well well well.  Exactly one year ago year ago today, my human met a special guy.  It was actually the result of some on-line “dating”.  She  remembers the instant she saw him. She had driven for hours and hours to meet him with her good friend, Glenda and it was a beautiful day. 

He had dark eyes and sandy colored hair.  And the most enticing expression.  He won her over within nanoseconds of their meeting.  And life in our house would never be the same. Yup. A year ago today my human met Elroy for the first time. 

Anyone who has ever been owned by a dog can remember that first meeting.  And the special day when they went to pick up their “bundle of joy.”  With sharp teeth.  My human and Glenda spent the afternoon talking with Elroy’s treasurer.  ( Remember – I don’t like the word litter to describe a group of puppies – I prefer a treasury.  So the person who “ creates “ that treasury is of course a treasurer!) . And my human learned more about Picards and got to meet Elroy’s lovely mother AND his half-brother – both of whom were friendly and energetic.  

After their visit, when it was time to go – it was a sad parting.  My human has never been a treasurer herself, but she can appreciate how hard it must be to say good-bye to puppies who have been with you for weeks.  They said their farewells – and with Glenda driving and Elroy siting cozily on my human’s lap, they set out.  Now before you start shaking your head about a puppy sitting on a human’s lap, I have to let you know, it didn’t last more than a few minutes.  Elroy (who at that point was renamed Jaws) decided that he would rather chew.  The seat belt, my human’s shirt, her fingers, her nose – so they pulled over and put him safely in a crate.  And he became THE best little traveler.  That night they stayed in a hotel.  The hotel had an outdoor patio for dining.  And so my human and Glenda THOUGHT they could bring Elroy because pets were allowed on the patio.   They got as far as deciding what they wanted from  the menu, when Elroy explained that outdoor dining was really not his idea of a good time.  They ended up having a pizza delivered to their room. 

And the next day he arrived in Nova Scotia…

Einstein immediately fell in love with him. 

Me – not so much.  But I must say, he has grown on me.   

I quite enjoy his skills at bird watching.  And I also like to watch him run – I honestly think he could give a gazelle a run for his money.  And he is great at training humans.  He has learned how to have my human add Parmesan to his food AND how to be fed by hand.  He still likes to chew on the leash – a skill he clearly started early in life.  

We watched his ears go up.

  And down.  

And finally stay up.

A whole year has passed since that fateful day.  When another perfect match was made. And I’m thinking it is better than most dating websites matches…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

Boof vs woowoowoo vs rowf

So did you know that as early as the 17th century, humans began to describe the barking sounds that we dogs make?  Back then, our barking sound was described as “waff”.  By the 19th century, it appears that our barking changed to “woof”.

And of course, there are other sounds to describe the sounds we dogs make.  Like yip and yap and arf, and bow wow and grrrrrr…

And here’s a site to tell you how to woof in a variety of languages:

This whole topic began because yesterday I described the FG’s boof.  Now in our house,  a boof is not a bark – or a “woowoowoo”.  It is not a full out “get the heck off my property” kind of sound.  And it’s not a “rowf” which means hurry up and get my supper- that’s Einstein favorite.  And then we have the “mmmmmmm” with a melodic tone that rises and falls when we are bored or want a treat.  And then we have Einstein’s rarawwwwww when he yawns in the morning.  No a boof is none of these.  A boof is quieter than a woowoowoo.  And one makes a single boof at a time.  It’s not done in sequence.  It’s a “I’m bold but scared” kind of sound.  It’s a boof.

Now you may be reading this and thinking that my human has lost her mind since her vacation started.  But there are scientists who actually study the acoustic properties of dog barks in response to different situations. And they have found that we dogs interpret the sounds of other dogs and humans can also tell the differences in our sounds as well.  And like humans, if we have a high-pitched bark in response to something, it usually signifies something happy.  Whereas a low-pitched bark signifies warning, or that we are not happy.  Just like humans!  And did you know the longest recorded barks (for a Cocker Spaniel) in a 10 minute period was 907 – or more than 90 a minute.  That’s even more annoying than Einstein.  Clearly that dog had a LOT to say.  Now HE could have run for politics…

So no new critter sightings when we got my human up at 5:30 yesterday.  I got her up – I wanted her to make THE most of her first day off.  She was not impressed.  She took me out, waited for me to pee – and then pretended she was going to get dressed to take us for our walks.  So she went in the bedroom and closed the door.  But she TRICKED us – she went back to bed.  We actually let her sleep until 6.  And then Einstein began to rowf.  He had enough sleep.

