Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on a terrific Tuesday.

Before I share news about the “time change treat” we got the other day, some updates on the home front. Keith has departed to take care of some business at home, but Sue is still here for a bit. We’ll miss our morning walks with Keith – but Sue is still here providing a good ricochet target. She just shakes her head at me.

So here’s the deal on our time change surprise. You know how each morning the Boss and I MUST have our frozen KONGS which are filled with yogurt and kibble? I mean we MUST HAVE THEM so that the Warden can actually enjoy her breakfast. Meanwhile, the Coyote gets a slice of bread because he thinks that chewing on hard rubber to extract food is ridiculous. Well, the Warden decided to try something different. She cored apples, stuffed them with a biscuit and yogurt and put them in the freezer overnight. Picture edible billiard balls. The Boss stood and stared at his for a minute, while I took off under the dining room table with mine. When I dropped it, it sounded like a rock hitting the floor. The Warden thought I might not like it- but hello, I LOVED it. She knew the Boss would like it – he eats anything. Remember he broke into the bag of potatoes and had a grand time – so apples are a real treat.

Meanwhile, the Coyote still prefers his slice of bread… But he often changes his mind, so she’ll try again with him.

The Warden thinks this will be a good alternative to KONGS some days. And we agree! Her Martha Stewart- like moment was a success!

And speaking of edible stuff, today is World X-ray Day – a day to mark the discovery of X-ray technology. In honor of it, I found a bunch of dog X-rays with some non-edible items in their stomachs. Check them out…

I don’t know if we posted those before – but they do deserve a rerun if we did. What dog swallows a phone?! Or an arrow? The Warden said the golf balls made her nervous when she thinks about my retrieving skills. Trust me – I want the handful of treats I get when I bring back a ball – more than I want to swallow a ball. I may be crazy – but I’m not that crazy.

OK. Sun is almost up – time to get the party started! Let’s see what today will be – an apple or a KONG day. Life is so exciting!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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