It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the blooper blog

Hey blogaroos! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our annual Christmas photo bloopers. As usual, it was a gong show. The Warden kept waiting for a snowy day to subject us to the the torture – but guess what? No snow in our region of the Great White North. Hope Santa has wheels on his sled.

When the Christmas photos are about to begin – we KNOW it’s happening. A dead giveaway is the sound of the Warden rifling through bins in the garage. She had to dig through the Easter bunny ears and the Halloween pumpkin head bands to find the antlers. Then she loads her pockets with super duper GOOD treats. I mean GOOD stuff. Not everyday biscuits. Then, after much chaos to put various things around our necks, she opens the door and lets us out. Except the Coyote. He’s on leash because he would totally take off. He would do that any time – but when he sees the antlers he’s extra rarin’ to go. Meanwhile, I do 50 laps of the yard – searching for bunny balls. Yum. And the Boss just follows along, barking out instructions.

So although she took 4376 photos, we’ll just subject you to a few…

So those are some bloopers from this year. We also took some photos by the Christmas tree. Our tree is in the DFZ. So we never get near it. It’s 99% glass ornaments. News flash – we don’t care. Careful is not my middle name. First the Warden took the Boss in. Who thought he would be doing solo shots. So he was all smiley and happy.

Then she brought in the Coyote and told him to sit and stay. Which he surprisingly did. Then she went to get me. Me. Who was sequestered in the front hall because I was acting like a hummingbird on speed. She took me in holding onto my festive collar as I tried to strangle myself. You’ll note my wild hairdo from my frenzied entrance. And now the Boss is much more serious since he realizes these are not solo shots.

The Warden decided maybe we should all lie down. Since we looked a bit like the Three Stooges sitting in a line.

Here’s a little dog photography tip: Never hold the treat to the side if you want us to look AT the camera…

Here the Warden obviously held the treat up too high….or the Boss was warming up for another solo.

Anyway, after numerous attempts, and three lbs of treats, we did get a good shot. We’ll save that for later.

But right now I’ve gotta go finish my novel for Santa. Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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