Rocks. On-line….

November 27.  And it’s Cyber Monday.  The day for all those folks (like my human) who didn’t want to actually go out to stores on Black Friday and make big “savings.”  Nope – today the bargains are on-line – so you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop for “savings.”  My FAVORITE thing with on-line shopping is when you want a product and it costs $49.99. BUT if you spend $50.00, you get free shipping.   So now you find yourself buying something “else” so you can “save” money.  Remind me again about how humans are smarter than canines?!
I had to look, though and see if there were any bargains for us dogs today.  And in my searching I found all kinds of discounted collars, treats and toys.  And then I found Dog Rocks.  Which I HAD to investigate.  According to the ad, Dog Rocks help to eliminate pee stains on grass.  You know what I mean – the yellow spots which have made our lawn look like a strange checker board.  So before actually READING how they work, my human started laughing – because she envisioned our entire lawn covered with rocks.  That’s one way to get rid of the yellow spots.  But wait – you don’t put the rocks ON the lawn – you put them in our water bowl.  These rocks, which come from Australia, are said to have “paramagnetic” properties – and they somehow filter out nitrates in water.  And it’s the nitrates that cause pee to kill the grass?  What?  And tell me -if I lean into my water bowl, will the buckle on  my collar become attached to the magnetic rock?!  Apparently not – and SUPPOSEDLY these things are safe for us dogs.  But I’m not so sure about them…I think my idea about just putting rocks all over the front lawn would solve the problem.  Besides, lately we have ALL decided to jump up onto this flower bed in the middle of our circular driveway – and we take turns peeing on the plants up there.  We are giving the lawn a break.  It’s called Rotational Peeing.  Anyway, here’s the link to the mystical rocks.  If you do use them, let me know if they work.  Although I seriously doubt we’ll be buying them… we didn’t even address the point that ANYTHING in our food or water bowl is considered edible – so the issue of ingested rocks would be a whole other story….
Well, it’s time to go and check out the discounted treats.  So many choices…AND free shipping…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

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