Bath time

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on the shortest day of the year. We’ll be sure to get the Warden up extra early so we don’t miss a minute of daylight.

Today is also the first day of winter. You wouldn’t know it where we are. The grass is green and the Warden almost contemplated mowing it. Note I said “almost.”

Last night, the Warden took the Coyote in the garage. I was CERTAIN he was in there taking Christmas photos and getting treats. I obsessively yelled for him to come out. And I had the following conversation with the Boss:

Me: Hey – he’s in there getting treats.

The Boss: Nah. He’s getting a bath.

Me: No he’s not. He’s getting his photo taken. I just know it. And he’s getting treats. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: He’s getting a bath. Listen. The water is running.

Me: He wanted a drink before the photo shoot. I know he’s in there getting treats. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: Listen Treathead you can hear the blow dryer.

Me: They’re taking artsy photos with the wind in his hair. Come out! Let me in!

The Boss: Watch what you wish for!

Me: I want treats. Let me in!

After my continual yelling, for what seemed like hours, the door opened and a much fluffier Coyote emerged. Who promptly smushed his face in the carpet. And along the wall.

And the Warden called me into the garage.

Me: See! I’m going to get my photo taken. I’m going to get treats!

The Boss shouts: Sure you are.

Me: I am! Wha…wait a minute. She’s putting me in the tub! Oh noooo. Wha….whoa. I just tried to jump out and she caught me mid-air. She’s faster than she looks! Save yourself!!!

So yes. I DID get my pre-Christmas bath. I’m fluffy. Until I run in the woods. Although the Warden said something about being on leash until Christmas. Great.

Meanwhile, the Boss has a new routine. It’s called getting the Warden up when she’s sound asleep. It started two days ago. We usually get up around 7 AM, but the Boss wants to make sure it’s no later. Promptly at 7, he started barking. So the Warden got up, gave him his medication, let him out to pee, gave him a treat and then she came back to bed for 10 minutes. That’s all the time she could get before we all started getting restless.

So that was fine. Until that night. We went to bed at around 10:30 and we were all asleep, when promptly at midnight, the Boss started barking. The Warden thought that was odd, so she let him out to pee. He didn’t really need to go – but he did want the treat for coming in. The Warden told him to go back to bed. He trudged into the bedroom and went down in a hmpf.

At 7 yesterday morning, our new alarm guy got her up again. I think he just wants his treat. So he’s trying to train her to get up and give him one. We’ll see is the new routine continues. The morning one isn’t so bad – but the middle of the night request will not go over well. Thing is – the guy has age on his side. The Warden figures maybe he DOES need to go. He knows he’s got her. And THAT is why we call him the Boss.

It’s almost time to enjoy the daylight. We’ll see if the alarm goes off. Or if she beats him to it. And today, I think I’ll finish my email to Santa.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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