Birthday boy

 Happy birthday to ME!  Yup.  It’s my special day. Parteeeeee.  But first – a complaint…

Einstein told me that dogs at the age of 7 are considered veterans.  I don’t like that term.  First of all, I was never in the military.  So I’m not REALLY a veteran. And I don’t like the term “senior” dog either.  I mean I’m still wild and crazy.  I haven’t slowed down ONE bit.  Age is just a number.  That’s what my human always says.  Unless….being a senior dog gets me discounts at the pet store.  Cheaper biscuits?  I’m in.

My human was looking through some old video footage and she found a couple of baby vidoes of me.  This one I have posted before – but I’m so adorable it bears re-posting. Note the old carpet – with the chewed corner.  HEY – that was BEFORE the FG!!!!!!!   Anyway…..that was several carpets ago….

This one was newly found old footage.  Here Einstien is teaching me to talk.  I catch on quite quickly.  And you can also see Paxton’s big head for a second or two:

This one is only10 seconds long.  It shows me looking utterly dazed but oh-so-cute:

Yup, I’ve grown up a bit since those old days.  Look how different my coat color was – I was a lot darker back in my early days. And my how the world has changed.  When I came along, my human had like 6 Friends on Facebook.  And she has LOTS more now – all because of me.  I’m a Friend-magnet.

Today for my birthday, I have a request – just like last year.  That every reader does one nice thing for someone else today.  And as I have wished in the past – it doesn’t need to be anything huge- like giving a charity a contribution (although that would be nice!) – it can be as simple as holding a door open, smiling at someone passing by, calling an old friend, sending someone a quick e-mail greeting, playing an extra game of fetch with your dog, giving your dog an extra treat….and think of me when you do it!

Today is a HAPPY day.   But tomorrow, please make sure to read my blog and I’ll tell you about a problem I am having….But before you worry – NO – it is NOT health related.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 43

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