Have a super Sunday!  Peace and paws up!  May all your rowfs today be happy – and rewarded with good treats!

Close encounter…

So yesterday morning, I knew it was my human’s last day at work so I was sure to get her up early. At 4:30. She was not overly impressed, but got dressed and took Einstein and I out for our morning walk.  In the dark.  Really dark.  My human was sporting her headlamp as she trudged up the driveway.  With us in the lead.  And luckily, despite the fact that she was still half asleep, she had a good hold of our leashes.  And suddenly, SOMETHING ran across the driveway.  It was bigger than a squirrel.  And bigger than a bunny.  And bigger than a cat.  And bigger and faster than a porcupine. And we went BONKERS.  We pulled and barked and screamed. THANK GOODNESS my human was able to hold on.  Who knows WHAT it was?!  IF it was a bear, it was a small bear.  But I honestly can’t think of what else it could have been.  Wait – maybe a raccoon!  Nah – it was bigger than that.  One thing for sure, whoever it was, he wasn’t interested in a close encounter with two crazy PONs.  He disappeared in the woods.  After we came home, my human took the FG out for his walk.  Now keep in mind that he was in the house when he ( and everyone in a 5km radius) heard the PONdemonium when we saw the strange critter, so he was anxious to see what all the fuss was about. So he stepped out the door but promptly jumped backward growling.  He spotted the empty garbage can.  And he growled.  And boofed.  You know what a boof is.  It’s not a bark, and it’s not a play sound.  It’s a “I’m not so sure about this thing” sound.  It’s a boof.  And he can make a big boof.  Anyway, my human had to DRAG him up the driveway past the ominous garbage can that is ALWAYS there. While he boofed away.
So my human officially got her work done yesterday – and she reportedly walked out of her office singing “See you in September…” Mind you, she did say something about one of the things on her agenda involves dogs and baths.  Surely she can’t mean me…
Have a happy Saturday!  Peace and paws up!

Montreal. Sheep. And Beatrix Potter.

Ok.  So who do I complain to in the sheepdog union? We don’t HAVE a union?  Well I guess we need one…
There was an article in the paper yesterday about an eco-friendly lawn mowing service in the city of Montreal.  The service included sheep – 6 ewes and 4 lambs who were mowing the grass in several city parks.  Seems like a great idea.  With one obvious flaw that I saw.  To move the sheep along city streets and from park to park, they used volunteers .  Human volunteers.  And I guess a shepherd or two.  But excuse me – what was missing?! Sheepdogs!  No PON or Picard or Old English or Bouvier or Sheltie or Border Collie or Australian shepherd or German Shepherd or or or…..ANY herding dog!!!! Those humans looked pretty silly holding up orange barricades to move the sheep along. I’m telling you, they just needed a sheepdog.  Now mind you, not me or Einstein. Personally, I would prefer to eat the grass with the sheep, rather than herd them.  Einstein was a BIT of a herder in his younger days,  but not so sure he would move them along city streets.  And heaven knows WHAT the FG would do- can’t wait to see him with sheep some day.  Anyway, I still think those sheep in Montreal need a DOG.
And speaking of sheep – today is the birthday of Beatrix Potter – the British writer, illustrator and conservationist – famous in part for her children’s books – like Peter Rabbit.  But did you know that Beatrix was a sheep breeder and farmer AND she had an affection for sheepdogs?!  Yes – she had a number of “working collies.”  Kep was her first working dog – and he was later featured in one of her books the Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck.  Although the story was about a duck, the hero of the story was Kep.  Kep was Beatrix’s “heart dog” and after he was gone she had a dog by the name of Fleet who was a “bobtail.” After Fleet came another collie by the name of Nip.  There were others after that – and Beatrix truly appreciated the skills of a good working dog.  Bet HER dogs could have moved those sheep around Montreal!
Anyway it’s official- it’s Friday and IF my human finishes all her work today – PARTEEEEEEE.  She will be OFFFFFFF. And we will be SURE that she is never bored!! For even a second. So we’ll be sure to wake her up early every day and we’ll play fetch at least 10 times a day.  Make that 15 times. How do you spell H-A-P-P-Y?!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Bad news. And good news.

