Happy St. Nicholas Day

Howdy blogaroos! Happy St. Nicholas Day!!! It’s a day to celebrate a guy who was an all around good fella – who gave to the poor and did nice things. He was the model for the modern day Santa Claus and for many of my readers in Europe, today is a day you really do celebrate! Hopefully you put out your shoes last night and no canine chewed on them – and today you awoke to footwear full of goodies! Left by St. Nicholas of course.

The Warden didn’t leave her shoes out. She knows better. I MAY have told you the story of someone actually chewing on a boot that was in the closet. And it didn’t belong to the Warden. They were a nice, new pair of rather pricey boots, that somehow Joanie left here one day. Anyway….someone who has never been identified, decided to get a boot out of the closet, and leave a little artistic carving right along the edge – where the little tab was to help pull on the boot. Someone thought it looked like the tag didn’t belong there – and chewed it off. Along with a tiny bit of leather. The Warden bought Joanie a new pair- before she actually showed her what happened to her original pair. Yeah -St. Nicholas wouldn’t find any shoes or boots handy in this house.

So the Christmas explosion has happened here. More Santas than I can even count. The last thing to complete the explosion is “the tree.” Last year the Warden went to some tree farm to cut a tree – and she nearly collapsed trying to cut the thing down with her little hand saw. Thankfully some family came along and they had a chainsaw, so the Warden was saved. Yesterday she went looking for tree lots close by – and the closest one was out of trees. How can a tree lot in Nova Scotia – home to Lunenburg County – the self-proclaimed Christmas tree capital of the world, be out of trees on December 5? Anyway – there ARE plenty of tree lots and farms around – but the Warden was too lazy to drive around. She was exhausted from hauling 589 Santas out of hiding.

She figured she would put the tree up today – since we are sequestered- and she can’t go anywhere. Ludwig is in the shop – getting new footwear (snow tires). So the Warden is car-less. She may resort to cutting down a Charlie Brown tree on our property. I hope we get to go along to pick it out. Then again, she probably doesn’t want a tree that’s been peed on. I think she could just consider that part of the selection process.

Hey. What do you think of my photo taken at the match on the weekend?! I look like I know what I’m doing! Remember – this was BEFORE the stay exercise where I went to visit my Borzoi babe. So I CAN be good sometimes. Now if I could just get the Warden to take smaller steps. What does she think I am – a Great Dane? I’m flying to keep up!

Well, time to go celebrate St Nick’s Day. Thank goodness the Warden couldn’t find any bishop hats for us to wear. Because you KNOW what would have happened. We’re waiting for the antlers to come out any day now. The Coyote is already planning his escape….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.!

2 thoughts on “Happy St. Nicholas Day

  1. I loved the picture of flying Squirmy. The rest of the story put me right in the Christmas spirit. Thank you St. Nicolas!
    My boots are safe here… I think!

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