Bad news.

Well I’m afraid I have some bad news today .

If you check my seizure count, you’ll see what the bad news is.  Yup.  I had one yesterday.  In the afternoon- which is kind of unusual.  My human had gone the the dreaded Dollar Store and the Dog Food Store, and when she came home, we all ran around in the back yard playing fetch. We had a grand time and when we were suitably tired, we came in.  My human went to get something in the bedroom, and her cell phone rang .  It was a good friend- and they started chatting.  After a few minutes, she heard Einstein barking.  And barking.  She figured we were just horsing around, but when it didn’t stop after about 45 seconds, she came to see what all the ruckus was about.  I was lying down and the seizure had stopped, but my human knew that’s what happened….
The only thing that was different yesterday was the fact that we let my human sleep in until almost 7AM.  Which is when I take my medicine from the Vet.  Usually I take my CBD oil BEFORE my regular meds.  They don’t recommend taking them together.  So my human figured she would wait until 9 AM to give me my CBD, but- and she feels awful- she forgot.  She had to go to our Vet to pick up something- and in her haste- she forgot the CBD oil.  She had been wondering lately if it was making a difference- and clearly it is.
So it’s back to square one.  We are all bummed with the bad news.  Paws crossed that it was just a glitch….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 0

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