Holy moly.  You humans are sure interesting.  I learned something yesterday – if you want to get ‘hits” to your blog – put the word “cannabis” in the blog title for the day.   Whoa. 

Well –  my human isn’t feeling so great.  She took Einstein to the Vet yesterday.  Remember how I said she would soon be on vacation?  Well she’ll probably be looking for another job during that time – to pay for Einstein’s dental bill.  Looks like old snaggletooth has ANOTHER cracked tooth as well. And it looks like they BOTH have to come out. And the projected bill?  Just under $2000.  She is NOT a happy camper.  Plus I’m thinking that the deer antlers that we LOVE so much may be disappearing.  They must be the culprits.  She immediately came home and examined my teeth.  And the FG’s.  But they look fine.  Completely fine.  Poor old snaggle.  The date isn’t booked yet – probably some time next week when my human is off. My human was so depressed.  I suggested she take a swig from my cannabis stuff.  I THOUGHT I saw her put some in her coffee – but I’m not sure….

In much more pleasant news – it seems the FG really IS growing up.  Are you ready for this?  He played fetch in the yard – AND DIDN’T RUN AWAY.  Usually his brain explodes during fetch and he suddenly takes off into the woods – dropping the fetch toy.  Somewhere.  But he played the other night and never ran off ONCE.  Now he WAS wearing a long line – but he was loose – and my human wasn’t holding on to it.  Mind you,  he did not always come BACK with the toy.  BUT he never disappeared.  You may not think this is a big deal, but trust me – this is progress. MAJOR progress.

Today is Thursday – and if all goes well at my human’s work and she finishes ALL her reports, tomorrow will be her LAST day until September.  Paws crossed.  Mind you she will be searching for that second job… Clearly it won’t be in the field of dog training….

Have a good one! Peace and paws up.

Cannabis. From PONhead to POThead.

So here’s the third part of the blue day….

I haven’t written about my health in the last little bit – but unfortunately, I have continued to have seizures.  Like every two weeks.  Last Friday I had one and then on Sunday night (post blueberries) I actually had another one.  The seizure lasts about a minute or two- and I don’t remember much about it.  It’s the “after seizure” part that is particularly challenging. I go into a bit of a disoriented frenzy and I become completely RAVENOUS.  I mean REALLY ravenous.  More than typical PON hungry.  I squeak, moan and bark at the garage door.  Where the dog food is stored.  Take me outside for a walk and I could strangle myself trying to get back home because I want to EAT.  I am in a real frenzy.  And even after I am fed – I want MORE.  The frenzy lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Sometimes my human will put me in a crate, just to help me settle down.  But it doesn’t always work – as I just bark to be let out.  My medications have been adjusted numerous times – and while that seems frustrating, the adjustment process is apparently very common for some dogs.  It’s finding the RIGHT medication and dose.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago after yet another seizure and frenzy, my human started surfing the net.  And she started reading about the use of medical marijuana and pets.  And there is some evidence that it CAN be helpful in controlling seizures.  So my human sent away for some cannabis for me.  On-line.  But WAIT.  Before you have visions of me sitting around on a beanbag chair, wearing a psychedelic t-shirt and smoking a joint – you need to understand something.  What I am taking is actually hemp terpenes oil – which contains little to none of the THC mind-bending properties of cannabis .  Think of what I am taking as non-alcoholic beer – with health benefits. 

So my human bought the “stuff” and it arrived in a plain brown box.  But THEN she chickened out about giving it to me – because she didn’t know if it would interact with my medications.  Perhaps she SHOULD have thought of that BEFORE she bought the stuff.  Anyway, she decided to e-mail one of my Vets.  Now the Vets in the practice are quite used to my human.  Heaven help them.  I can picture the discussion in the Vet office:  “check out the latest e-mail from Linda! You answer this one!”  Anyway, the Vet e-mailed her back and said, “go ahead” – there was no evidence it would interact with my meds.  So I tried the first dose Monday night.  Now I have no idea IF this stuff will work – but I can tell you I sure slept well Monday night – and never bugged my human even ONCE.

Please note -you need to keep in mind that REAL marijuana can be harmful to pets – which is no laughing matter.  So don’t try THAT with your dog.

If you want to see what I am using – it’s the hemp terpene oils:

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.  I have officially gone from being a PONhead to being a POThead.  

