Tease a Picard

We have a new game. Tease-a-Picard.  It’s our way of getting back at him for Poke-a-PON. 

I mentioned this briefly yesterday.  It has to do with the screen door to the deck.  Einstein and I have basically removed the screen from the corner of the frame.  So we created our own dog door.  We think we are pretty smart in doing this.
 My human has given up on this door.  Every time she repairs it, we simply alter it to accommodate our needs.  She COULD put a gate in front of the door- but what’s the point?  This way we, and potentially an assortment of insects, can make our way in and out. It’s perfect.  However, the FG has not figured out how to independently push his way in and out.
Here’s some photos to illustrate this issue.
We are all outside:

Einstein and I come in:

The FG isn’t close enough, so the screen appears closed.  He can’t come in.  Or he thinks he can’t.

Her highness opens the door and lets him in.  She closes the screen.  We go back out through our opening.

He can’t figure out how we did it. Note I am just watching him.

He sits and squeaks at the door.  We come back in as he observes the process.

If he is close enough, he WILL follow us through.  At least he did once.  But he has yet to figure it out on his own.

I must confess, this game is a bit of payback for him taking my human to Quebec last week.  I’m still just a little bit jealous.

He’s a smart guy.  We do know he will figure this out. Maybe by October…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 18

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