Seeking contestants for new game show….

NOTE:  This is one of those blog postings that my human’s mother never liked.  The poop blogs. 

It is that time of year…

I have an idea for a new game show.   Poop Treasure Hunt.  And here are the rules:

1.  It must be dark outside.
2.  The contestant walks a dog.  For double the points, walk two.
3.  The contestant walks the dog or dogs over a lawn or any area, really, that is COVERED in Fall leaves.
4.  The contestant must be able to find all the poop that the dog or dogs have deposited while    wearing a headlamp with dim batteries.
Points are scored if all deposits have been identified among the leaves AND picked up.  BONUS points are awarded if the contestant walks a serial pooper (like the FG).  A serial pooper is defined as a dog who does not STOP to poop but rather continues to advance while pooping. Leaving a trail of poop.  Amongst the fallen leaves. 

The winner of the treasure hunt is the one who has the most points at the end of one week.  We will win.  Hands down. 

But not only does this blog address the poopy new game show – but I also need to talk about a poop tragedy.  My human went to dreaded Dollar store the other night.  To get poop bags.  Because the Dollar store carries THE best poop bags – the ones with handles.  Why are they so great?  Because my human can tie the bag easily and wrap said handle around one thumb while juggling two leashes and gloves.  But GUESS what?!  The dreaded Dollar store is no longer carrying those bags!  They are carrying NEW bags.  Which have no handles.  Seriously, I heard that if you wanted to see a frantic woman in a Dollar store, you should have seen my human searching to see if she could find any of the old variety.  She was just about crying.  She clearly needs a life.

Now you need to know that my human is one of those chatty people who cannot resist saying something to a store clerk.  “Cold one today….Wow all the Christmas decorations are in… Has it been busy today?”  We understand why Einstein is never silent.  So of COURSE, she HAD to mention to the clerk at the Dollar store that she was disappointed they had changed their poop bag model.  She was met with a blank stare.   I’m glad I wasn’t with her.

But the good new in this poopy post – it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!   Let the weekend BEGIN.   Oh – and I’m trying to sell the game show to some reality TV producer.  I’ll let you know when we begin filming.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 42

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