Screaming Meemies

When my human was a child, she remembers her mother using the term “screaming meemies.”  My human though it was in reference to a child who was having a temper tantrum. When you look up the term, though, you see it can actually mean nervous hysteria.  Or the other spelling of Screaming Mimi actually referred to a type rocket used in Germany in WWII.  I suppose that type of Screaming Mimi could give you the other type of Screaming Meemies.  Anyway, why the discussion of this term anyway?  Because the FG had a case of the Screaming Meemies the other day – and my human thought of the term.

You see my human decided on Saturday to start cleaning up the yard after the winter wind storms which left a huge number of branches ALL over the lawn.  Add to that the fact that she never really took care of the plants last fall – so she had a mess in her flower beds with rotting leaves and muck.  So she put the three of us out on the back deck and proceeded to do her work.  And that’s when the Screaming Meemies began.  Now it’s not like he had not JUST had an hour long walk before this.  But the THOUGHT of my human picking up STICKS without HIM to help was just too too overwhelming.  So he let her know.  It really was like a child having a temper tantrum shouting “Me!  Me!”  Einstein and I just watched – although Einstein DID bark initially.  
It’s that time of the year when we wait to see if those plants we peed on all winter have actually survived.  The hardy hostas usually do OK – we have one in particular that is a favorite pee spot.  Personally, I think our watering it helps.
Another Monday and we have full- time guard duty today.  The good news – the days are getting LONGER and warmer.  I think Spring is finally here to stay!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 15

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