Stocking up. And meeting the next victim.

All is right with the world.  My human is happy.  We are happy (although we are always pretty happy unless: a) it is raining out; b) it is grooming time; c) we have to pose in holiday attire; or d) supper is late. So we are generally in a good mood. But I digress…

The reason for the joy and elation?  Check it out:

She found some.  She traveled to several Dollar stores and found that not ALL carry them any longer. When she spotted them in a store in the heart of downtown, she grabbed an armload full.  She went up to the counter, looked at the clerk and said “Don’t ask.”  The woman said “ I have a dog.  No need to explain.  He’s a little Boston Terrier.  And obviously I gave him too many treats yesterday.  It was a three bag morning.” My human just about leapt over the counter to hug her. Kindred poop spirits.
After the discovery, my human got a text from her sister. She had asked her sister to check the Dollar Store near her office. More good news.  Another source. Her sister bought her 4 more boxes.  So we now have over 600 bags.  That should see us through November.  
When my human went to our pet store yesterday to get our food, she saw that THEY carry the handled biodegradable variety. But at 7.49 plus tax for 120 bags, we would have to cut back on treats. Or so she threatened.  You KNOW she’ll buy them if she has to. At the pet store they have this frequent buyer program for our food.  You buy like 100 bags and get one free.  OK maybe not 100, and it IS nice to get a free bag.  But you KNOW my human couldn’t keep quiet.  She asked the clerk why they didn’t have a frequent buyer program for poop bags.  He just stared at her.  They are used to her questions.  All the time.  
Last night we had a visitor…a new victim …errrrr – I mean sitter.  My human has a “conference “ coming up in a few weeks- so we were interviewed last night.  What happened to the last sitter?  Well she was lovely and we really liked her.  And she was supposed to come during this “conference.”  Then she sent my human a text with an announcement.  She got a puppy! And she wondered if she could bring the little girl to stay when she would come to sit for us.  Now my human REALLY liked her – but the thought of us three hellions AND a puppy did not seem like a good idea.  I mean it took 2 years for me to like the FG.  And I’ve been doing so well with my seizure count, my human didn’t want to upset things. So we had to hunt for a new peep.  And we met her last night.  She is VERY experienced with dogs and does a LOT of sitting. My human loved her instantly and after we stopped barking and jumping, we did too.  I mean we REALLY loved her.  I mean REALLY, REALLY.  Even Einstein and I – the sometimes “aloof twins.”  We adored her.  I can’t WAIT for her to come! The guilt gifts will just be a bonus.
So it was a happy day all around.
Yes. All is right with the world… at least our little world….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 46

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