She cried

Greetings blog aficionados on this Monday the 12th of December. Frodo here for your reading pleasure. Less than two weeks to Christmas. Her Highness still has much to do. Tsk. Tsk. Although, she must be happy today because yesterday, I gave her an early Christmas gift…

As some of you may recall, I emerged from my retirement in dog sports last year. In my younger years I competed in obedience and in rally – attaining a basic obedience title and what was the highest level of rally at the time – a Rally Excellent title. Some years after my retirement, the dog world added another level of competition-a Rally Master title.

When the Imp came along, he began attending Novice classes. As a result, Her Highness thought I might take a few classes at the Master level. I attempted my first Master trials exactly one year ago at this time- and largely due to Her Highness’s lack of “sign preparation” , I rather embarrassingly failed in not one, but two trials. Actually, I should not say “I” failed, but rather “we” failed.

After more preparation over the winter months, I entered my next trials in March 2022. And this time, the results were much more satisfactory. I passed both trials with scores of 98 and 100 out of 100 points. It was a joyful weekend. I now had 2 out of the 3 necessary passes for my Master title.

Over the summer and fall, there were additional opportunities to compete toward my title. BUT, and here is a little secret about yours truly that is not common knowledge- I do not particularly enjoy long car travel. No – I do not become ill. But I am very restless and by the time I arrive at my destination, I am panting and exhausted. This is in no way a reflection on Her Highness’s driving. At least that is what I am saying here. So, as a result, Her Highness did not enter me in any trials which were a long distance – except for our adventures in Team – which turned out well.

Yesterday, two trials were held in the same venue as the scene of our less than stellar performances last year. The beauty of this venue is its location – which is about a 15 minute drive from home.

For the past few weeks, we have been practicing and as you may recall, I was also in a fun match last weekend to prepare for yesterday.

Well. Drumroll after this rather long and boring introduction. No – let’s stretch this a bit longer.

We awoke at 5 AM. Keep in mind the venue, as I said, is only 15 minutes away. BUT – we all needed our morning walks, we all needed breakfast (including Her Highness) and she also needed to shower. I should add that yours truly had a bath on Saturday- because although this wasn’t a beauty pageant- one must still look presentable. At least that’s what I’m told.

We left home at 6:40 because the doors opened at 7. We arrived before any one else was there. Of course we did. Needless to say, it was still dark out. The Master class started at 8.

Now comes the REAL drumroll. Cast your gaze to the scoring list above. Yours truly was dog number 269. Yes. Not only did I qualify, I was the Highest scoring dog in the class for that trial. Which meant I had my third passing score. Which means I can now put the initials RM after my name.

I wasn’t overly excited about the result – I simply wanted my treats at the end. Her Highness, on the other hand, shed a few tears. She CAN be rather emotional about such things. I believe it was a combination of happiness. And relief. Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger. Although- I still can race that young thing for a treat. And win. Sometimes.

We were entered in another trial in the afternoon, because Her Highness planned that if I didn’t qualify in the morning trial, I would have a second chance in the afternoon. We could have competed for “fun” but we both decided to end on a high note. There was always the chance for a disaster in the afternoon, so we chose to rest on our laurels. Her Highness brought me home to the ever- excitable Imp and the curious FG who both wondered where I had been. The Imp was impressed by my ribbon. The FG, not so much. Her Highness left me to rest after my morning excitement, and she went back to help with the trial. For those who don’t know – putting on a dog show or trial takes many hands and volunteers are ALWAYS needed.

So today I shall relax and now I await the paperwork confirming my new title. We MAY dabble in some trials next Spring – just for fun and if I’m still wishing to do so. Her Highness believes I was probably the most senior dog at the trial yesterday- but I dare say my time was probably as good as any dog there. We shall see…

Now, I am off for my morning constitutional. And to wave my ribbons in the face of the Imp.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “She cried

  1. WOW, YOU DID IT,!! You made ‘Her Highness’ VERY HAPPY! When I spoke with her on Saturday she was so nervous talking about the upcoming Trial, so I want to CONGRATULATE both of you for doing a spectacular job!


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