Excuse me now – I have this desire to go and watch some YouTube videos about Woodstock.  And I’m feeling like I need a snack.  But then – I always have the munchies.  Peace brothers and sisters!

Have a good one!

Feeling blue. Part 2.

OK.  So yesterday, I shared the “good part” of the blue day.   Well – good for Einstein and me – but not so good for my human with the blueberry cravings. But then there was the not-so-good parts of that day…

In the morning, before the grocery shopping hunt, my human went to take Einstein and I out for our morning walk.  And she thought the FG would be happy in his run outside while we went.  Guess what?  He wasn’t.  He started squeaking and barking and moaning – like he was being tortured.  And this was OF COURSE at like 6 AM.  So she raced back down the driveway and gave him one of those Yak chew things.  Your remember them?  The things that Einstein and I tried to devour – and we ended up with the poops.  Well the FG is a much more careful chewer – so they were not a problem for him.  So my human took one outside, gave it to the FG  and attempted again to take Einstein and I for our constitutional.  The FG dropped it and proceeded to let out his mournful tune again.  So my human took him back in the house.   She grabbed the Yak thing on the way in.  She noted that it was shorter – clearly the end broke off when he dropped it.  But she didn’t search for it and took him (and the longer piece back in the house).  By now you are no doubt wondering why the long discussion of Yak treats.  Trust me there is a reason I am yakking on about this.  So with the FG now in the house, with the windows closed and his Yak treat IN his crate,  off  we went for our walks.   Then the FG went for his.  All was right with the world.

After getting the groceries, and after the blueberry frenzy, my human started doing some much overdue housecleaning.  She claimed you could “grow tomatoes” on our kitchen floor.  Talk about dramatic.  Anyway while she was cleaning, she decided to put ALL of us in the run outside.  So off we went.  But yours truly doesn’t really like it out there – so I started barking.  AND barking.  She decided to let us back in so she opened the door to the garage and we ran through and into the house.  And she noted that Einstein was unusually quiet…and he raced under the dining room table.

And that’s when she heard a crack and some chewing.  “WHAT do you have?” my human asked Einstein.  And her often slow brain quickly made the connection – he found that piece of Yak treat and was trying desperately to chew it up.  She got a hold of him and pulled the thing out of his mouth.  Phew.  Poop problem averted.

It wasn’t until later in the day that she noticed Einstein pawing at his face.  She wondered if he had been stung by something.  She looked his face over, but couldn’t see anything.  He stopped the pawing and she forgot about it.  But later in the day, he was at it again.  So she whisked him onto the grooming/operating table.  She looked all over his face.  His ears.  And then decided to look at his teeth.  Well GUESS what?!  If one tries really hard to chew a Yak treat, one can BREAK OFF his canine tooth.  Well, not the WHOLE tooth.  Just 2/3.  “AAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” my human shouted.  Einstein just looked at her.  No more beauty pageants for old snaggletooth.

He has an appointment with the Vet on Thursday.  He doesn’t seem to be in major discomfort – and it certainly hasn’t changed his appetite.  Never a dull moment.  We figured our Vet hasn’t gone on a nice vacation lately – so we should help with paying for the holiday.

And if THAT wasn’t enough of a blue story – stay tuned tomorrow for the REST of the story…and my new journey into the world of cannabis….

A blue day….

So yesterday was a blue day.  Literally…

My human went grocery shopping in the morning.  And she bought a LOAD of stuff.  She has been pretty busy lately and so she hasn’t really had time to get the BIG grocery order for awhile.  Yet it seems we never run out of OUR food.  And I have to admit – most days lately, we were eating better than her.  I really should learn how to cook – now THAT would be a good dog trick.  Mind you – I think cooking food is a waste of time.  Throw it raw in a bowl, and we canines are happy.  No special bearnaise sauce required.

