The coat. And other clothing.

Well it finally arrived.  The coat.  The coat to replace the one that Einstein and I destroyed.  Good news / bad news.  It is the same style- it is identical. BUT the color is slightly different.  It’s lighter than the original Christmas gift.  My human thought that might be the case – it’s hard sometimes to tell colors on a computer screen .  But it’s close.  My human had also written to the company with the sad tale to see if she could pay them to repair it.  She hasn’t received a reply.  I won’t tell you the name of the company. Yet.  MAYBE they will still come through….

Spring has positively, definitely arrived. The grass seems to have turned green overnight.  And the grazing herding dogs have begun their annual feast. There is nothing better than fresh, spring greens.  We don’t have to worry about ingesting any chemicals on our lawn – my human won’t use any – that’s why it is more weeds than grass.  And we love chomping on what little grass there is. But you know something- plants are pretty smart.  Or maybe they are just stubborn like us PONs and Picards. For example, grass won’t grow well on the lawn area – where it is supposed to grow.  But it sure does well coming up between cracks in pavement – and in flower beds where it is not supposed to be.  Go figure.
My human took out her summer clothes and put away her winter clothes.  Boy you should have heard the moaning and groaning during that procedure.  It seems all of her summer clothes shrunk over the winter.  Suuuuure they did.  The good news is she mumbled something about more walks for us.  Score!  We are her exercise coaches. 
In fact, it’s time to get her moving. It’s getting lighter in the mornings – so might as well take advantage of all that sunlight!  AND we have to get her in shape to fit in those summer clothes.  This is not going to be easy…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 19

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