Happy Halloween

Well, here it is.   Halloween.  And the dreaded attire photos.  Yes – we have the “good shot” you see above.  But I KNOW what all of you prefer.  The bloopers.  Strangely, we didn’t have THAT many this year.  Einstein, of course, was the cooperative one for attire shots and leaf photos. 

The FG becomes completely appalled when it comes to any kind of attire. 

He looks SO dejected, my human quickly removes the attire and he is all smiles.

And me?  Well my response is pretty evident. 

My human will rush home after work today to greet the possible crowd of three children.  And then she’ll begin to eat the candy and chips that she bought for 65 children.  JUST in case a busload arrives.  Need I add that she is STILL trying to work off the effects of the Halloween goodies from TWO YEARS AGO.  The good news?  More walks for us.

Wonder how Max, the 90 lb puppy next door,  will react if any kids show up at their place.  We can’t see Max’s house from our house.  But we can hear him at times – and NO DOUBT he hears us.  Particularly Einstein.  The other night, I swear he and Einstein were having a conversation.  So far, none of us have dashed over to his place when we had the chance.   So far….

Anyway – my canine friends, stay out of the chocolates tonight.  Don’t dsah out if the door is open.  Try not to scare away small children.  And lastly, shake your head madly if your human makes you wear any attire you don’t like.  So they can’t get a good photo.  Or if that fails….stick out your tongue.

Have a good one.  Peace an paws up.
Seizure free days: 47

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