Taking bets

Well it is just a matter of time.  And we are taking bets.  Anyone who wants to place their wagers is welcome.  The prize?  A PON. Just kidding.  Maybe… Anyway, here is the story….

 We have this new neighbor dog, Max.  Who I mentioned before.  Einstein and I met him on the road one day with his human, and he passed the CNS.  The Canine Neighborhood Screening. We both thought he was great- friendly, happy, nonagressive – he passed the screening with flying colours.  And frankly, we are lucky because we like all the dogs on our road.  
But here’s the deal.  Whenever our other neighbor on the road, Hudson, barks, it is a call to come and see him.  There is NO holding us PONs back if Hudson barks.  We are GONE.  And then my human has to race up to Hudson’s house where we are probably pooping in his yard.  
And lately, Max has started to bark from his house.  He no doubt hears us when my human gets home from work, and likes to join in the chorus.  And the past couple of times he has barked, Einstein has given the “look” where he is thinking about going over to Max’s house.  And you KNOW I would follow.  Every time Max barks back at us, my human holds her breath – for fear that two PONs will be GONE.  So we are taking bets as to when this will happen.  So far, she has enticed us with the promise of dinner – but you KNOW one day we will still go.
Yesterday we went out after she got home from work – but it had been raining all day.  My human tried to coax us to go down our trail – but neither of us PONs was going.  Seriously- the trail was wet!   The poor FG had to go. He was in bondage.  On a leash.  We PONs stood and stared at him as he was coming back.  

And then – Max barked.  Here is Einstein barking back.  

But in this situation, my human didn’t need to worry that we would take off – it was too wet.  Who wants to go through the woods to Max’s house when we would have to go through puddles to get there?  
But we know it WILL happen.  The question is when…Send your bets to me.  I accept cash, credit card, or biscuits.
It’s Friday!  Let the weekend begin!!!!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
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One thought on “Taking bets

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