Boxing Day

Howdy blogaroos! Happy Boxing Day! The day when the spirit of goodness and kindness that was hopefully felt 24 hours earlier, switches over to the day of “every person” for themselves as they battle other shoppers looking for post-Christmas sales. Except in our corner of the world where, just like Christmas Day, everything is shut down. Yup. No stores open. Another day of peace on earth. Not that anybody here was planning to hit the stores anyway. We’re good. Santa was good to us – and we don’t really NEED anything. Except maybe treats. We can always use treats…..

And speaking of the guy in red, he must have overlooked my ricochet behavior – and he actually left me gifts! ALL of us got gifts. While we don’t look overjoyed in the photo, that’s because the Warden told us we couldn’t touch them until she got the shot. You’ll note we are not in the DFZ. I’m too wild. So she says. So we had to open our gifts away from the tree.

Santa brought each of us three gifts: a Nylabone, a Bully stick and a new chewable item – a beef cheek roll. Here I am testing mine out:

Now before you panic and think Santa brought us rawhide (which is not great for us dogs because we can choke on them) – beef cheek rolls are NOT the same. They are digestible and hard, and safe for even crazy chewers like yours truly. ALL of us, including the picky Picard, liked it. We chewed until we were almost totally exhausted, so the Warden took them away so we would have a break. And we barely put a dent in them. Of course we also liked our Bully sticks which were also stolen so we would have more to work on today. The Nylabones came in in third place with regard to chewing interest, and while nice, they were not nearly as exciting. Thankfully Santa brought us no clothes. We also didn’t get any cute stuffed toys like some of our canine buddies. Probably because we would rip the heads off in less than 3 minutes. Sorry to be graphic – but we’re big on dissection in this house.

We spent the day with the Warden, relaxing, listening to Christmas music and also getting ready for today. Because GUESS what? We get Christmas all over again today. Sue and Keith are coming!!! Yee haw. Ricochet targets return. They don’t get here until tonight, so the Warden has time to vacuum at least three more times. Futile I tell ya. Futile.

Thanks so much to all who sent Christmas wishes. We truly appreciate your kind words.

We have come to understand that one of THE best Christmas gifts is that of gratitude. Sometimes humans tend to focus on what they don’t have, but instead should really be thankful for all they DO have. And trust me – we have enormous gratitude for you loyal readers. Some of you we know personally, some of you we have been lucky to meet – because of this blog – and some of you are friends from afar – whose paths we may or may not ever cross. But even if we never do cross paths in person – knowing that you share the same love of all things canine is a very special bond.

So that’s my sappy post Christmas speech. OK. OK- the Boss told me what to say. Maybe SOMEDAY I’ll be as wise as him. The Coyote said that’s unlikely. Ha.

Almost time for our constitutionals. If you do venture out to stores today, try to stay out of any boxing matches. Do you REALLY need that zebra pattern remote control blender, just because it’s 50% off? On the other paw – if it’s dog treats on sale – I’ll pass you the boxing gloves…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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