An apple or two or three a day…

Hey blogaroos! Squirmy here on a wonderful Wednesday. Mind you, it’s good news for people who work Monday to Friday because half the week is over – but for us, it’s bad news because Sue goes home on Friday. We’re sad already….

Yesterday, she and the Warden did lots of projects around the house. Some successful. And some…slightly less successful. For example, they brought the kayaks up from the lake to store them for the winter. The Boss and I accompanied them – running back and forth as they lugged the vessels home. The Coyote couldn’t join us – because he would run away. And having him on a leash while carrying a kayak wouldn’t work well. Heck it was challenging enough when the Boss would stop and stand in the middle of the path like a road block so they would have to stop in their tracks. He likes to do that.

They also walked the trails looking for foliage for a Christmas planter decoration next to the front door. We helped them look for sticks and branches- but didn’t participate in the actual decorating part. Possibly because we likely would have peed on the decor components.

They also replaced some weatherstripping on the front door. We supervised that job since they didn’t appear to know what they were doing. It’s always a clue when they are watching multiple YouTube videos. And consulting Mr Googly. They finished most of the job and discovered they had purchased more materials than they needed. Which required yet another trip to the Adult Disney Home Store – Home Depot. We couldn’t believe they were going there again for what seemed like the 10th time this week. As they we headed out the door, the Warden said “I’ll feed you supper when we get back.”

Well. The Boss saw red when they left. It was close to dinner time – and you don’t mess with his routines. He decided to help himself to a little snack. At least that’s MY story. There’s no video footage of what happened but everything points to the Boss. He had motive. And he can surf. The Coyote doesn’t generally counter surf – and even I’m not that obsessed.

Anyway, when the girls came home there was evidence that SOMEONE had been surfing. There had been a bag of apples on the counter and all that remained was two red orbs. The Warden looked right at the Boss and said “did you do this?!” As if he would confess. He just walked away.

Of course she immediately began to panic that someone or several of us had eaten the apples – seeds and cores. She thought she remembered something about cyanide in apple seeds and immediately consulted Dr Googly as to how many apples could make a dog ill. Turns out you would need to eat about 85grams of seeds – or something like 200 apples to have a toxic effect. She figured I might have eaten one or two – but doubted the Coyote even bothered. It wasn’t a large bag – and she had already used a few for our breakfast treats. So she breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the Boos and shook her head – while he gave her a burp.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today. I don’t know if they’ll need to go to the Depot again – but if they do – I think they better move those potatoes from the counter…Just sayin’.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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