Bears. And things that go bump in the night.

So it’s funny how the FG tries to scare my human when she takes him out at night…

It is getting dark so early in the evening now.   By the time she gets home from work, feeds us, and eats something herself, it is already starting to get dark.  And of course, when we go out for our last pee of the night (ALWAYS on a leash) it is completely dark out.   The FG is funny, he will sniff around and then suddenly look up – and stare into the woods.  He does this QUITE often.  And sometimes he will jump backwards – like something is out there.  My human heard a rumor that a bear was back in the vicinity – not specifically back in our neighborhood – but not too too far away.  So with that in mind, she usually hurries back in the house when the FG does his scary look.   He told me he does it just for fun.   Did I mention that I am really beginning to like this guy more and more.   It’s only taken 2 years.

And speaking of bears….have you seen THIS video?

How crazy is THAT?!  I think Einstein would probably end up as a bear appetizer if he ever ran into one.  He would bolt over barking like mad.  Mind you, any bear in his right mind would take off in the other direction to get away from his barking.

Anyway, today is Thursday….Which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!  And we can’t WAIT!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 41

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