Computer Security

It’s November 30.  And the LAST day of November.  OK. I really need to get working on that list for Santa soon.  Today also happens to be something called Computer Security Day.  Humans do so much on-line that computer security is a huge issue.  And guess what one of the ten most popular passwords is that humans use?  Their pet’s name.  I wonder how many of you used your dog’s name to log in today?! They say that in the US, the most popular name for dogs and cats is Bella – so you can bet that thousands of people use Bella to log in to their computers daily.  If you are using Bella – change it.  Really.  And apparently 67% of humans change their passwords ONLY if they have to.  My human has lots of passwords.  And of course, she can never remember which password she uses for which site.  And then she gets to the security question to help her change her password and she can’t remember what she put down for her favorite movie.  And when she put the birthplace of her third uncle twice removed did she include the city AND the state?  Or just the city?  And her first vehicle?  Did she put down the model and make?  Or just the model.  Because if you don’t put down EXACTLY what you did before, the computer won’t let you in.  And you know, computers KNOW when you are in a hurry to log in.  So that’s when they start acting up.  Kind of like us dogs.  We smell your need to hurry.  And we just want you to SLOW down.  You poor humans.  Life is just SO complicated for you.

My security settings would look something like this:
Password:  Food123
What is your favorite movie?  Lassie
What is your dream job?  Salesperson in a butcher shop
Who is your favorite move character? Cujo
What is your favorite thing to chase?  Bunnies
Who is your favorite teacher?  My human
Who was your first boss?  Frodo
What is the nickname of your closest sibling?  Einstein
What is your favorite food?   Anything
What is your favorite thing to read?  My blog!

Well it’s time to go and log on to do some secure shopping.   Still thinking about that diamond collar….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

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