Oh Tannenbaum

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on December 8. The Warden keeps thinking that someone took days away from November. She says she is way behind in everything. Bla bla bla. So here’s the deal – SOMEHOW she got all her Christmas decorating and gift buying done when she was working full time. And now that she’s retired, she has no time for anything. Mind you – her tardiness does seem to coincide with my arrival in the world. Surely I can’t take more time than every dog that has ever lived in this house. Wait. Don’t answer that.

Anyway, today, according to the crazy calendar is National Christmas Tree Day. And I’m pleased to announce that we do have a large balsam buddy sitting in the DFZ waiting to be dressed. The Warden went to a tree lot yesterday and picked one out. She wandered around looking at all the trees standing there, waiting for a new home. We weren’t allowed to go along. Picture us (or at least the Coyote) leaving pee mail on every possible purchase. She wandered around the lot looking for the perfect specimen for our home. She didn’t want a big tree this year. She didn’t want a fat tree. She didn’t want a pine tree. Yawn. Bottom line – she’s a fussy tree shopper. On a tree farm she can wander for HOURS. Apparently some guy who worked there saw her wandering and zig zagging through the pop up forest. Poor guy – he asked her if she wanted help. Big mistake. She sorta knew what she wanted but not totally. He started untying trees and spinning them around like tops. When he started climbing up the pile of untied trees to find her the perfect tannenbaum, she started getting nervous that he might fall down. She figured that would be her luck – tree salesman injures himself climbing trees to assist picky shopper. When he pulled a tree out of the pile, jumped down from the tree mountain, untied it and spun it around, the Warden barely looked at it and said “I’ll take it.” She didn’t want to be responsible for a tree-mergency.

When she arrived home, she sequestered us on the deck while she brought it in. Let’s face it- dragging a tree with three curious canines would not be an easy task. We’re busy, inquisitive guys – what can I say? Once the tree was safe from us in the DFZ, she let us back in the house. I watched as the Warden wrangled the tree in the stand and after it was secure, she took fish line and tied it to the wall. Apparently there’s some story about a fallen tree many years ago – before my time. So now trees are extra-secured. I watched with great curiosity. The other two guys didn’t care at all. The Boss said this is the 13th tree he has seen – so the process is pretty routine. He’s waiting to sit in front of the finished product for the obligatory photo shoot – with treats, of course. You’ll note I DID get to take one photo with the new green guy, much to the consternation of the other guys. Hey- that’s what happens when you pay attention to the proceedings.

Yesterday the Warden just put on the lights. So today will be the day to fully deck the halls. But not until after my training session this morning. We can’t miss that!

I guess I had better start working on my letter to Santa. Surely in this day and age, an email should be good enough. Maybe I can even text him. Still – I need to come up with my wish list. I’ll do that while the Warden is decorating today.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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