Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy crazy Wormy here on what is supposed to be a sunny Thursday. That’s before we have a post Tropical Cyclone on the weekend. Somehow the word tropical doesn’t usually describe Nova Scotia – but the weather lately has been pretty crazy. We just hope all our friends to the south of us stay safe with Nicole. Hurricanes are no fun.

The other day we got a super cute video from one of our good friends in France. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I’m not sure if this will work- but I hope it does:

The Warden can’t imagine any of us playing a game like that. A PON taking just ONE treat? I don’t think so. We could inhale all the treats on the game board in one gulp. And the Coyote wouldn’t even want to play.

The video got the Warden thinking about me – and games I played when I was little. We probably showed you this before- and if we did – consider it a Throwback Thursday video. The object of this game is to pull open the little drawers where the treats are hidden. I caught on pretty quickly – but I didn’t quite get the concept for the last drawer where you need to first pull out a plug before the drawer opens. I think the Warden MAY have tried to teach me that step – but then I was more interested in chewing on the wooden plug. Yup. We PONs are not really game board kinda guys. At least the PONs in this house. We like fast and furious games.

Sue and the Warden are keeping busy with “projects” around the house – and the odd shopping trip. We also continue to have nice long walks – which we love. Although yesterday, the Warden thought yours truly was particularly wild on our walk. Zigzagging back and forth. Trying to pull her into the bushes. Attempting repeatedly to tangle my leash with the Boss’s. I’m blaming my walking exuberance on the time change. And the full moon. Those are always good excuses.

Speaking of walking – almost time to start my stretches before we go. And my 50 laps around the dining room table.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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