Anyway, my human brought the grocery bags in and we demonstrated typical canine “curiocery” – that curious desire to know what is in the bags when our human comes home from the hunt. She put the bags on the counter and started to unload the contents.  The FG was in his kennel and Einstein and I were watching.  She looked at the array of bags on the counter and realized one was missing.  So she went back into the garage to get it.  And she wasn’t gone more than a minute.  48 seconds to be exact.  But when she returned, she found two PONs racing frantically around the kitchen and vacuuming up a sea of blueberries that had mysteriously ended up on the kitchen floor.  She shouted “stop” as IF we would.  So she calmly tried to grab as many as she could – knowing that her desire to now eat this particular batch was now diminished.  And you know, I THOUGHT she had forgotten about Big Brother.  And she did, initially.  She didn’t check the tape immediately.  But when she did, several hours later – who do you think was the culprit? Yup – you’re looking at him.  To pose for this photo was sheer agony – I wanted to polish off the last of those tasty morsels.  But I figured I had better behave and take the shot.  Besides, my human gave me one for being cooperative.  And despite the fact that she was NOT impressed with my counter surfing – she was just very thankful it wasn’t the chicken for dinner.  Always look at the bright side – no point in being blue.  Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Have a good one!

Hot Enough for Ya?

Today is July 23 and according to the crazy calendar, it is Hot Enough for Ya Day.  And in a word, YES.  OK, OK – I know people around the world experience REAL heat – like in the triple digits in Fahrenheit- and that is HOT.  But we refrigerator dogs here in Nova Scotia, find it HOT when it reaches 28 degrees Celsius or 82 Fahrenheit.  We melt.  And we pant.  And because temperatures like this don’t last all that long here (not months on end), lots of homes don’t have air conditioning. Like ours.  That’s not to say we don’t have a half dozen fans going at any given time.   To beat the heat, we quite enjoy chewing on bone shaped ice cubes.  Well the FG and I do.  Einstein is not so crazy about them.  Because when they melt- they get his feet wet.  And we KNOW how he feels about getting wet feet.
Despite the heat, we still want to play fetch – which my human will not allow – because she doesn’t want us to get overheated. And as for our walks – we go EARLY in the morning -even before sunrise – because it’s nice and cool. And then we go just after sundown.  This is just like the winter – we never get to see the light of day!
Apparently the temperatures will be in the mid-70’s Fahrenheit this week coming.  Which we think is a perfect score.  And speaking of perfect scores, my human happened to watch TV the other night – for the first time in probably 3 months.  She was flipping through the channels and caught that talent show – America’s Got Talent. And what did she see but a DOG who is competing.  His name is Hero and his human is Sarah. Apparently they didn’t wow ALL the judges in the first round – but they DID this time – so they are continuing in the competition.  Check him out:
Now there are some pretty incredibly talented humans in this competition – who sing and do magic and all kinds of things. And I don’t know how far Hero and Sarah will go – but one thing for sure – they DO show people the cool things you can do with your dog – with the right training.  They are a testament to positive training.  I hate to admit this – but I didn’t know that a dog actually WON the title in Britain’s Got Talent in 2012.  His name was Pudsey – and he was a border collie, bichon frise and Chinese crested cross.  Sadly, just this past week, Pudsey went to the Rainbow Bridge at age 11.  Maybe it’s time to pass the torch to another canine – this time in the US.  Go Hero!  We’ll be watching.  And oh – we are NOT attempting many of HIS tricks.  We would without a doubt, put my human in the hospital.  At least the FG would! 
Anyway, have a good one – and stay cool!

Happy birthday Alex

It’s July 22 and the birthday of my favorite Canadian game show host – Alex Trebek!  Alex is the host of Jeopardy.  Alex appears to be a pretty smart guy – but then again, he is the one who reads the questions – I don ‘t think he makes them up.  He once owned a dog who was taken away by a coyote.  Yowza.  BIG bummer.  On a lighter note, geography is his favorite category.  He is a philanthropist and has traveled to many countries with World Vision.  So there is some Alex trivia for you – if Alex himself is ever a category.

So while we are on the Jeopardy topic – try the following link to see what you know about dog breeds. Just press start to try it out.


How much money did you win?  Or lose?

And the following question was the final Jeopardy question on May 24, 2017.  Do you know the answer?

This popular small dog breed is named for the man who was the Vicar of Swimbridge for almost 50 years, beginning in 1832.

And the answer is……..

What is a Jack Russell terrier?

 And here’s a final Jeopardy question from April 6, 2017.
Old circuses like “Gentry’s Equine & Canine Paradox” gave rise to this idiom referring to any elaborate presentation.

And the answer is.…….. 

What is a dog and pony show?

My human says if she was on the show and they asked those  questions, she would have gotten them correct.  But with her luck, the question would have been about quantum physics.  Not her forte.  

Anyway – Happy Birthday Alex.  And hey – do you know Liam Neeson?  Any idea when he is moving in?

Have a good one.